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In todays post I am bringing you a brand new brand (LOL) which I have found, fallen in love with and really desperately need to share with you all! You may well have seen over on my instagram that recently I have been talking so much about Laura Geller beauty and wearing SO many of their products, but have failed to mention any of them in more detail? Well firstly, I am really sorry it has taken me so long to get a post written about any of the products I have been trying, because trust me there has been so so many! So today I thought I would start with the blushers and bronzers I have been using recently, because honestly I cannot believe how much I love them! 

In this post I am going to be talking about the Beach matte baked hydrating bronzer in 'sunset deep', the baked bronze n brighten bronzer in 'fair' and the baked blush n brighten in 'tropic hues'. HOLY MACKEREL I AM OBSESSED! Have you noticed a trend recently with some of posts, in that I seem to have found a massive love for blushers and shimmery products recently? And if you have read my blog for a while you will know this is a whole new remit for me because I used to stay well clear of any shimmery products, and instead used to stick to just matte! I have been missing out?! Either that, or I have been waiting for certain products to come into my life to make me feel completely differently, and they have certainly done that!

Another thing that I would just like to add here, is how obsessed I am with all of the Laura Geller products I have been trying out recently! I have to say, it is a brand which is totally not talked about enough - and I really want to make it very clear just how amazing these products are! There is for sure going to be far more blog posts featuring many more of the products I have been trialling, and I have been mentioning them so much over in my recent videos on my channel too, so you need to check them out - just to actually see how good they are in the flesh!

Firstly we have the blusher in 'tropic hues' and I am obsessed with this product! It is so pretty, bold and shimmery - and lets be honest, totally unlike anything I would ever usually rave about! I feel like I have been waiting for certain products to come into my life to allow me to fall in love with a new spectrum of products, such as blushers and lip glosses. This blusher is no short of absolutely incredible and I have found myself reaching for it very often! In particular I enjoy using this one for nights out or special occasions because of that shimmery element and I definitely feel it also has a little bit of highlighting effect to it as well. The blusher itself is also very pleasing on the eye, I mean just look at how beautiful that marble baked product is! Gorgeous! I take my hat off (if I were to wear a hat) to Laura Geller for creating a SHIMMERY BLUSHER (two words for me which would never be used together) which I absolutely do love! And I of course would recommend that you try!

Next we have the bronzer in 'fair'. Another product I have been loving using, maybe not as much as the one below BECAUSE I AM IN LOVE WITH IT SO MUCH, but still do find myself using a lot of the time! Again, a shimmery bronzer is never something I would have typically reached for, but similarly I am wowed by yet another Laura Geller product which has totally flipped things on their head for me! Again, I love everything about this product. The colour tone, the aesthetically pleasing baked product, the mirror in the packaging and the shimmery element. This is yet another product I would highly recommend trying! Its so so good.

And finally, last but absolutely no means least is this incredible MATTE bronzer in 'sunset deep'. You surely know, when I emphasise things in capital letters, and I am talking about makeup products then I am going to have something pretty good to say about them. Well you are right, I love this bronzer so so much and it has for sure became one of my favourite bronzers of all time! I love it! Again, the packaging is beautiful and very Summer appropriate with the golden shimmer. Also the product itself is just insane! It is a cool toned matte bronzer, and you know me - I love my cool toned mattes! This product is an absolute winner. The colour pay off and pigmentation is incredible! It is very blend able and is also (although cool toned) slightly warmer in tone than any of the other bronzers I own and use regularly. I have incorporated this bronzer into most of my night out make up looks recently (so if you are wondering what I have been using over on my instagram then it is this). Again, I would obviously recommend giving this one a go. Especially if you are looking to try out a brand new bronzer this Summer! It is so so gorgeous and I know I will be using it for a long time to come!


And so there we have it! 3 incredible products from one incredible brand! Laura Geller products are for sure making up the majority of my make up collection at the moment! I have been getting my mitts on so so many, and have genuinely also been loving pretty much all of them! I have been speaking about them in a little bit more depth over on my youtube channel recently so if you want to see what they look like through video format then head over to my channel!

I have really been enjoying reviewing products both on my blog and channel recently. I feel that each of my blog and channel allows for a little bit of a versatility because I am able to physically show you the products on camera and chat about them in a lot more length, and then on my blog you have the links right in front of you and the information all clearly in one place! If you are enjoying this at the moment too then I would love to hear any of your feedback!

Also if any of you have tried other Laura Geller products you think I will love then please do let me know! I would love to hear what you guys have been obsessing over as well!




  1. The two marble look ones are so nice!

    Isobel x

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  2. They are dreamy <3 Now I want them all XD

    xx from Italy
    Cate // 35mminstyle.com

  3. I'd like to order something like that! Could you suggest me more natural tones? You've got a lot of experience with applying this blushing on your cheekbones.


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