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How exciting is this?! The White Company now do Skincare?! When the lovelies from the white company contacted me about giving the new skincare a go, I was obviously jumping with excitement! Not only because I wanted to see what the skincare products were all about, but also because being involved with anything to do with the White company excites me no end! 

The new skincare range from the White company was created in partnership with DECIEM, the abnormal beauty brand. And is much closer towards the luxury skincare end of the spectrum. The range consists of 6 carefully formulated products which are all very necessary within any persons skincare routine. Cleansers, Serums, Eye cream, moisturisers, night oil, and hand cream. 

As I have said in the past, I have combination skin which is certainly further towards the oily end of the spectrum. I am always a little bit wary when it comes to using new products because sometimes they do everything BUT compliment my skin type, and in fact do make it worse. When I was sent these products I was unaware as to what kind of skin they were suitable for, but thought I would give them a try all the same. I have to say, some of the products I received from the above selection have certainly been of benefit to my skin, however one or two I have to be particularly careful where I apply and how much I use because I feel as though too much of one product could result in my skin becoming extremely oily. So now, I am going to briefly talk you through the 3 products I received and have been trying out, and tell you what I love about each one. 

So firstly I received the 'super balm' which is essentially a cleansing product. Initially the cleanser starts out as a cream formula, which gradually turns into an oil when you rub in circular motions into the skin. It really is a beautiful consistency and to me it really does have an citrus kind of smell, which really is lovely! This product is designed to be used by all skin types, leave the skin feeling very deeply cleansed and super soft afterwards. Initially when I heard that it was going to change into an oil when rubbing into my skin, I was pretty worried - because having naturally pretty oily skin, why would i want to add extra oil to it? However, I have really fallen for this product and have found it such a joy to use! It leaves my skin feeling instantly refreshed and super soft and I really do love it! It is also super easy and quick to use. You apply it to dry skin, it works wonders at taking an excess make up off, and then you gently rub in circles into your skin which makes it change into an oil formulation. You then rub the excess off with a damp luke warm flannel. It honestly takes no time at all and it really is a pleasure to use! 

The product itself comes in very aesthetically pleasing packaging, which is matte white, and its also rather large so therefore is good value for money as well! The cleanser actually retails for £25.00 and will honestly last so long as you barely need any! 

Next I was kindly sent the super serum which is essentially a serum product. I have recently been trying out the Bare Minerals 'Blemish Rescue' serum and wow, it is working like no product ever has on my skin! I love it, and now it seems that my skin is SO grateful when I apply a serum. I feel as though it is a step in my skincare routine which my skin has been crying out for, and now suddenly my skin feels so much better following using it! Because I have been loving the Bare Minerals one so much, I was excited to try The white company's and see how it compared. The consistencies are obviously very similar, but as the Bare Minerals serum has added Zinc, I was intrigued to see what benefits this one could have on my skin! Again, my skin LOVES THIS SERUM! It works a treat on my problematic skin. I think that serums are just the wonder product if you have oily skin to be honest, because they act as a thinner formula of a moisturiser, and naturally all skin needs moisture but sometimes I find that 'moisturisers' just add TOO much to my already saturated skin. However, my skin just loves serums and all of the effects that they have. 

This product is a pretty large bottle really, and again is in very aesthetically appealing packaging which is frosted glass work - it is beautiful and SO the White company! It retails for £40.00 but as you do only use 3-4 drops per use, it really does go a long way! I am actually starting to believe that as long as you are spending good money on products which truly do work and benefit your skin, it is totally ok to spend that bit extra on skincare. Skincare really is super important and if you find something which works for you, then spending the money should be a must! I really would recommend trying out this serum if you find that you have skin like mine and moisturisers are just a little bit too much for it! I really have found a skincare must now! 

And finally moving onto the advanced hydration moisturiser. Now, just because above I said that sometimes I find moisturisers just accentuate my already oil saturated skin - this does not mean that they do not have a place in my skincare routine. They certainly do, and at time my skin thanks me no end for using them - and trying out incredibly good ones like this one! There are certain areas of my face which I can apply a moisturiser too and it will be absolutely fine, and feel incredible afterwards, but there are other areas which are pretty much just no go zones, that I should never touch with the smallest molecule of moisturiser, never mind a dollop of it! I have been trying out the White companys moisturiser on my cheeks and across my nose mainly, because these are the places which do get slightly dry and do not mind me putting a little bit of extra moisturiser on. Anyway I have found that these areas of my face really do love this product and this is definitely going to be something I am going to continue to use! I would certainly recommend this one if you are someone who needs a good, rich, thick moisturiser on a daily basis as it really is wonderful and such a luxurious product also.

As expected, the packaging is wonderful again. It is a matte white material with silver writing and just looks so aesthetically pleasing yet again! The product retails at £30.00. But as I said before, you cannot really put a price on a good skincare product - or I certainly don't think so anymore anyway! Having good skin certainly boosts your confidence and if you find a product which makes your skin look the best is can, then why would you grumble about the price tag. 


Overall, I am super happy with the new range of skincare from The White company, which I am sure has been pretty obvious throughout reading this entire post. As I said at the beginning, I was pretty nervous about using it because I was unsure whether they would be suited to my awkward skin type but they really are! As I said above, within the range there is also a night oil, hand cream and an eye cream which I have not had the pleasure of trying, but as the other half of the range is amazing - I am pretty sure they will be also. I shall individually link all of the products below for you all, as well as the skincare page and the White Company website so that you can head over and grab them yourselves! Also, please be sure to check out my new in product video at the end of this month as I will be featuring these products in there also and you will be getting a little bit of a better review as I will have been using them for a long period of time!

Let me know which of the products have been your favourite if you have been using them too? and also let me know which ones you have decided to grab if you have been and purchased any yourselves. 

Much Love



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