Tuesday, 27 September 2016

What did we wear before Kimonos?

What did we do before we had beautiful Kimonos like this in our lives? What did we wear? What did we throw on to tie every single outfit together? What brought life into our outfits? I just do not know... 

In Summer, and even in Winter there is a Kimono appropriate for every single occasion. In Summer you can grab yourself something bright, something fun, or even something pretty plain to tie a vibrant outfit together and to act as a layer for the evenings. In Winter you can grab yourselves some thicker material Kimonos, or they could be sparkly for the festive season - there is literally one for everything and everyone! 

For this Summer I picked myself up this absolutely beauty of a Kimono. I found this delved in the pages and pages of fashion - also known as ASOS. However this one is actually from a designer called Jacqueline De Yong which I did manage to get my mitts on a few months ago now! This kimono is midline in length, which is something I had swayed away from the in past as I had a super bad experience with a longline kimono which made me look horrendous! I have never touched a longline kimono since, and that is simply because my height does not allow for me to wear pieces like that and I looked like I was drowning in it! However, I absolutely loved this midline one and loved using it throughout Summer as a piece to pull a few of my more plain items of clothing together and add that little bit of something extra! This is also a versatile black and white which therefore can be worn with pretty much anything! I teamed the kimono, high waisted jeans and black body with my extremely bright and fun Michael Kors tote bag in this incredible purple shade! I feel like it added that ultimate pop of colour that all Summer outfits need, and it worked so well with the other pieces of this outfit! 

I cannot wait to get my hands on some more Kimonos throughout the Autumn and Winter, and mix it up with some block colours, some Autumnal patterns and shades, and some embellishments & glitter! There is definitely some out there for all occasions and because I feel so strongly about this, I am actually going to link you to some of my favourites down below so you can start your Autumn and Winter wardrobe right here and now with a beautiful Kimono! 

Much Love



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