Tuesday, 24 January 2017


I freakin' love what I do! Blogging is the best thing ever, it has allowed me to make so many of my goals and priorities come to life - including an important one for me this year, which was to take better care of my skin! I wanted to seriously up my skincare game in 2017 because essentially, up until about 2 years ago, it consisted of using the cheapest face wipes I could find! Now, I never use face wipes (apart from that rare one post night out), and instead reach for an incredible variety of skincare products including toners, oils, moisturisers, cleansers, serums and more! I definitely think the reason my skincare routine is some what better at the moment has a lot to do with the fact that I have the opportunity to get my mitts on some incredible products from brands, and also watch so many of my favourite bloggers and youtubers talking about some seriously insane products which I think I would like to try myself! 

For todays post I want to focus on the above products from John Lewis, but branded as Elemis, Bare Mineral and Bobbi Brown. I was given the opportunity to select some products from the 'rejuvenate' beauty edit over on John Lewis to show you all and try out! 

Essentially, the 'rejuvenate' beauty edit, is a list of incredible skincare products put together by John Lewis which are guaranteed to give your skin that little spruce during the Winter months! There is something for everyone in this edit also. If you have dry dehydrated skin, oily and blemish prone, combination skin, acne prone or anything else - there is something for all skin types! 

Having this opportunity to work with John Lewis on this edit meant that I could really think about the products I could choose to actually benefit my skin. I am such a sucker for jumping on the bandwagon, or nice packaging which is why in the past I have landed myself with products which now go un-used because my skin simply hates them! This time I was not going to be that fickle, and instead I was going to choose products which I researched and read a little bit more about, to ensure that they would actually benefit my skin, instead of making the skin complaint I have, a million times worse! 

Firstly, I wanted to choose a brand new cleanser. And so I went with this beautiful Elemis one. Also known as the Elemis Nourishing omega-rich cleansing oil. I really do love balms and oils for removing make up, and this one I was super excited to try when I spotted it! Its also for all skin types, so this is something I looked at when I chose it because I did not want this to be an oil which would accentuate the oiliness of my skin already. I just feel like this product sounds like its going to do some good for my skin, not only does it take off my make up but also it is going to nourish my skin and leave it looking radiant and healthy! Usually when I read the brand Elemis, I know that the product is going to do some good! Elemis are an incredible brand and skincare is their focal point so I completely trust that this product is going to do some good to my skin! I will be giving it a seriously good go over the next few weeks, so I am sure I will be mentioning this a lot over on my channel and on here also! The size of this product is 195ml and therefore is guaranteed to last a really long time, and at only £29.50 you really cannot go wrong! 

Next we have my first ever Bare Minerals skincare product which is exciting! I went for the Blemish Ready anti imperfection serum with added zinc. Anything with added zinc immediately makes me think its going to do some good! Zinc is actually an element which is brilliant for repairing and treating an imperfections such as acne or blemishes! This, I know for sure is going to work like a magic spell on my skin! My skin has constant imperfections, I am lucky if I go through a period of time and NEVER have a spot, it is such a rarity! This product is filled with skin calming ingredients so counteract redness, blemishes, scarring etc, so I am super excited to give this a go and see how my skin reacts to it! I obviously chose this product because it was perfect for my oily, blemish prone skin - however, within the Rejuvenate edit, John Lewis have also included other Bare Minerals serums for other skincare complaints such as 'Brilliant future' for age defense and renew and 'eternalixir' for skin volumising. These products retail at £36-£42 and are 30ml, however you only need 3-4 drops per use, and so therefore yet again this is going to last a really long time! 

Finally, I picked up the Bobbi Brown remedies no 75 skin clarifier oil. This is yet another product for oily skin, which helps to balance the natural oils within the skin and increases cell turnover to unclog pores. Well, essentially the problem with my skin is that I naturally have super oily skin, and so therefore this means I get lots of spots too - this product sounds like it will be a dream for my blemish prone skin, which is the reason why I knew this product needed to be mine! I am yet to find an oil which is great for naturally oily skin, and actually compliment it instead of making it look even more oily, so therefore I am super excited to try this and see it is works as it says it should! Again, the same as the bare minerals product, this one also has a variety of different ones for different skin types. There is one for re-hydration, strength and recovery, power, and calming. So therefore definitely one for every skin type! You will definitely be hearing how I get on with this in the future! This product costs £29.50. 


It was about time I got my hands on some products which are individual for my skin type, and these ones certainly seem to be appropriate for my combination, blemish prone skin! I am so excited to get using them all and seeing the skincare benefits from each of them! Thank you so much to John Lewis for getting me on board with this and giving me the opportunity to try out some incredible new skincare products! The entire rejuvenate edit is incredible, and there are definitely products in there for you ALL to try! Why not start the new year by trying to better your skincare routine too? Let me know if there are any other products within the edit which you have tried and think me, or others would love to try too! Also, I have talked about these products in a little bit more detail on tomorrows video over on my channel, so please head over there at 5pm tomorrow to check it out! 

Much Love 



  1. Elemis has alwasy been a brand I've wanted to try out ever since I saw inthefrow use some of their products!

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