Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Hawks of Steele | Falconry Experience | Thoresby Hall

If any of you guys who choose to read my blog, have recently been checking out some of my videos and vlogs over on my channel then you may well have seen that I recently took a little trip to Nottinghamshire to take part in a Falconry experience with my boyfriend, Simon. This had actually be a gift we were given at christmas but had got back dated and back dated over and over for various different reasons. When we finally got around to using it, we definitely chose the most perfect day for it! It was beautiful! 

What I really wanted to do on this photo was to explain to you all a little bit about what happened throughout the experience, and really just let the photographs do the talking! If you love animals, and trying out fun things involving them - then this is definitely something I would consider taking a part in! Although named a 'falconry experience' this also included having a lot of contact with a variety of different birds including one of my favourites - owls. I cannot exactly remember in total how many birds we actually got to meet and learn more about, but it was around the 7 mark! Basically we got the opportunity to be introduced to many different birds, who all had their own little names and personalities, they were from all around the world, many different sizes and types and of all different ages and experiences of being handled. 

As I said above, we were very generously gifted this experience as a christmas present, but the experience usually retails at £40 per person and lasts 2 hours and this time is truly jam packed full of opportunities to handle the birds, have up close photographs, see the beautiful birds flying between people and in the space being used that day, I also felt like I gained a lot of information about the birds we saw throughout the experience and left knowing a lot more than I did before! What I also loved about it, was that there was such a huge variety of age groups there which is not only great because this means that this experience is suited for people of all ages, but also is shows that there is a lot of interest in these birds and people are actively wanting to learn more about them, whilst getting up close and personal. 

I am a huge fan of owls, and if you wander around each and every single room within my house there is something owl related in every one. During the experience I think we met a total of 3 different owls which was fantastic! Including my favourite kind, which was the beautiful barn owl! We also had the opportunity to handle an indian owl and a snowy owl too - both of which were beautiful but so so different from one another! We also handled a kestrel, a golden eagle (which was absolutely INCREDIBLE AND SO HEAVY) and lots of other beautiful birds of prey! I am not going to lye, when the large birds were flying towards you at some speed and after to grip onto your arm, it was pretty scary but it was all so well controlled and they were very well behaved (when they were actually sitting on your hand).What was also very evident from this experience was the love and passion which the handlers had for the birds, they all had individual names and were all very well fed and loved! That was super noticeable when hearing some of the stories about the handlers daughter who took one of the birds to the supermarket in a pram, and how long he has spent searching for the birds when they have decided to be naughty for an afternoon and fly off! 

Overall the afternoon was full of laughs, interesting facts, mainly well behaved but some cheeky birds who attempted the great escape for 5 minutes before swiftly returning, and a barn owl landing on the handlers head! Therefore, if you are in the Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire area and have access to a car or have a group of you who are looking to get involved in some fun activities involving some beautiful birds, I would definitely recommend Hawks of Steele! Not only is their falconry experiences but there are also owl experiences specifically, hawk hunting, meerkat experiences and more! Something for any animal or bird lover! Head over to the hawks of steele website which I have linked below for you all, and also head over to my channel (and my vlog specifically) which features the Hawks of Steele experience I took part in! 

Thanks to all the fabulous staff at Hawks of Steele for a lovely afternoon - both me and Simon really did have a good time! And also a special thanks to the birds, and the sun for making an appearance and topping the afternoon off perfectly!

Much Love



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