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Shopping has been made even easier with this app known as Zeek. I cannot be the only one who seems to get given tonnes and tonnes of vouchers throughout the year for one reason or another. And sometimes, I really struggle to find the time to head to the shops and actually use them. Being the spend-aholic I am, I never seem to have a problem with forgetting about them though, I always remember they are in my purse - instead my problem is that I simply just do not have the time to get to the shops to spend them! Well, this app is making life so much easier when it comes to vouchers as whole. Whether it be that you are struggling to know what to get someone for their birthday, or whether it be that you want to cash your own gift vouchers in because you know you will never spend them in that particular place - Zeek has you DOWN, seriously. And in this post I want to tell you how. 

You would never believe how much money goes wasted every single year by people not using their vouchers? - Well its £1 billion every year to be precise. Thats a lot of wasted money, when really you could have cashed your vouchers in through using the Zeek app! It is so so easy. 

So here are some Zeek facts. It is a free download app which is available from the apple store and also google play - free apps are even more tempting right? Zeek is great because ti actually allows you the ability to swap in any of those unwanted vouchers for cash, and similarly purchase vouchers for your loved ones at a discounted price of up to 10%. 

I had the opportunity to grab some goodies on the Zeek app, and found myself completely and totally spoilt for choice of places to spend my money. I have to say, I am a lover of gift vouchers - because it means you actually have designated money specifically to spend in your favourite stores - allowing you to justify spending money on clothes and other things as opposed to thinking about saving for that new washing machine (although the range of places to grab vouchers on Zeek stretches to places you could buy a washing machine if you wanted to). 

Downloading the app is easy. I went to the app store, searched it and downloaded - easy peasy. I then very quickly made an account with my payment details and address, name etc. I was then greeted by a screen featuring lots of different stores and brands such as Starbucks, Tesco, John Lewis, Mothercare, ASOS, Harrods, Thomas Cook and more - and then on this page also stated the discount you could get off purchasing the vouchers through the app. Some of which were up to 10% off! It also allows you the opportunity to use the vouchers for everyday essentials such as your weekly shop from places like Tesco and Sainsburys, or even by equipment for your home. The next part is also easy. All you need to do is click on the brand you want to get your voucher from and up comes a screen telling you the prices of the vouchers, the amount you pay and the saving you would make if you purchased this particular voucher. At this point you will also see whether this is able to be used online or in store on, which is also really handy if you are the kind of person who prefers to internet shop. You then select the price of voucher you wish to purchase by clicking the '+' putting on the right hand side of the screen, this makes a cursor come up at the bottom of the screen saying 'buy now'. It really is so so easy to do and is such a good way to buy and spend vouchers with some additional savings! 


So as you can probably tell, my experience of using Zeek was a pretty good one. I have to admit, I usually stick to what I know with apps and never really venture into trying new ones. But for me, Zeek has covered something which is actually extremely useful, in that I have never used an app which offers discount for vouchers (which is great for gifts) but also lets you cash in unwanted ones! In general I have just found using the app super easy and its also free. 

I actually picked up some goodies through using vouchers through the Zeek app in preparation for BBQ week! If you follow my instagram and twitter, and even my youtube channel actually - then you will be aware that I just love throwing BBQS and garden parties. There has been several occasions now when I have gone a little bit crazy picking up lots of goodies to create pinterest inspired things for my garden parties. Whether it be food and drink, decorative accessories, fashion, accessories, garden supplies - I really do tend to go all out. The goodies I picked up using my vouchers this time, actually had something a little bit different in mind. Fashion items appropriate for all of them Summer garden parties (Don't worry I will be linking you to them all and you will be seeing them on my instagram too). Dressing up for garden parties is something I think is quite fun and different. My style for this kind of event is very cutesy, pretty, florals, frills, patterns - I like to go all out. So the stores I used through Zeek were Topshop, Asos and River Island on this occasion but depending on what you are looking for there are also many other different fashion brands to choose from!

If you wanted to get BBQ ready this week, there are many different places to choose from over on the Zeek app which will help. 

- Tesco, Sainsburys and M&S for the food and drink.
- Wilkinsons, Interflora and Homesense for the decorations. 
- Asos, New Look, River Island, All Saints and More for the fashion. 
- MAC, John Lewis and Feel Unique for the beauty products. 

As well as SO MANY MORE. 

So now, I am going to leave you the links to the goodies I picked up for this BBQ and Garden party season! Enjoy! :)

- Floral Dress (Above)
- ASOS Red Dress 
- ASOS Pleated Skirt
- ASOS //Boohoo Floaty Polka Dot Dress
- ASOS Bardot Dress
- River Island Lilac Dress

Please do let me know if you have decided to download the Zeek app, I would recommend it! 

(The post was in collaboration with Zeek, Gift Vouchers were provided by them however all views are my own // ad)

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