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Welcome to the WLL Wedding Diaries. As previously mentioned I really wanted to do some dedicated posts on my blog all about wedding planning and any helpful hints and tips I have learnt along the way. Throughout my wedding planning process so far I have asked many different questions and resorted to google about lots of things I have been unsure about, so I guess I wanted to write some content about the questions I have asked to google myself, so that future brides (and grooms) who have similar questions know where they can come to get their questions answered. Questions like; Do I need to get married in a church? How do I pick a theme? Do I NEED transport for my wedding day? How do I ask my bride squad? etc. I am going to do my absolute best to write as many posts as possible answering these types of questions to help any other confused brides and grooms out there. 

So far on my own wedding planning journey I honestly can say, I have only felt that awful stressed feeling once. And to be honest I think that probably has got a lot to do with the fact that I have had so long to plan everything and put everything together (3 WHOLE YEARS IN TOTAL!). Another reason is because everyone has literally left me to it, so I have had nobody sticking their oar in and giving me any unnecessary opinions. I actually asked my Mum that question a little while back "we actually haven't done any wedding planning together, why is that?", and her response was "you are so set in what you want that I haven't needed to intervene - you have everything under control" - and she is so right, I have my own vision of how I want everything to be and in my own mind it looks absolutely perfect and luckily enough everyone has kind of just left me alone to get on with it - Simon included! 

So, to kick off my WLL wedding diaries I thought I would start from the top. How to start planning your wedding. Well if I look back to starting planning, the first thing I immediately decided was that I wanted a Summer wedding and that's where I would begin - but actually the fact I decided Summer, meant that from there on wards I learnt an awful lot about wedding budgets and their importance, because for Summer Weddings can come astronomical prices! So scrap the idea of starting with when you want your wedding and start with a budget. Sit down with your partner, and discuss your budget - how much you are willing to spend on your big day and whether you really want it to be a BIG day or whether you just want a smaller more intimate affair. This is super important because from deciding a wedding budget you can then start looking at the venues you are interested in and doing your research online to start requesting wedding brochures and emailing the appropriate people to ask for prices. This is the part where you should probably start thinking of a date you'd like to think about getting married - because once you know the kind of prices a venue is charging then you know what kind of time of year you can realistically afford. Honestly, this is the part where our whole wedding went from being a Summer one, to a Winter one. I had my heart set on a venue and wanted to get married in June 2020 because I just LOVE Summer, its my favorite season. However, I did not love Summer enough to spend another £6000 on it. Yes that's right, £6000 more! When I spotted an incredible Winter deal for Walworth Castle I was absolutely sold - and this is when I went on to inquire about whether they had a specific date and from then on that Summer wedding that I thought I wanted became that of just an initial thought. 

In terms of order of priorities I would 100% start with your budget because this will then lead you in the right direction of realistic venues you can afford and then help you decide what time of year to do it. 

Other questions you should ask when choosing your wedding venue - if you have your heart set on a location but the price tag just currently seems too high ;

- Consider pricing up for a weekday (particularly a Friday). Especially if you desperately want to get married in the Summer. As this will make it slightly cheaper for you and also if you have guests that are children, then you don't need to worry about them taking time away from school to attend - because they will already be off school! Something that completely didn't even cross my mind when we started planning! 
- Look for any set wedding packages the venue may have. We got an amazing deal for our wedding which included food for all guests, drinks for all guests and also a DJ and various other things! 
- Consider a Winter wedding - its honestly never been something I thought I ever wanted. But after finding our amazing Winter wedding package and then inquiring about whether had our anniversary date available (which is also a Saturday), the Summer wedding idea literally crossed my mind no more! Are there any sentimental Winter dates which could work for you? 
- Amount of guests - make a rough draft of your guest list at the time of starting your planning. Obviously this may very well change over the course of your wedding planning! but its handy to have a rough amount of guests to cater for so that you know what size room you may need - as having a room that's too big may unnecessarily bump up your price!

Once you have booked your venue, decided on your date and your budget then that will determine the length of time you have got to plan the rest of the details. I am so relieved that myself and Simon have had a long engagement because it really has given me the opportunity to properly research what we want our day to be like and to not just book the first thing I see! 

Another thing I would completely recommend about starting to plan your wedding is deciding on what you want to make a priority - for example for myself and Simon it was all about finding that PERFECT photographer. We made sure we shopped around and did our research for photographers who would be willing to travel to our venue on the day. Also getting to know your venue and the kind of lighting it has is super important to deciding a photographer. We are getting married in church but having our reception in a castle therefore the lighting will be quite dim and cosy throughout the whole day, so we really wanted to seek out a photographer who works very well with darker tones and we certainly found the perfect guy for it!! We knew we wanted something and someone so specific for our wedding photography we decided that this would be the first thing that we would focus on once all the fundamental things were done (venue, budget and date) and so therefore this was something we booked about 6 months into the wedding planning process so we could be reassured that we were 100% happy with our choice! and we SO are!

Obviously every couple if different and for you and your partner it might be the flowers, or the dress, or the transport - anything! But if this is the case I would say that this is the place you should start next! 

If you are similar to me and very organised in general then you may also benefit from purchasing a wedding planning book or journal. I will link some recommended ones at the bottom of this post. 

Overall I really hope my first post in WLL wedding diaries has been of some help to you! Let me know what you have found the most useful and if there is anything else you would like me to go into more detail about in my future wedding diaries posts! I have so many planned so hopefully there will be something useful that everyone can take away with them. 

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