Friday, 18 November 2016

New In At KIKO | Neo Noir & Blush Cocoa Shock Ranges

Recently I was very kindly gifted these beautiful new products from KIKO, and honestly I am so grateful because not only have I now got some new and beautiful products, but also this gives me the opportunity to write a blog post specifically about them to show them all off to you guys as well! 

I have had these in my grasp for a little while now, and have been trialling them all out, featuring them in some of my videos and using them quite regularly as part of my daily make up routine. I really want to introduce you to some of the products I have got, tell you what I have been loving, and maybe which ones I have not been loving so much and why. 

KIKO is honestly such a fabulous make up brand, and in some ways is very similar to Mac but with a much cheaper price tag! I would always recommend heading into your nearest Kiko store and checking out their products, their selection is incredible and also their colours, formulas and range of products! If you live in the Sheffield area then I know that we actually have 2 nearby Kiko stores, one in Sheffield city centre and one in Meadowhall - so these are definitely worth a little look if you are nearby! So now, we will move on to the products! 

Firstly onto the Divine Tone Face serum. I have been loving using this product which to me is a fantastic primer or a brilliant product to mix in to your foundation to change the tone, but also give it a little bit of a lighter coverage and a provides a more dewy look. The amount of product you get is also really quite large, so really will go a long way, and the value of this is also pretty incredible at £18.90. 

Personally, I do not feel as though this product is really very well suited to my skin or the kind of finish I go for with my base. I usually go for a matte finish, because naturally my skin is super oily and I need a foundation which locks in that oil and natural moisture, as opposed to making is more moisturised. However, if you LOVE a dewy look then this product will be perfect for you and honestly, you will love it. Buy it here

Kiko 02 enigma lipstick is the next product I wanted to mention. Now, I am just going to kick start this by saying, I truly do love this lipstick and it really has become one of my favourite day time lipsticks! The formula is brilliant for daytime wear, quite creamy and hydrating and very easy to reapply as it comes off throughout the day. I really do love this range and think it massively compares to the quality of Mac lipsticks but without the price tag. The enigma lipstick range also comes in many other shades such as pinks, red and purples - it is definitely worth having a little peak and seeing if there are any which suit your taste! You can buy it here

Kiko enigma lip pencil in 07 timeless red. I really love this beautiful lip liner and the moment I applied it to my lips for the first time I knew it was going to be very well loved. Again, the formula is super creamy and beautiful and the pigmentation is also gorgeous and actually unlike any other colour of lip product I own. When I wore this in the past I actually wore it alone as a full lip product as opposed to just using it to line my lips. If you want to see what it looks like on, then check out this lipstick collection video which I recently filmed. I swatch it on the video, but also I am wearing it for the bulk of the speaking throughout the video. 

Again, these lip liners are really pigmented, and super good value for the product you get! Also, there are a huge variety of colours such as pinks, purples and reds and there is guaranteed to be a colour for everyone. They value at an incredible £5.90 which is INSANE and you can buy them right here

Kiko Blush Cocoa Shock in Sweet coral and apricot is another product which I have recently got my mitts on. Yet again, this is another new collection launched by Kiko and its really beautiful - it also smells like chocolate - so really, could you ask for anything better? If you are a fan of the matte blush products then this is the right blush for you. In the above palette there is a beautiful orange toned matte blush which is kind of somewhere between a bronzer and a blush but its really beautiful. There is also a much brighter coral shade, which is very pigmented but also when used sparingly leaves the most beautiful and healthy colour to your lips. 

Again, for 2 beautiful bronzers in pretty cool packaging £10.90 is a pretty decent amount of money! If you were looking for some brighter and pinker toned blushes, then you could also go for the other palette in the collection which is the adorable pink and peach palette. You can buy the palette by clicking here

Kiko Graphic Gaze double eye marker eye liner is another product I have got my hands on and I am SO HAPPY ABOUT IT. This product has become a part of my everyday make up routine and now I switch between this one and my beloved Illamasqua one! Its a pretty bold statement when you can say that a product has become one of your all time favourites - and this one is definitely one of them. I really love how it is double ended and so therefore you can use both ends to get your desired look. It also is really easy to use and apply and the pigmentation is insane! I have very rarely made an eyeliner mistake with this product! It is definitely not a product I would usually reach for if I was to go out and buy a eyeliner, usually I go for a liquid as opposed to a pen style, and I definitely think this one is more like that! Again, for 2 products £8.90 is a pretty incredible price! You can buy the eyeliner here

Kiko sparkling trail eye shadow pencils in the shades sensual burgundy and rose antracite. These eye shadow pencils are super pigmented, huge so will last ages, really good value yet again, and are really blend-able so once you have applied the product they are actually super easy to use and wear. My favourite out of the 2 is the burgundy shade, and in particular it is definitely super fitting for this time of year! The more silver shade is perfect if you like that dark smoky eye look! Again, this range comes in a variety of different shades including pinks and golds also. The value of these eye shadow pencils is £6.90 and you can buy them here


I really hope you have enjoyed reading about these new Kiko products I have been trying out for you all. I really like doing these kind of posts where I let you all know my impressions of new product ranges, what I have loved and maybe not loved so much! 

You can guarantee to see these products much more in my make up tutorials and used to create many different looks both here on my blog and also on my channel. 

Much Love




  1. I have heard alot of people talk about keiko. I absolutely love the colors of lipstick and the blush duo from looking at the pictures you have posted.

  2. Louise Washington14 March 2018 at 12:31

    I think what you do is exactly the thing that is called Surfing Life. You seem so effortless in what you do. I admire your cute personality!


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