Tuesday, 13 June 2017


Hurrah for a post about alcohol! I say this with a grin on my face because believe me, I am so ready for a prosecco or two right now! After working 2 weekends on the trot, seeing everyone else on my snapchat and instagram having fun at Parklife over the weekend, and battling on with finishing one of the pieces of work for my Masters - I AM SO READY FOR THIS WEEKEND! However, this post is not about my stress levels at the moment, and also just to quickly inform you, I do not have an alcohol problem ha! This post is instead about these amazing little shakers newly launched from Funkin

Some people LOVEEE collecting every single ingredient to make popular cocktails such as the above, but some people also love to have the hard work done for you, and instead just add the alcohol and the garnish. I have to admit, being a bit of a creative person I quite like to make them from scratch on the odd occasion and quite often find myself scrolling through pinterest looking for some awesome recipes of cocktails I want to make. However, having being given the opportunity to try these brand new cocktails, I was super excited!! 

This kind of thing could not be more handy if you are planning something pretty big over the Summer this year, like a BBQ, Party or something else. I even think that these cocktails would be great for camping weekends or for festivals to mix things up a little bit! At the moment the Funkin shakers are in the flavours passionfruit martini, Mojito and strawberry daiquiri - 3 very popular and well known cocktails which are all incredible! You can buy the mixers from Tesco for just £4 each, and then all you need to do is buy the alcohol to go in them, as well as some decoration such as lime, mint, strawberries - or whatever else you want to use. From one container of the mixer you can actually create 4 individual cocktails which is pretty incredible really as the value is SO good, and therefore just one bottle will go quite a long way. 

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to try the whole bunch and I have to say, I was pretty impressed with them! And although I guess you can say that technically the cocktails were not essentially made from scratch, I certainly did have some fun dressing up the glasses and garnishing them! I have to say, as an avid LOVER of passionfruit martini I still think that this one was my favourite, although I really did love the mojito and the strawberry daiquiri as well! 

Overall, the cocktails were super easy to make and really did go a long way! Again, as I said above I really do think that these would be a brilliant addition to your drinks table for Summer garden parties or any BBQs you may be having. They really are Summer in a glass, and so so easy to make! I also feel like I may grab myself another one of these shakers for Creamfields this year, as this is a brilliant way to mix up your drinks, and I think that the Passionfruit martini would be a very tasty drink to have before going and bopping around in the fields for a few hours! 

As I said, you can grab these from Tesco for £4 which is incredible and so worth it! Let me know if you have tried any and which one was your favourite too! 



  1. Yummy cocktails man, honestly I really got cool just by looking at them and really want to have them in real too. Also, share the recipe in case I failed to find them in any food outlet.

  2. I'm lovin' your summer cocktails! Thanks a lot for sharing! I think that it is a great idea to think over the easiest recipes for a hot season!


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