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I really felt like it was totally appropriate for me to bring you this post all about this particular corner of my office. I am so proud of this little space, and when we moved into this house I had a vision for this corner in my head which has literally come to life. 

As a youngster, I never really took much pride in my room. I think its because of a combination of reasons really. One being that I was quite a tomboy when I was little, I was a little bit of a scruff and did not really care for fashion or girly things all too much. Another reason was because it wasn't until I was about 15 when I actually had a nice bedroom. I had never had a decorated bedroom until that moment and so I guess that was when I really started taking pride in my space. Following this though, I have always had a vision for my living space - whether it be an eye for where I want everything to be placed in my bedroom, whether it be a cosy living space to make me feel less home sick whilst I was living at uni, or whether it be a particular image I want for everything in my home now I live with Simon. 

When we looked around our current house, I had an image for the office space I wanted - clean, white, girly, minimalist and special. An office had never been a space I needed until i started seriously blogging. But this really does seriously make you accumulate so much stuff that you just cannot fit into your average storage space. It also has (very fortunately) meant that I have gained a lot more clothes, make up and products in general which I absolutely love and want to display in a special way in my office. Having this little space also means I know exactly what needs to be photographed, blogged about, reviewed, tried and tested and more - so it also helps my organisation as well! So now, I just thought I would mention a little bit about this special little corner of my office, link some of the pieces included and talk about how I decide what goes in this area! 


So lets start with the railing. Lets be honest, this railing is the most plain thing ever but I have made it work fantastically as a centre piece for this corner! It really was the most cheap piece of equipment but honestly has been so so handy and I absolutely love it now for displaying some of my new and favourite clothing pieces on. So over the edge of this I drape a small set of fairy lights from Primark, which occasionally do get switched on when I am working away in my office but usually they just hang there and look pretty. I wanted a copper theme therefore I purchased the incredible hangers on the railing from Primark for an incredible £3 per set, and I got 2, some regular hangers and some ones with clips for trousers and skirts but also they have a hook for hanging bags and jewellery from! I definitely need more of these hangers in my life as they are so incredibly pretty and also I really want to be able to hang more of my favourite pieces on this railing! All of the clothing pieces currently on the railing have actually very recently been mentioned in a huge haul video over on my youtube channel which you can click here and check out. I also include some of my all time favourite bags on this railing, including my beautiful Michael Kors cross body, my Longchamp back pack and a really pretty H&M cross body as well. 

Underneath the railing I display some of my new shoes. These are either ones I have received recently from brands, bought and have not yet been worn, or ones which I just think look super stunning underneath here! Such as the incredible Schuh leopard print boots! 

If you make it to the railing, or underneath the railing - put it this way, you are a pretty special piece. Not all of my clothes make it to this railing but if I love the piece and think it deserves to get every shown off, this is where it will live! I do quite often mix up the colour theme of the railing though. For example, I feel like the above photos portray is as an essence of Spring, however currently it is looking a little bit more Wintery and dark with some new pieces I have picked up recently on! I just enjoy changing things around a little bit depending on the weather and how I am feeling at the time. 

Next to the railing we have this really sweet little set of wicker drawers. I actually snatched this up not too long ago from Simons sister, as his Mum offered it to me as they were going to get rid of it - and I was immediately like NOOO I NEED IT! I am so glad I took it off their hands because I think it looks incredible in this little space and I love using it for storage of my blogging pieces.I use each of the drawers for different blogging purposes. For example, the top left is for products I need to use currently but have already photographed, below is a drawer filled with products I still need to photograph. The other drawers are currently used for overflow of the opposite drawers but I am confident that I will find a purpose for them all very soon! If I can find a similar set of drawers I will link them below for you also! 

On top of the wicker drawers I like to display a few of my other favourite pieces. I keep a really sweet heart ceramic bowl which is great for featuring in my blog photos but also I just think it looks super cute and girly displayed on top of this. I like to keep a really cute card holder I recently picked up from River Island because I am obsessed with the colours and patterns and feel that although it is super useful, it should also be put on display so that I can show off how pretty it is! I think it just fits into the theme of this girly corner so well and I really do love it! I have also recently snatched up the clip board at the back from Simon's sister as well because I have been talking about one of these for so long, and when I saw she was getting rid I had to have it! I just love hand me downs, what can I say!? I love this little frame for displaying any photographs such as Polaroids or any little notes of parcels I am awaiting or things I need to remember to do! I just love it and now I have everything displayed on this table, I never forget anything on my to do list! I also then have a very blogger esque product on the nearest end of the wicker drawers, and that is this light box. Every blogger under the sun seems to have one of these but I love mine all the time, and mine currently just says 'Lauren & Simon', but occasionally I do mix it up and use it for some of my blog posts etc! 


I just love this space, and honestly walking into my office and seeing my vision alive, never gets old. I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about it and learning about why I take so much pride in this area and my home in general. I will try to link as much of the products mentioned as I can. If you have any other recommendations for things you think would look good added to my office space, then please let me know. If you would like to see any other posts like this one about my home choices, then also let me know in the comments below! 

Thanks so much for reading

Copper Lights (similar as above are primark)
Copper Hangers (similar as above are primark)
Michael Kors Bag (similar)
Schuh Leopard Print Boots - No longer available
Wicker Drawers (Similar)

Much Love


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