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Introducing The Botanist Sheffield

If you are from the UK then you may well be familiar with the above place - The Botanist which is essentially a cocktail bar and restaurant chain. But a very exciting chain at that, and a very delicious one too! I have visited a Botanist in the past, in Leeds Trinity and immediately fell head over heels with it (as well as the rest of Leeds that day, apparently). And so this meant that when I heard the news of the botanist coming to Sheffield, I just could not contain my excitement!

The Botanist was exactly the addition I feel like Sheffield city centre needed, to add to its already cool and original vibe. There are so many quirky coffee shops, quirky little bars and even a fair few restaurants but I definitely feel that somewhere like the botanist fits in SO perfectly in Sheffield and is somewhere I would consider to be quite upmarket and exciting! Everything from the decor, to the food and drink is super authentic and the minute you step inside you really can immediately tell how much thought and consideration has gone into absolutely everything. 

Lets talk about the Botanist in general. The Sheffield branch recently opened its doors at the end of September, hosting a fantastic night for Press to attend and review the food and drinks and this really was an opportunity to get the word out there. The very unique bar which is the Botanist, is spread out over 3 floors and situated in Leopold Square in Sheffield city centre which is a really exciting and thriving part of the city! Not only this, but it is also situated within a grade II listed building, and they really have made this whole plot come to life - quite literally, it looks like all things living! 

The definition of a Botanist refers to 'a biologist specialising in the study of plants, phytologist and plant science' - which really helps to explain the whole vibe within the Botanist itself. Everything is very botanical themed, the location is designed to look very much like the outdoors, and garden like. When I say this I mean, there are beautiful plants, tree root decor, AN ACTUAL BANDSTAND and benches etc, located inside - and honestly if you have never been before but thinking of going, then you will not have seen anything like it. The thought, effort and consideration to detail of the venue is second to none, and honestly looks incredible! The location in itself is quite dark by night, but lit up by lots of fairy lights wrapped around plants and trees, and some miniature lamps can be found on tables also. There are 2 bandstands in the centre of the restaurant which I think is SUPER impressive. One of which has a table in the middle for guests to enjoy a meal underneath what is a very impressive lampshade made out of all things garden tool related. And the other bandstand, is used as it is meant to - live music is performed from inside here and when we actually attended the opening night there was an incredible duo act on which was a brilliant touch. 

On entry to the venue you will find the main bar, which you can sample the MOST INCREDIBLE cocktails which feeling extremely chilled out and this also spreads out onto a patio which will be amazing in the Summer. The next floor up you will reach a private dining area which can be used for events, business meetings or cocktail masterclasses which the botanist is also available to host. And last but definitely not least, on the top floor you will also find the restaurant area which is the place I have actually been both times I have visited. 

Prior to being invited to try out the new venue in Sheffield, I had only ever been to the Leeds branch and from that I knew I was going to love this one! I was super excited because I knew the press night involved tasting the menu and sampling the drinks which was something I was super excited about as before I had only tried the drinks but always found myself drooling over the food! 

We had the opportunity to sample any cocktail from the extremely large menu, but I went for a trusty favourite of mine from previous visits because I just loved it so much before! This was the Rose Sangria which was essentially a sangria but lighter, consisting of rose wine and lemonade which lots of ice and fresh fruit inside - b-e-a-utiful! However there is literally something on the menu for everybody's taste including long drinks, short drinks, flutes, beers, martinis, non-alcoholic cocktails and gins! Naturally, the botanist also has a section for botanical drinks which includes cocktails infused with herbs - sounds strange but let me just give you some examples. There is the vodka martini which includes vodka, lemon balm, lime leaf and lillet blanc. Also, there is the Basil and plum caipirinha which includes plum, red chilli, lime juice, sugar syrup and cachaca. I think the one which appeals to me most is the apricot and mint daiquiri which includes apricot puree, mint, lime juice, vanilla sugar syrup, rum and apricot liquor - YUM. For something else a little bit different they also have beer and ale cocktails or even just your standard ales, beers and lagers - there is literally something for all tastes!

Next, we move on to the food and I WAS SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS PART because I had seen so much yummy food from visiting previous times, but had not yet had chance to try it myself! I went for the famous hanging chicken kebab because this was one of the dishes which particularly stood out to me. OH MY GOSH! I do not think I could have chosen anything better! It was BEAUTIFUL! The hanging kebab (as photographed below) included chicken, peppers, lemon, mushrooms and onion. Then at the bottom of this was a bowl of salt and pepper chips. When the lovely waiter brought our food over he asked if I wanted my garlic oil pouring, to which i said yes, and he poured the oil down the kebab which then dripped into the chips at the bottom - IT WAS SO YUMMY! We also had the opportunity to try out puddings, I had the cookie dough which was again, absolutely beautiful! I don't think I could have chosen to better choices for my personal taste!! 

Again, there is something for all tastes on this menu including a variety of meat and also vegetarian hanging kebabs, steak dishes, vegetarian dishes and pies, classic british favourites and more!  

I also visited the Botanist just last weekend when my family from the North East stayed for the weekend. I really wanted to show the Botanist off to them and let them taste the incredible food! We had a truly lovely evening and were served by (coincidentally) the same waiter as the press night - who I believes name was Neil (sorry if I got it wrong). He was super lovely, very attentive and really friendly!! 

The only negative from my whole experience of the Botanist so far (which kills me to comment on really) is my feedback from the second visit. The food was incredible, drinks were incredible, service from the waiters was incredible and obviously the atmosphere, venue etc was second to none. It wasn't until the end of the meal really, that the disappointment set in. Basically, when I booked the table originally I phoned up because the website would no longer allow me to book the table at the time I wanted, when I spoke with a member of staff on the phone I was informed that I could book online and use my 25% off discount code which I had received from the press night. I explained to the girl on the phone that I had read that you could not redeem the discount on Saturdays, to which she said I could as long as I booked online. I then booked through the website and left it there. When handing over the discount card to the staff when I was getting the bill, a manager? then came over and informed me that I could not use the discount, I explained the story and that I understood that before but was told differently over the phone, he asked for the name of the person who said it, to which I obviously did not know? I completely understood this originally but was told differently, and to be honest the way he spoke to me was quite patronising telling me I should have 'read the terms and conditions' even though I repeatedly told him I had. 

My family knew nothing about the discount, so obviously everyone was prepared to pay standard price if they needed to - but it was just the manner of the way the man spoke to me which I found quite embarrassing. Other than this hiccup, we had a lovely evening - so its just a massive shame that the patronising way this was explained to me had to ruin it really. Obviously if you all reading this decide to visit the Botanist, I am more than 99% sure that you will not have to endure this experience, so don't worry! And obviously, just remember what I said earlier in this post all about the wonderful waiter we had for the rest of the evening - he was amazing and deserves all of the praise! 


To round off this post, in a positive light (because 90% of the experience was positive), I really really recommend that you all visit the Botanist in Sheffield. Honestly, its a beautiful venue with some really quirky and unique touches which refer back to the fact its placed in Sheffield. If you are visiting Sheffield then I really do recommend eating here, and also sampling some of the cocktails before moving on and trying some of the other incredible venues in Sheffield city centre. If you live in Sheffield and are looking for somewhere new to sample the food then I also recommend it. And also, if you even are visiting a city with a botanist situated in it, I would recommend giving it a whirl too! 

I am also super intrigued to know what you chose to eat and drink if you have visited before, as the next time I go I would love to try something a little bit different to 'my usual'. 

You can go straight over to the website and book, and also check out the menu over there too! I will link that directly below!

Much Love


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  1. So glad I read this... I've been to the Leeds branch and cant wait to try out the Sheffield one. That cookie dough looks incredible!

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