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As promised, I really wanted to a specific post all for my blogging and youtube goals for 2017! I have done a couple of dedicated posts to personal resolutions I have made for the next 12 months! but I wanted to do some blogging and youtube specific ones which I can look back on that end of the year and hopefully tick off! 

As previously mentioned, at the end of 2016 my blog and channel kind of flopped a little bit and it all came to a massive stand still, I completely lost all of my inspiration and drive to want to write posts, post photos on my social media and even interact on social media in general! I become quite inconsistent with my content which is super unlike me!! and I have said before I think this is down to the whole algorithm of instagram and youtube changing! It is super disheartening putting loads of effort into your photography and content and seeing your numbers dropping rather than increasing! Yes, it isn't about the numbers but watching them is something that all of us bloggers and influencers are obsessed with. 

I started 2017 with a fresh mind set, and believe me - it was either going to go one way or the other! Meaning, I would have decided to completely say goodbye to my blog or I would put my all into it, beat the algorithm and focus on what I am truly passionate about again!! Which is exactly what I have decided to do, and I have fallen in love with it all again! I have got fresh ideas, a good list of content ready to go live, and currently in the middle of some super exciting collaborations - and we are only 18 days into the year (as I am writing this). 

So now, Lets have a chat about my blogging and youtube goals for this year! 

1. INSTAGRAM GOALS. So this year I wanted to set myself a little instagram follower target! And a realistic one at that! There is no point setting myself a ridiculously high number to try and achieve when there is no hope of me getting there for a very long time! Last year I remember thinking my instagram was really going well, and thinking it would continue to grow super quickly - however that was before the new algorithm came in and that has definitely not been working in my favour! My instagram 'followers' have been stagnant at 4200 ish since October now, which really is super annoying because before this they were constantly increasing!! At the beginning of 2016 I was adamant I wanted to hit 10k at the end of 2017 (ridiculous goal I know), which is why this year I am setting myself a much more realistic goal and even then, it may still be super difficult to get to! I want to hopefully have 6k instagram followers by the end of 2017! That would be amazing! I work super hard on my photography, instagram theme and the images I choose to upload and I feel like I really want see my instagram page do far better than it currently is! Its just a personal goal of mine, and as my favourite social media platform this is something I would love to see do better!! 

2. FOCUS ON THINGS I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT. So basically, the way I see it is when you are first starting out as a blogger, its a huge huge novelty realising that people love your blog and want to send you things for free so that you can talk about them on your blog. I used to be completely overwhelmed that people were sending me goodies, that I would accept everything and anything and figure out some way to talk about it and review it for my blog! As grateful as I am for all of these opportunities and for people noticing my blog and wanting me to review their products, I just simply need to start saying no to accepting products which are simply nothing to do with what I am passionate about! I think is a reason why I was in a little bit of a blogging funk at the end of 2016, because the passion just seemed to fly out the window. It was most definitely a combination of a feeling of being disheartened by the algorithms, but also because I was being drowned by products and content which I didn't truly love like I do other things, and so therefore I found myself not really wanting to blog about things anymore! This is something I have certainly been working on at the start of this year, and as much as I love and appreciate getting emails about some products, I have really had to resist the temptation to accept everything and simply just stick to the things I truly love and think are relevant to my content or the things I genuinely love. 

3. TWITTER GOALS. Twitter is another social media platform which is very frequently used by me, but also another one which I notice very little follower movement on. Its also a pretty stagnant one, which is quite annoying because I love twitter for being chatty and asking advice and questions about content that people would like to see next and things! Unfortunately I feel the reason for the numbers being stagnant is because of those people who follow and unfollow a million times to try and get you to give in and follow them back, but actually this is just super annoying and certainly does not make me want to do that! I love twitter, its such a good platform for interacting, promoting my content and also linking products which I love and would recommend anyone to try! I would ideally like to hit 2k twitter followers by the end of 2017 - and I would be more than happy at that number! 

4. YOUTUBE GOALS. Youtube for me has been the hardest platform to build. I started youtube again just over a year ago, and ideally I would have liked to have hit 1k before christmas but unfortunately algorithms have set me back again. However, I am only currently 75 subscribers away from 1000 which is super exciting, and I have been planning a giveaway for months and months for when I reach this milestone, therefore this is a friendly reminder that if you have not yet subscribed to my channel, please do! Reaching 2k would be my goal for the end of 2017, which would be incredible if I could achieve!! I put so much time and effort into my channel and its definitely one of my favourite parts of blogging, I love filming, editing, planning and chatting to a camera! I also really love vlogging, capturing some amazing memories on camera in a much more natural way and also travel vlogging too! There are SO many travel plans happening this year so I will be vlogging all of these, which is going to be incredible as I am visiting SO MANY places this year!! At some point I would love to get myself a new camera too, I just have not figured out whether I would like this to be a more vlog friendly camera, or whether I would like to invest in a large camera such as a Canon DSLR camera! I will have to get my thinking cap on with that one! 

5. BLOG PHOTOGRAPHY. This is something I REALLY want to focus on this year. Photographs of products are something I have been a little bit blaze about in the past, and just kind of snapped the product and did not care about the background or what not, however I want to take much more time and effort to get some all around incredible images for the blog, focusing on the background and editing too! I have really been focusing on this already this year, and have been loving taking the time and effort to work on it also! Also, you may have actually noticed from my instagram and twitter recently but I have actually taken some time to meet up with a Sheffield based photographer recently and therefore this is definitely something I want to do more of this year! I want to let the experts take the photos of myself, give me some direction and help me create some incredible shots for my blog and social platforms! I truly did love working with Chris from Barton Chase Media, he was such a lovely guy, really made me feel relaxed and was so open and honest about the shots he thought turned out great and the ones he thought really were not so great! We have some plans to shoot again soon, and I really want him to help me out with some brand collaboration shoots also! So, watch this space in terms of the imagery on my blog - this is something I am planning to work on massively this year!! 

6. GOING FROM BLOGGER TO WORDPRESS. Need I say anymore, this is an obvious one. This year I feel is the right time to transfer my blog over. I hear everyone raving about wordpress, and to be honest I want to know what all the hype is about! So at some point, I would like to see this happen! I would also like to change my blog layout a bit at the same time, get a new theme and layout! This does not come cheap however, so therefore this may be something I will have to save my pennies up for! 

7. PLAN IN ADVANCE AND BE ORGANISED. As mentioned on several occasions now, I lost my love for my blog last year and therefore this meant my schedule went completely out the window. At the same time as being quite happy I was having a mini break from it all, I was also super annoyed with myself that I let it all get the better of me when I was so organised before hand. Essentially, I want that feeling back - I want to be ahead of the game, have things scheduled and planned ready to go live and have ideas waiting to be put into action, rather than sitting here the day something is needing to go live and having no ideas ahead of me! I have already worked super hard this month to get myself going again, the ideas are truly flowing how I want them to, and I have millions of note pads around the house with ideas, to do lists etc! This is a key factor to me actually getting content out, because if I don't have any ideas jotted down then this probably means I am not feeling overly inspired or passionate about something - and then we are back to square one again! I am going to work so hard to not let that happen! 

8. CONTINUE TO WORK WITH MY FAVOURITE BRANDS AND WORK WITH NEW ONES TOO. If you are an avid reader of my blog or watch my videos then you will know how grateful and thankful I am to be working with some of the brands I am lucky enough to work with at the moment! I really do need to pinch myself sometimes, that I am able to do this and work with some brands that I have loved forever. Topshop being one of them! The opportunities that come my way from Topshop are still so surreal to me, it has always been my favourite high street brand and I love so many of their pieces! I feel so incredibly lucky to work with them so often and that feeling never gets old! I obviously want this to continue, which means creating content which portrays their products in the best way I can! I also want to work with new brands this year, others which I love in general! I am such a passionate person, and when I am approached about something I genuinely love, I work so so hard to make the content the best it can be! Its just in my nature to be this way and so therefore I will never change! I am super excited to look back at the end of 2017 and see which incredible brands I have collaborated with this year and which amazing events I have attended! How exciting!


And so that brings this post to a close. I hope you have enjoyed reading about my 2017 blogging and youtube goals! I think they are all pretty reasonable and achievable and fingers crossed that as 2017 goes on, I will be ticking some of these off gradually! If you are not following any of my social media platforms then please do, and don't forget to subscribe to my channel also! That means everything! 

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