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First things first, lets just start with an apology for my lack of posts again recently. Its due to a combination of things really... the fact that I have been mega busy with work and travelling between Durham and Sheffield twice a week! Sometimes life just takes over and means I have no time to sit down and write posts - I have however been keeping up with my youtube channel and been posting like normal over there, which you may have noticed if you do happen to subscribe to my channel (if not, then please do - I will link it at the bottom!). Another reason I have been a bit MIA is not because I have fallen out of love with my blog, because I certainly have not. The reason is actually because I have decided that although I have my specific 'upload days' which are Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays, I have decided that I am not going to upload on every single one of them days, and instead if I do have a post going live you can expect to see it on any of them days! This is mainly because I want my content to be BETTER, I want to consider the photography more, consider what I am reviewing, and really bring you guys things I am passionate about!! I hope that is ok, but rather than filling up my blog with things which are pretty mediocre, I really want to publish things I am proud of!! 

Another quick thing you may have noticed is that my instagram and twitter have changed names!! So instead of being 'whatlaurenlovess' I am now just 'LaurenMThwaites' - my name. I have wanted to change this for some time now, and I am so glad I finally just did it. The reason behind it, is because I did not particularly enjoy my 'whatlaurenlovess' name anymore, and found that there was actually already a 'whatlaurenloves' with one S and I did not want my content to get confused with anybody else. Instead, I changed my instagram name, to my own name and I know for a fact that is never going to get confused with anybody - not with a horrendous name like that anyway, ha! So just so you all know, I have not deleted my social media - I am still there, but with a different name!! I am hoping to also do this to my blog at some point, and then literally every social media and my youtube are all exactly the same!! Exciting times! 

Now with all of the updates out of the way, should we get on with the 24 things I have learnt in 24 years? Yes, we should...

1. Learn to rely on nobody - only yourself - You make your own luck in this world, nobody else can do that for you! Never rely on anybody else to make you happy because it will never happen that way! 

2. Wear whatever the hell you want - I am so glad this is something I have always done, and in the past people have made diggy little comments, but that has never stopped me. I wear whatever I want, and as long as I feel comfortable in it, that's fine. 2 things to remember, if a person says something shitty about your clothes who do they think they are, and why do they think they can comment? And number 2, they have a boring fashion sense themselves, and yours is sassy as hell! YAAAS! 

3. Travel whilst you have the chance - Something I am most definitely making up for now I am qualified, however if I could go back I would do it very differently. I would use my Summers whilst I was at uni to travel europe, Thailand, Australia etc, and I would probably take a year out when I finished uni to do more travelling too. It is literally my one regret, but I am trying to see as many places I can now! 

4. Start saving for adult things while you are young - This includes things like a house, car and everything else. I am learning the hard way now because I am starting saving from scratch with these things, and I bought my own car outright, so now I am upgrading I am trying to save a good chunk of money to buy another one, whilst also saving for a house - it is very difficult trying to save for several huge things at once whilst also wanting to have a life! 

5. Do not ever give in to peer pressure - Categorically NEVER EVER LET THIS HAPPEN! Never be influenced by other peoples negative actions ever! I am so glad I was such a strong willed teenager who never did what other people did, because for that reason I have never smoked, did not sneak into clubs underage or generally just do anything because everyone else was doing something! I had a good childhood and teenage life, and it certainly was not at all boring. 

6. Be careful what information you offer to others - Not everyone has your best interests at heart, people will use what you tell them as gossip and spread it, and some people will listen to what you have said a little bit too well and run with it, using it to their advantage, stealing your ideas and brushing them off as their own. Just be mindful who you tell what to. 

7. Work hard but play harder - If you work hard, then why the hell would you not want to party hard too? Especially in an emotionally demanding job like mine, you just want to let your hair down on your days off, and not think about anything other than where you are going for your next cocktail! 

8. Do not think or care about what anybody else thinks - Its your life, do whatever the hell makes you happy. Who cares if someone does not like your hair style, or your dress - you like it, you wear it. It is nobody else's business!

9.Stand up for yourself and never put up with any crap - Yesssss! I am all about standing up for myself. If someone says something I don't agree with, I will say it. Having your own mind makes you unique. Don't be a follower. Speak your mind. Stand up for yourself. 

10. Never settle for anything less than you deserve - Do not let anybody make you feel like you do not deserve to spoil yourself. If someone else does not treat you or show you how much you mean to them, spoil yourself and say goodbye. Actions speak louder than words, always. 

11. Keep your family extremely close - I am lucky to have an incredible family who I am so close to, and I could not be more grateful for this! I have incredible siblings, and an incredible Mum who I could tell anything to - and that means SO much!

12. If something scares you - face it - Could not emphasise this enough!!! I have talked about this recently in a blog post all about my driving experience and building up my confidence with it, you can click the link and head over to read it after this! 

13. Video or photograph as much as possible - In the last few months I have grown to appreciate this even more than I did before! Which is pretty hard to beat really. Obviously, as you know my beloved puppy passed away in October and I am so glad that my vlogs from 2 weeks before captured his reaction to me coming home - I am just SO pleased I have this platform which means I have even more of an excuse to video and photograph these kind of things. Now even though he has gone, I have that memory forever. 

14. Stay positive even in the darkest of times - A mental health related one really. I was in one of the darkest times of my life about 6 years ago, and at the time I thought I would never feel better, but you do, and you get through it and come out bigger and better than you ever thought possible! Stay strong always! This too shall pass! 

15. Always show your loved ones how much they mean to you - I think it is my job that makes me realise how important this actually is. Honestly, all I can say is, you never know what is around the corner. Make sure your loved ones know how much they mean to you, you never know what might happen. 

16. Never take holidays with your parents for granted - This is for all of you teenagers out there who read my blog. If you are still being 'forced' to go on your family holidays then embrace them! Honestly, yes you may feel like they are the worst thing ever right now, but in a few years you will be wishing you could go away with them all the time, but at that point you won't be able to, because of other commitments and a lack of money. Never take them for granted, enjoy them for as long as possible!! 

17. Never expect anything from anyone - Honestly, never ever think something is going to happen, because 9/10 it wont happen and you will be left extremely disappointed. Very guilty of learning this the hard way unfortunately. 

18. Make your own luck - If you want something, fight for it or work for it and then you will get there eventually. Never give up because nobody else is going to make something happen for you, only you! 

19. Be in a job you love - SO SO important. I understand that this is not always possible, but if it can be then 100% it makes such a big difference. Lets be honest, nurses are paid pretty damn terribly considering the kind of work we entail on a daily basis and what we let our bodies and minds go through, however because I love my job, it makes it a little bit more appealing to actually go to work in the first place! 

20. Be Original!! - Cannot stress this enough. If there is anything that the last 24 years has taught me, its all about my hatred for people who copy me and steal my ideas. I genuinely do not consider it to be flattering to have someone dye their hair identical to yours, wear the same clothes as you, or just generally copy your ideas. It is just plain annoying, and soooo unoriginal - and for the record, people notice you do it too! So just please be original. 

21. Pursue your passions - Whether this be a childhood hobby of music, running, swimming or whether it be something quite new and current like blogging or youtube, do whatever you are passionate about and never let anybody stand in the way of it! 

22. Make your home your own personal happy place - It is important to make your home your own little sanctuary where you can come home and chill out and feel relaxed. Add candles, lower your lights, get blankets. Do whatever you personally like to ensure your home is a stress free environment! 

23. Never listen to anybody else's insults about you - Never let someone else's horrid negative comments about you effect you. Whether it be a nasty name someone has called you, or a nasty comment you have received on an instagram picture. Never let that person get to you, either they are just insensitive or they are jealous - either one is not your problem though! 

24. Never delete photos - I have so many photos that have been deleted from years ago which I miss so much now. Always back your photos up so you do not lose them! OR just do not delete them in the first place because you may live to regret it one day. 

And there we have it. Obviously I have learnt a lot more than 24 things over the last 24 years, like how to boil an egg and how to add numbers - but these are just some other useful life tips I thought I would share with you all! 

As I said above, I am sorry about the lack of content recently but from now on I am only going to bringing you posts I love or really feel passionate about writing, on the usual upload days! 

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And I will see you all in my next post :)

Much Love


Outfit : Top - Missguided, Jeans - Topshop (similar here), Bag - Koko Couture 



  1. I have absolutely loved reading this post! I'd love to do something similar myself :) yay that your 24 too! When's your birthday? I'm 25 in November argh! Over from littleowlblogs.wordpress.com xo

  2. I have absolutely loved reading this post! I'd love to do something similar myself :) yay that your 24 too! When's your birthday? I'm 25 in November argh! Over from littleowlblogs.wordpress.com xo


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