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This post is something I have been wanting to bring to you for SO LONG! Months and months in fact! And finally, I am getting around to writing it and talking to you about a current fashion trend I am LOVING right now! Again, thankyou to the wonderful Topshop for getting on board with this idea and letting me show you all some of their beautiful lingerie pieces here on my blog. 

When I was talking to my boyfriend about this post, and referring to it as my 'Topshop lingerie post' he was like 'ermmm, I really hope you are not stripping off and taking photos of yourself in your underwear?', to which I was like 'NO way!', not that this lingerie isn't super beautiful and I would love to dance around all day in it. However, what I have been doing with this lingerie is actually far more practical and has broadened my fashion as well as allowing me to experiment more with incredible pieces of underwear. 

Even before this trend, I was a huge lover of the lacy lingerie. Its one of the only pieces of underwear I feel comfortable in, because even though it has no padding, I really do feel like it extenuates my 'assets' (the very minimum that I do have). 

I guess I should get to the point about the trend I am talking about, and that is the lingerie under fashion trend. This is something I really wanted to focus on here on my blog, because it is a fashion trend I have been wearing so often recently and one that I have been really loving too. Now, why do I feel the need to talk about this so much here on my blog? you ask. Well, thats because this has opened up a whole new section of fashion for me. The areas of my favourite fashion websites which used to be completely off bounds such as v necked, backless, braless - can now be ventured into, and its all because of the lace bra. 

I have always been super open about my hatred and paranoia for my own chest size, and how I feel super uncomfortable about it and how I feel as though the size of my boobs seriously limits me to the fashion I can actually wear. I guess its down to confidence really. If you have smaller boobs like myself, and have the confidence to rock the no bra look then I literally take my hat off to you, I wish I could be like you! But unfortunately I have got literally no confidence to do that whatsoever and so therefore this is the reason why I am so happy I have now got so many beautiful pieces of lingerie to team with these kind of fashion pieces. 

So, I guess the reason I wanted to write this post up for you all is not only to show you the beautiful lingerie topshop has in stock, but also to demonstrate to any of you out there who feel the way I do, that you can feel confident wearing certain fashion pieces too! Just by adding a little bit of something extra to the outfit! I guess you can call it accessorising in a way. 

I really do love choosing my pieces of lingerie to go with my outfits now, its a part of putting an outfit together that I now enjoy! You can play around with the colours, materials, patterns etc - and it doesn't need to be plain! So essentially, all I have been doing to make myself feel more comfortable in wearing the pieces which essentially you need to be 'braless' for, is finding some lovely, pretty lingerie to layer it up and add that little bit of something extra. It has allowed me the ability to feel so much more confident and also to click on those sections of my favourite fashion websites I would never have ventured to before! 

Now let me tell you about what I have been loving... 

So, starting from the top of this post - we have the red crop top style bralet. This looks so wonderful teamed with low cut bodies, which if you scroll to the bottom of this post you will see is how I have styled it. These bralets also have slight padding to the nipple area which makes them a little bit more comfortable to wear! 

Similarly, I picked up the black version as this is similar but much more versatile due to the nature of the colour. I am able to team this with many more outfits and it just looks so classy and pretty! 

As shown above, I also picked up the beautiful turquoise blue with embroidery to the triangles. This one allows for something a little bit extra special, I really do love the attention to detail on this one and the clasp being at the front also allows for something different. I think this one in particular would look beautiful with a mesh see through top (you know, those ones totally on trend at the moment), because then not only are you going to look completely stylish but also the wonderful detailing of the bralet is going to stand out like it should! 

Next we have this wonderful mustard lace bralet. This one is slightly different in shape to the above lace bras. Also this one just has some simple cotton covering the nipple area as opposed to padding. I really love the incredible colour of this bralet and how dainty and pretty the lacework actually is. This colour is also totally on trend at the moment so would look amazing underneath a black low v neck top or body. Also the back of this bralet is a simple strap, so would look absolutely fabulous to add a bit of something extra to a backless piece (whilst also adding that pop of colour we all want to a darker outfit). As the mustard bralet is no longer in stock I have linked you to some other beautiful coloured bras

Finally we have the most daring of the bunch, because this one is the most see through of the lot. However, this bralet really is super beautiful, very pretty lacework and such lovely colours also! I think this piece would look particularly wonderful in Summer under more muted toned pieces or even white tops or dresses. Also the back to this bralet is double strapped so therefore is a little bit different to all of the above in that sense! I just really love this one! 



In the small selection of photographs above, I just wanted to demonstrate to you how I have been wearing some of the pieces of lingerie in the way I described above. The 2 tops and bodies in the above photos are outfits I have teamed the bralets with on several occasions now, and I would never wear one without the other. I also wanted to portray to you exactly what I meant by the how these pieces of underwear add something extra special to an outfit, and it really does just look like an extra accessory! 

I am no longer restricted to what I can wear anymore because of a lack of confidence! I look at every single option for clothing now, and don't skip straight past all the revealing pieces. I have figured out a way to make them work for me and improve my personal confidence. The reason I wanted to bring this post to you is because I feel SO passionately about finding ways to work on your confidence and not restrict yourself, and so therefore if any of you out there have been feeling the way I felt, then I wanted to introduce you to this option! 

Topshop has such a beautiful range of lingerie pieces, from bralets to bodysuits to bandeau's and there is literally something for everyone! I have linked everything I have mentioned above, but below I will also link the lingerie section of topshop for you all too! If you wanted to see the outfits in action then I have also featured some of the lingerie in a recent collaborative post with Topshop over on my channel, which I will link below too! 

Let me know what you thought of this style of post, if you enjoyed it and if you would like to see anything similar in the future! 

Once again, a huge thankyou to Topshop for getting on board with my ideas!!

Much Love




  1. I love the turquoise embroidered one the best and I love how they a just so slightly peaking out of your clothes but add such a difference to your outfit!

    Isobel x

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  2. Hi! I feel like I can relate to this post because I'm nearly flat chested and I remember the struggle I went through all my teenage years while trying to make my boobies look rounder and fuller. I've always liked their size and I wouldn't want them to be any bigger, but for some reasons I always thought they didn't look right under most pieces of clothing. The two things I never liked about my boobs are that they're a bit pointy and that most of the times my belly sticks out far more than them, making me look pregnant or something. Lately though I've changed my mind and stopped wearing bras with some outfits, and now I feel quite comfy when I do so. My boyfriend says it suits me better and my friends are a little envious because they just can't do that. I must say I'm quite proud of myself for learning how to appreciate my shapes a bit more (I still have to work on other 'curves' though. One step at a time). Now I can wear pretty lacy lingerie just as the beautiful pieces you pictured in this post and avoid huge padded bras, because even if thin lacy lingerie does not 'improve' the shape or size of my boobs, it adds a touch to my outfits and makes me feel pretty, and that's great and comfy and makes me feel more like I'm expressing my style.

    That said, I'll now take a look to Topshop's lingerie section online, because I love everything you pictured in this post.

    Marti | paperplanepond.co.uk

  3. Beautiful underwear is my weakness, so I read your article with great pleasure and found out about a store with such a large assortment of products for every taste.


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