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I have been so excited and raring to go with writing this post! And oh my gosh it has been long awaited as I haven't actually brought you ANY content over here since November which in the time scale of my blog is very very unlike me! I wanted to write this post basically as a round up to 2016, to wish you a happy new year, to explain why I have been vacant from the blogging world for the last couple of months and what my main aims, wishes and goals for 2017 are. So yes, this post is likely to be fairly hefty so you may want to get comfy and grab a drink beforehand. 

So lets talk 2016. It got off to a pretty good start really, and overall it really does have a massive tick besides it as a whole (with a few little hiccups that happened along the way). Basically, I have continued to grow in my career and in this sense I mean that in the last year I have found myself getting more confident, a far better knowledge base and developing to the point where senior members of staff have deemed me suitable enough to start the Critical Care course - which is pretty incredible and something which is going to take up 11 months of my 2017! 2016, for the majority of the year anyway, has been pretty amazing for my blog. I have worked with so many incredible brands, some of which have been my favourite throughout the whole of my teenage years and my 20's, I have been on numerous trips to London which I actually don't think I could even count! Lots of exciting things have happened for the world of my blog, and I also even got my youtube started and at the end of 2016 have hit 900 subscribers which is pretty amazing! Its also been a pretty incredible year for my family! We celebrated my Pop's 70th birthday in Lincoln with all of my family, I watched my Mum & Gary get married and obviously just made so many amazing memories on holidays like Lanzarote also. I also had a pretty incredible year with my forever, Simon. I watched him graduate and start his new job, we went on the holiday of a life time to New York & we also moved into our current home which is somewhere we definitely see ourselves staying for the next couple of years! I also made some fantastic memories with my best friends this year! Including, Sheffield visits, Liverpool trips, bank holiday fun, trampolining trips, Laser quest, New Year memories and so so much more! We welcomed our new puppy, Betty into our lives - she really is such a breath of fresh air, and just the most incredible pampered, hilarious dog! I also built a lot of bridges with relationships which had suffered in the past - which I am SO pleased about, and in so many ways I am going into 2017 with people who I definitely did not enter it with. 

Throughout a year you can definitely expect bad things to happen. Its normal and natural that not everything runs smoothly. Lots of pretty minor things are bound to happen, but some of the things that occurred this year were extremely unexpected and have probably contributed to the fact that I have been a little bit distant over the last couple of months! I have not actually written it here on my blog, but I lost my dog, Tyke, back in October which hit me like a million tonnes of bricks honestly. I knew that when that day would come, I would be broken but by god I did not think it would happen when he was 6?! Crazy crazy times! He has left a massive hole in so many of my families hearts but he also has such a special place in my memories and although he was 'just a dog' he was so so much more to me! 

Overall, although the end of October effected me in ways I didn't think it could, I have had a pretty incredible 2016! Made some memories to last a lifetime, got so many incredible friends and family around me, in a very good place with my love & feeling very content in my home & job! So here is to the next 12 months!


This then brings me onto mentioning briefly why I have been M.I.A from my WhatLaurenLovess world. Its an accumulation of things really. The fact that throughout the entirety of November and December I was busy every single weekend, and then throughout the week, I was working. I got invited to SO many events throughout these months which I couldn't attend and it became super frustrating and disheartening because everything that I enjoyed to do with my blogging just did not seem to be possible anymore. The last event I actually attended in the local area was in September, and that made me super sad because one of the things I LOVED to do is review local companies and brands - and currently that was being taken away from me because of prior commitments to work and other plans. 

Another reason why I was just continuously questioning my blog is because of these damn algorithms. What have they done to the wonderful world of instagram and youtube? Why oh why did it need changing? Its very clear that I do not have the biggest following in the entire world, but I do 110% put so much effort into everything I post and every photograph I take, and without blowing my own trumpet, I really don't think my photos are too bad? However, the new algorithms have left me, as well as so many others feeling super disheartened because the content we are creating is just not even having the opportunity to be appreciated because it is being masked by others who already have HUGE amounts of followers. Its very frustrating when you put so much work into what you do, and you suddenly see it at a huge standstill. 

Blogging isn't about the numbers, its about being passionate about what you write, and loving what you do - but its also super nice that as a little reward you see your figures moving! This stupid new system has meant that my instagram follower count has not budged since at least October. And its SO disheartening! 

I feel like an accumulation of me being super busy and the algorithm, and lead to me having lots of little chats with myself about whether its worth me continuing. Over the last couple of months I have taken an involuntary 'break' from blogging and it made me really talk myself out of continuing it. However, upon the christmas celebrations coming to a close, I have had time to reflect and remember what aspects of my blog it was I loved in the first place. It was the photography, the writing, the creativity, the incredible friends I have met, the attending exciting events - and it has given me the kick start I needed to want to continue! Which is exactly what I am going to do. I started my blog with nobody knowing who I was, I had to build it, I had to build the incredible followers that I do have, I had to surpass the anxiety of people I know finding out that I write about myself and take selfies and outfit shots in my spare time - but I did it alone, and I loved it! And the fact I had about 20 people following me for months, did not stop me. This has taught me to continue, fight the algorithm, and as wonderful as it is seeing your following grow, I am doing this for me and it just so happens that all of you lovely guys love to read it too! 

Lets fight this damned algorithm together!! Lets people honest, I don't think its going to change any time soon, so lets just deal with it! Here's to putting less pressure on myself, enjoying blogging again, attending really cool events, growing my friendship with fellow bloggers, writing about things I am super passionate about and smiling instead of stressing about my blog again! 


SO, 2017! What do I want from this year? I am going to bullet point these for you, so I can look back and tick them off myself! 

  • Save more money! 
  • Buy a new car!
  • Travel to Krakow. 
  • Creamfields festival with my incredible friends again!
  • Mediterranean Cruise! 
  • Visit family more!
  • Spend more time with my friends, making memories! 
  • Visit somewhere in November!
  • Ibiza with the girls! 
  • Get a pet! 
  • Start the critical care course!
A lot of the above, are already booked, planned or in the pipeline so this is SUPER exciting! I am so excited to see what 2017 has to offer, I have a feeling it is going to be a fantastic year with so many incredible memories to be made! I would love for 2017 to be the best year yet! And this time next year, I want to be sitting here writing a very similar post, but only better!! 

Hope you all have a very happy and healthy 2017 also! Let me know if you would like to see anything in particular on my blog over the next 12 months also! And don't forget to subscribe to my channel as I will be vlogging much more this year, as I have soooo many trips to look forward to! 

Much Love



  1. This dress is lovely on you Lauren! Hope the year brings you happiness and new opportunities!

    Isobel x

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  2. I don’t plan any big promises, because as a rule, what we promise ourselves for the new year remains a promise, so when I plan something, I seriously divide it into stages and smoothly reach each of them.


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