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As promised, this year I said I wanted to focus on my skin more. Looking after it, using products which actually were designed for my own individual skin, and actually sticking to using them! In the past I have been one of them people who just religiously used a face wipe to take her make up off, and did literally no other steps in my skincare routine. I simply thought it was enough. It was not. I don't really know why my terrible, oily, acne prone skin alone did not spur me on to want to use better products, but somehow it just didn't and for the majority of my teenage years and my early twenties I just continued to work my way through packet after packet of face wipes. I guess this is another reason why I have to thank blogging really... because without it I guess I would not have been introduced to some amazing products and had the opportunity to try them out! 

When brands now approach me asking me whether I want to try out some of their products I really do carefully consider it, and whether they would actually benefit my skin type in any way. I have mentioned hundreds of times that my skin is combination but mainly more on the oily/acne prone end of the spectrum. I was recently approached by the Garnier team about trying out some of their skincare products in which I simply had to inform them of my skin type, and they provided me with the above products which they deemed would be appropriate for my description. 

I am not going to lie.. I have been loving so many different skincare products recently, and have an actually skincare routine now - SHOCK HORROR, ha. So I was really worried that I may start to use these products and find that they send my skin back in the opposite direction, as finally I feel like my skin is at its best and I am more than happy with the products I currently use on a daily basis. However, as a blogger I naturally have the urge to try out many different things and since trying each of the above products I have found a place for each and every one in my skincare routine. I have to say, I bloomin' love all of the products and use them all within my skincare routine now! 

So for this post I would like to talk to you all about the 'pure active' range of Garnier products I have recently been trying and testing! And letting you know, why I think that these products are amazing and personally revolutionary for my combination (and awkward) skin! 

Firstly, lets talk about the pure active range in general. In amongst the range of pure active products there are also the sensitive skin range, and the intensive range - however I have been giving the standard range a little whirl! So, the pure active range is designed for oily skin, prone to break outs and shine. I have been trying out 2 of the products which are a part of this range, and one of my absolute favourites - micellar water! So now, lets take a little look at each of them - and you may be quite shocked to hear my opinions of some! 

Lets start with the pure active matte control moisturiser - yes a moisturiser! You may well remember from my last skincare blog post, I reviewed a moisturiser and made a pretty bold statement that I did not think moisturisers were really for me, and I felt like it was a step of my skincare routine that was not necessary. I have recently been swapping moisturisers for serum - until I got my mitts on this product! You may well remember that in the past I have said that I don't particularly like moisturisers because I feel as though the accentuate the natural oiliness of my skin and sometimes just make it look worse - however, if you look at the name of the above product you may well guess what I am about to say next. So yes, this is a product I have been DREAMING ABOUT! If I am ever going to use a moisturiser in my skincare routine, it needs to be able to mattify my skin and stop it from looking so oily! Usually the formula of a product gives away how I am going to feel about it before I have even used it - and immediately the name and formula gave me the impression I was going to love it! And I do! The product is a gel like formula, and to me the smell is very fresh and reminds me of the sea for some reason? 

The product itself actually contains absorbent ingredients and minerals which give it that fresh scent but also allow the skin to remain shine free for up to 8 hours whilst also hydrating the skin. To me, I feel as though the product has a little bit of a primer element, and love to apply it right before my make up and also last thing at night! I really really love this moisturiser and can see this becoming a staple item in my skincare routine for a long time to come! 

Next we have the 3 in 1 wash and mask! Now this is a product I have fallen in love with more or less instantly! I mainly use this as a wash last thing at night after taking all of my make up off and I absolutely love it! So essentially yes, this product is a 3 in 1 and can be used as a wash, scrub and mask! I have used it for all 3 of these different things and have found it to work an absolute treat each time! As you know, I have problematic skin which needs some serious TLC every single day. So therefore I need products which are going to give it a good and thorough scrub every day, obviously depending on how bad it is at the time. As I said, my skin has been pretty good as a whole recently so I have been using it once a day, last thing at night and have been loving the results I have been seeing and feeling. Immediately when you apply the wash it feels like its doing some good. Again, it smells very fresh and sea like and contains some abrasive elements which help to unclog pores and remove any dead skin! The first time I tried it I knew I was going to love it, and in fact on the first go I was so enthusiastic about it that my boyfriend instantly wanted to use it too! Its just one of them face scrubs that you know is doing some good when its on your skin! If you too have skin like mine, then you will love this product and it is so in-expensive too! 

I also recently used this as a mask when I was having a break out and only applied it to the areas of my skin which were super bad. I left the mask in place over my 10... YES 10, horrendous spots and allowed it to work its magic! I definitely felt better after doing this and my skin has started to appear a little bit better since then as well! I just highly recommend trying out this range, it is so so good for combination skin like mine! 

And finally, we will move on to the micellar water. I have a feeling I was meant to receive the pure active micellar water alongside the other products but I actually received the above one! I do not mind either way though as I have tried all of the different micellar waters including the pure active one and I love them all! Micellar waters act as a fantastic step for the very beginning of your skincare routine, and it is a step I never ever miss now! I have been using micellar waters for roughly around 2 years now, and they are a product I always need to have in my possession. The way I use it is to apply it to a cotton pad and gently sweep it over the face to remove all my make up before cleansing, toning, moisturising, serums and gels! The garnier ones are so in-expensive but work better than any luxury branded ones I have used so far, and so I would recommend grabbing these ones! I just love them, and I feel like I need not say anymore as so many people talk about these and love them! 


So in case you could not guess from the above. I love this range of products and although I was worried where they would sit in my current skincare routine. I have a place for each and every single one! I will link them all down below so you can grab them yourselves and see how good and also in expensive they are! Also, I talked about them a little bit over on my channel recently so head over and check that video out too! I will link it at the bottom of this post!

Let me know if there are any other Garnier products out there which you love! And also let me know if you would like to see a full skincare routine video on my channel! 

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  1. I love the Garnier micellar waters! They work so well :)

    xo, Liz


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