Tuesday, 15 November 2016

That Embroidered Boot Trend // Topshop

It has become a huge priority of mine when looking for new pieces to add to my wardrobe, to ensure that they stand out and are something a little bit different. As a teenager I always really wanted to buy things which were a little bit out there, but with the natural pecking order at school and having to just blend in, I kind of shied away from buying things a little bit too different. It's so annoying though, because I genuinely have always wanted to be more brave with my fashion sense, and I want people to notice things I am wearing. I don't even care if they notice because they don't like what I am wearing, as long as I am comfortable in what I am wearing that's all that matters. 

I have been loving the floral embroidered boot trend this season, and I really do think that there are some incredibly beautiful boots out there on the market! I have seen so many affordable pairs which are so beautiful and would look so amazing with so many outfits, I just wanted show you these photographs of my beautiful Topshop boots and prove to you how incredible they look! The beauty of these boots is that they have so many incredible colours intertwined in them, that you can team them with SO many pieces! The particular pair above are very Autumnal in terms of their colours and style, but even though they seem very specific to this season, I know I am going to be getting so much wear out of them! 

Shoes are normally something I play safe with. I usually just tend to buy shoes which I can wear with everything, can chuck on and will tie every outfit together, and usually I tend to sway towards something reasonably cheap - because in the past my track record with shoes has not been great, I either lose them or break them! However, I have been looking after my shoes so much more recently that I have been branching out and buying more expensive shoes, and also buying shoes which are a centre piece to an outfit rather than just blending in with everything else in the outfit. A top or a dress does not always have to be the main part of an outfit, shoes can be and they really can be such a beautiful staple! A beautiful pair of heels, a statement pair of boots, pretty sandals or cool trainers - you really can make shoes the centre of your outfit and wow everyone with them! 

I centred the whole outfit above around these beautiful Topshop boots. I wanted the whole outfit to be really plain and very day time appropriate but also have a very statement centre piece, which came in the form of these beautiful embroidered boots. I was very kindly sent these beautiful boots by the lovelies at Topshop who you guys KNOW are my favourites to work with! I teamed the beautiful boots with some forever 21 black jeans, a black blouse from New look and a beige Primark coat. It is the most perfectly Autumnal daytime outfit and I absolutely love it. Also, now may be a good time to add that these BOOTS ARE SO COMFORTABLE! I have walked so far in these already, and when you read this post I will currently be parading the streets of New York in them too! (Cue the New York posts really soon!)

If you all want to see these boots in a little bit more detail I will leave the video I have featured them in at the bottom of this post. And because I want you all to get your hands on some incredible embroidered boots I have linked you these ones below, as well as some of the other beautiful ones I have found out there on the market! Also keep your eyes peeled for my NYC videos and vlogs coming up on my channel soon, as these boots will be featured in there too!! 

Much Love




  1. Hi Lauren!! I just found your blog because I was searching up some outfit inspirations w/ emroidered boots. I just wanted to say that I love your blog a lot and think that it is really amazing how regularly you post, and how each post is so rich! I think that our blogs have a similar writing style. Keep it up :) XO


  2. These boots look delicious especially when combined with your coat. I like. Are they comfortable?


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