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This year I am making my blog all about inspiration and motivation and by doing that I wanted to create a post all about quotes I can look back at which will keep me on track, keep me smiling and keep me focused. I am definitely someone who is highly motivated by quotes, and always find myself scrolling through instagram, pinterest and everything else - looking for some really inspiring quotes to explain the mood I am in, or make me feel better about the way I am currently feeling! I almost find it reassuring sometimes reading quotes and knowing that I am not the only person who has ever felt a certain way. It makes me feel less alone, less daft sometimes and happy also. 

I wanted to make a little post filled with really good quotes I have found and love, so that I can look back on them and feel reassured but also maybe to introduce any of you reading this to some really cool quotes too!

I have wanted to shape this year differently compared to the last few years and have obviously planned to make a few changes, so I am hoping that these quotes explain the changes, and motivate me to stay on track at sticking to them also! 

Just a little disclaimer also... I did not make any of these quotes up, I found them on social media and the internet in general and loved them! 

"The best is yet to come" - This is certainly not just a quote to live by this year, but in life in general. I really am a firm believer that the best is always yet to come - which is a pretty incredible prospect really! I love my life, I am really lucky in that I have some incredible friends and an amazing family who I have made some already insane memories with! I am lucky enough to be able to travel regularly, go on some incredible holidays, have a brilliant job, have a blog which brings me so many amazing opportunities, go to festivals, have weekends away with my best friends and so many more. And yes, this is the life I lead now, and I love it - but honestly the prospect of my future is just so exciting as well! I love the idea of getting married, having children with Simon and starting a life as a family! The fact that these things have not happened yet and they are supposed to be the best days of your life, is super exciting!! I am not wishing my life away at all, but I am so excited for these things to happen and when they do I am so ready to become excited about a bunch of different things, on top of the things which shape and make my life the way it is now!! 


"Find yourself and be that" - If you are religious readers of my blog, and come back post after post (then for one, I love you and appreciate you so much) but for another note, you will know I am a firm believer in that you should always be unique and never follow the crowd. In the past I have had issues with other people taking too much of my generosity with helping them and giving them a leg up, but things have changed now and I have learnt that those people don't deserve my help, because they aren't using it for genuine reasons. I always like to think I am my own person, have my own style, my own opinions, my own way of doing things - and I would never change who I am or what I do for anybody. If someone doesn't like what I wear - so what? Its my life. Even if you love the way someone else acts, and are envious of the stage of life someone else is at - you should NEVER want to change the way you are, just to be like them. You are at a different stage in your life, and that is the reason why you are doing what you do, and they are doing what they do. You should never force things in life, they will happen at their own pace. Just be yourself, and love your life how it is now - and who you are at this moment too! I think you should have your own style, stick to what you know and love and never try to force something that just isn't you. I genuinely love what I love for my own reasons. For example, I love fashion and my style has always been pretty cutesy and I love random prints and colours etc, and mainly I do love to stick to seasonal trends, but sometimes I just fall head over heels for things which are just a little bit weird and out there. I love photography. I love beauty. I stick to what I know, and I would never ever do something or like something, just because someone else does. I definitely think it shows, if you are not genuine with what you are doing, the passion definitely lacks when you are talking about something! 

"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations" - Sometimes in life, the direction in which you are going can suddenly change. Things happen all the time which shape what you are going to do next, but I feel as though you just need to roll with it. Everything happens for a reason and just because something happens, does not necessarily mean its for the worst. I think you need to work with what you currently have, and you never know what will happen. I feel like I am talking in riddles here... but essentially I am undergoing some potential life changes which are pretty major right now. All may or may not be revealed soon, but either way I am excited about whichever direction they may lead me! Initially things may be difficult and seem terrible or really hard, but eventually everything turns out for the best one way or another and you just need to bare that in mind! 


"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain" - A pretty popular quote but a good one all the same. You cannot constantly wait and wish for something to be over or to change because lets be honest, you would spend your whole life being miserable and wishing things were different. Life is about just going with it, working with what you've got and making the best of a situation - at the end of the day some things cannot be changed so therefore you just have to deal with it. You would waste far more time wishing for something to be different than you would if you actually just rolled with it. 

"I think you should just go for it" - A simple one but a good one all the same! Just go for it, you never know what will happen. Whether this be doing something small, or doing something huge and life changing - just do it! Just take the steps you need to get to where you want to be! If its applying for a new job, just apply, if you get an interview then cool, that's great, if you don't then that obviously was not meant to be! People waste so much time umming and ahhing about stuff when really if you just did it, then it may turn out better than ever for you! In life we only regret the things we don't do! So just do them!! I am living by this quote this year, I think its my new favourite!


"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about" - A really good one actually, and one that more people need to remember. There are so many people out there who do not think before they open their mouth, and are mean or horrible to people for absolutely no reason other than because they are a jealous cruel person. In the past I have had experiences where I have done something which makes me happy, and this may have been a little bit out of the norm and something a little bit different - but its made me happy all the same! And in the side line I have seen SUCH negative comments from people, whether it be to me personally or whether it be conversations on social media of people talking amongst themselves mocking what I am doing. People do not know your reasons for what you are doing, and I do not know why people think they have any right to comment on what you do - the point is, you don't know why someone is choosing to do something, for me it was to take my mind off people really home sick and nobody knew that but still I got horrendous comments thrown at me from various sources. In fact, maybe I should explain my story so you get the gist. 

When I moved to Cardiff back in the Summer of 2014, I was super happy, it was a new fresh start and I was finished uni which I was so unbelievably happy about because I truly hated it! However, it was a good 7 hour drive away from my friends and family so naturally I felt a little bit home sick even though I loved where I was living and that I had my own place with Simon. I made my blog in the August of 2014 and made this my new little focus and hobby and it was such a good distraction from sitting in my apartment feeling super home sick and just doing nothing but thinking about what I could be doing if I was still at home. I loved my blog, and yes it is a little bit out of the ordinary putting yourself out there on the internet, promoting yourself and posting selfies of make up looks, chatting to a camera on youtube, posing in outfits and everything else - but I did not care, I loved it and it made me happy. I did kind of keep my blogging to myself, but I did not mind if people found out by themselves, I just did not want to shove it in peoples faces. Anyway 2 girls I knew, found out about it (which is fine) but I spotted them both mocking me on twitter, even though I followed them both and could clearly see that the conversation was about me, they really did not care about my feelings or the fact I could see what they were writing. I was so upset and hurt that people could be so rude and mean, and I was so shocked that they felt that they could write that, even though they did not know that I was doing it as a distraction from feeling home sick. They did not think about my reasoning for it for one second while they were mocking the way I spoke and everything, they just cared about being bitchy girls, trying to impress each other with who could come up with the best comment to make the other person laugh! 

This is what I mean, you never know what battles other people are dealing with in their own personal lives and this needs to be something you think about before you mock people or be nasty for no reason. I am very aware of this quote now, and would never say something without having a really valid reason for it. More people need to remember this also. 

And there we have it, my quotes to live by this year. Although to be honest these are quotes to live by in life in general. Do you guys have any quotes you live by or just love in general? I would love to hear them!

Much Love


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