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5 Autumn Lipsticks You All Need & Introducing the Lipstick Series

Its Autumn, the change of a season and so therefore I figured it was about time for me to bring you a brand new lipstick post. I feel like there should be a designated section here on my blog purely for lipsticks, because its the one topic I can guarantee to always be writing about, thinking about, buying into, and you guys can pretty much guarantee that when you click on my blog you will be seeing a lipstick related post somewhere! 

I feel as though now would be a really good time to introduce an exciting new series I will be bringing to you here on my blog and also on my youtube channel. As you guys know, I would go as far as saying I am obsessed with lipsticks. I wear them every single day, I buy them all of the time, my collection is rather large, I am always finding new products which I just LOVE - and so therefore I thought why not make this kind of post a permanent thing here on my blog. What I want to bring to you all is regular posts as part of the lipstick series, so it may be a particular focus on one product, one brand, one formula, one colour, or it could be a focus on my top 5 of a certain category - so in todays case it is Autumn, however it could be Christmas, top 5 from a brand, top 5 drugstore, top 5 nude lipsticks etc etc. I feel as though when my readers come over to my blog, social media or youtube channel you know to expect to read about lipsticks, and so therefore I really wanted to make this a little bit more of a permanent thing and let it really be somewhere that you guys can come along to and find some inspiration for the next lip products to buy! I would love any suggestions of lipstick videos, posts or reviews that you would like to see. So therefore if there is a product out there that you want me to grab and review for you all, comment it either below or head over to my twitter and let me know - because I would happily grab it and pop something up to help you guys out! I really hope that this is something you are all just as excited about as I am, I am really looking forward to making this series a particular focus here on my blog and also my channel!

I wanted to bring you a top 5 lipsticks post because sometimes I think its nice just talk exclusively about favourites rather than everything in my entire collection. HOWEVER if you did want to check out my whole Autumn Lipstick collection then I have actually made you a video specifically about my Autumn lipsticks, which includes lip swatches of every single one I own - and I have also linked every single one in the description box for you to click and buy as well. If you want to see my entire collection in video format then click here and you can head straight there. However, for this post lets focus on my top 5 - which I really hope you all love too! Obviously I will link each of the products below for you all to grab so you don't want to miss out! 

Firstly lets talk about Charlotte Tilbury - Glastonberry. Quite a new lipstick to my collection, and a really great one at that! I actually received this one as a gift from my friend, Rachael - and she really could not have got it more right! Perfect for Autumn, a matte lipstick (my favourite) and it's Charlotte Tilbury - could the gift be any more Lauren?! The colour transfers as a beautiful berry toned purple shade, totally appropriate for the Autumn and the Winter. It terms of the purple colour spectrum this one is quite a deep toned one - its really beautiful and obviously the finish is matte, so it really does dry quite a deep purple and I think its just stunning! One that is definitely needed for your Autumn and Winter lipstick collection - and if you are looking for a Charlotte Tilbury Autumn Lipstick in particular - then glastonberry is your gal. 

What would I team this with? - Well, I would team this with a golden eye make up look, some simple mascara with no eyeliner for a daytime look and a really precise cat eye flick for a night time look! I would team with a warm toned bronzer and a gold toned highlight. 

Where can you buy Glastonberry - House of Fraser, John Lewis, Cult Beauty

Another lipstick I am so pleased I have discovered this Autumn is Mac - Chili. I had literally never heard of this shade until the moment I picked it up in store, and when I saw it I just knew that it needed to be mine for my Autumn lipstick collection. Again, this shade is unlike anything else I own and I really love it. It won't come as a surprise that this lipstick is yet again a matte formula. The mac matte lipstick formulas are definitely my favourites, I love the way they apply, they are long lasting and the colour pay off is incredible. The only way I feel like I can describe the colour of this lipstick to you all is by saying its kind of a fox red shade, so if you imagine the colour of a foxes fur, then this is very similar to that. Really bright, really quite like a 'burnt orange' shade and just looks so incredible with all of your Autumn outfits and make up looks! 

What would I team this with? - I am actually seriously loving wearing this lipstick with some evening looks. In particular I have been going for a bronzed smoky eye, warmer toned bronzer and a gold highlight to finish this off. I think it looks the dream when its on your lips and I think its that perfect bold lipstick to make you stand out in a good way on a night out! I just love it! 

Where can you buy chili? - House of Fraser, John Lewis

Now I am going to mention my FAVOURITE LIPSTICK OF THE AUTUMN, and that is a pretty bold statement from someone as obsessed with Lipsticks as myself. So now I am talking about Kylie Cosmetics - Ginger Lipstick. This has literally been the lipstick I reach for every single day, for all of my daytime looks! I just absolutely LOVE it and definitely think it suits me unlike any other lipstick I have ever owned. Usually I am the kind of girl who chops and changes between about 5 different lipsticks for day times, but this has literally changed that so much. I find myself reaching for this lipstick for every daytime look I create and I love the way it finished off each and every one. Obviously its a matte lipstick once again, however this one is a liquid formula as opposed to a stick. I really love how easy this product applies, how it dries SUPER matte (so if you don't like SUPER matte lipsticks then maybe this one is not for you), the colour is INCREDIBLE and is the most perfectly Autumnal shade ever. Its a orange toned nude lipstick which is unlike any other shade I own, and is the perfect addition to my collection - I am obsessed. I feel like of all of the Kylie Cosmetics I own, if any were to run out, this one would be the first to get re-purchased as I really do feel like it is a must have for my lipstick collection!

What would I team this with? - Well as I said, I have been wearing this constantly as part of a daytime look. I have been wearing it with so many looks but my favourite so far is a golden shimmery eye look, cool toned bronzer, golden highlight and this lipstick. I think all you need to do when you wear this is let the lipstick do the talking, you don't need to go heavy with anything else whatsoever, because this lipstick stands out SO much! 

Where can I buy Ginger? - Kylie Cosmetics Website

Another absolute dream of a lipstick. Here we have Mac - Diva. A very well loved and worn lipstick for Autumn 2016. I absolutely LOVE wearing this lipstick and it really has become an evening look 'go to' for me this year! This one again, is also a matte - because you know me - I always reach for a matte lipstick! However, in comparison to Glastonberry, this one is a much more red toned berry lipstick and although there are hints of purple within it - the lipstick is mainly red. Sometimes I don't really feel as though red lipsticks are for me anymore, when my hair was super dark I felt I suited them no end, but now I am very blonde I feel they just don't look right anymore - however, I can totally rock a dark red like diva! I really love it. The colour pay off is amazing, the matte formula is a true matte, it really isn't drying or uncomfortable to wear and it lasts ages! I am so happy that so many of you over on twitter suggested me grabbing this shade, I really do love it! 

What would I team this with? - I have actually worn this in many ways already! I have worn this with a simple gold eye, a really dark toned halloween look, a bronzed smokey eye - honestly SO MANY LOOKS! However, my favourite would probably be the bronzed smokey eye with cool toned bronzer, a really amazing highlighter & Diva! If you head over to my instagram you will see I have worn it in this way so many times!

Where can I buy Diva? - House of Fraser

Finally this is another fairly new addition to my lipstick collection and its Kiko - 02 enigma. Another lipstick I have been reaching for SO much recently. I feel as though I have been mainly wearing this one when I haven't had enough time to dig out my Kylie Cosmetics, and when I just needed a quick one to throw on! That's not to say that I don't take time choosing this one meticulously each time I wear it, I really do love it and when I choose to wear it I am so glad I did. Its a beautiful rose toned nude. The perfect day time lipstick which is really easy to wear, apply and teams up so well with so many looks. The formula is also super creamy and really hydrating to wear. A lot of people actually compare Kiko products to Mac, saying that the quality is just as good, but obviously MUCH more affordable. As I have found this product to be super good and one of my favourite lipsticks, I could not recommend you all trying it enough! 

What would I team this with? - I usually team this lipstick with a very shimmery daytime eye look, standard base make up and a gold highlighter. 

Where can I buy 02 Enigma? - Kiko Website


I really hope that you enjoyed this first post in my new lipstick series. You know me, I love talking about lipsticks! Like I said I have created a full Autumn lipstick collection video over on my channel and I have also linked everything over there in the description box too! Let me know on here or over on twitter which videos or posts you would like to see as part of my lipstick series. 

Much Love



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