Tuesday, 30 May 2017


I have been really excited to finally get around to showing you this beautiful dress from Topshop! Seriously though, how damn stunning is this print, style, colours, fit - everythaang! I feel like I mentioned this more over on my youtube than here on my blog, but right now I really am obsessed with the colours pink and red teamed together. I have been wearing both of these colours a lot recently, not necessarily together but certainly separately, and now I am just loving the 2 colours combined! I feel like pink and red are not really a combination you would put together, but they really really work and this excites me. I have to say though, I don't really think all shades of pink work with red, for example I really do not think a hot pink would look right, but a paler toned pink and even a barbie pink certainly do go! 

I feel like I always get inspiration for these trends after seeing some of my all time favourite bloggers totally rockin' them - this time it was the amazing Lydia Millen who has completely and totally inspired me to wear pink and red teamed together. Lets be honest, Lydia's style is seriously on point anyway, but since she has started to combine red and pink together I have become even more obsessed with checking out what she has been purchasing! Since then, I have found myself looking at red and pink differently, and instead of buying pieces to go into separate outfits together, I am looking at red and pinks to combine together in an outfit - who would have thought it? 

So now lets get onto the dress. WOW WOW WOW, I am actually totally head over heels for this beautiful piece from Topshop - my favourite ever high street store as you all know! The moment I saw it on Topshop's website, I knew it needed to be mine and ticked all of the boxes for everything I was loving at the moment in terms of colour and trend! I am guessing you all know by now, but I am going on a Mediterranean cruise this Summer for 10 days, visiting lots of new places dotted around Spain, France & Italy and so therefore this means I am going to need lots of incredible clothes to wear both on and off the ship. Now, I am certainly no expert when it comes to cruises and correct me if I am wrong - but I believe there are evenings on the ship which you need to be extremely dressed up, in evening dresses and also sometimes just nicer dresses, like the above. So this is another reason why I bagged this beauty, because I knew it would be absolutely perfect for my Summer holidays this year. I have got a feeling this dress is going to look stunning with a tan, some nude or red sandals, a really cute bag and either a red or pink lip - so you can expect to see one of them combos in upcoming blogposts, instagrams and vlogs from this Summers travels! What also makes this dress super Summer holiday appropriate is these really 'different' sleeves which allow for a cooler and more airy design - making it the perfect item to wear on the cruise this Summer, but also just to any general Summer occasions! 

Stay tuned over on my social media and my youtube for all of my Summer travels content which will be coming up over the next few months! I am so excited to sport this gorgeous feminine, floral dress lots and lots this Summer! 


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