Thursday, 15 September 2016

Topshop Beauty Haul

If any of you Whatlaurenlovess readers over here are also followers of my youtube channel, then this haul may be quite familiar to you.. but if not - then I thought I would give you a little sneak peak here on my blog too! So recently I was provided with the opportunity to choose some products from the Topshop beauty section and I was sooo excited to try out so many new ones! Basically, I have only ever tried the lipsticks from Topshop, so therefore it really was a case of first impressions for me when trialling out these products over on my video! When choosing the products I wanted I try to choose a full face of products rather than choosing a handful of lipsticks (like we know I usually would). 

So, starting with what I would apply first - I picked up the contour wand in the shade 'shapes' which is a really dark toned brown bronzer in stick/cream formula. If you check out my first impressions video you will be able to see this in action for the first time - but basically I LOVED this product and it completely changed my perception of cream products. Before trying this I was a little bit sceptical about using them because in the past I think I tried a cream product which wasn't really all that. However I LOVED this. The formula was beautiful, a lovely colour, very very blend-able and also just super easy to apply and use! I really have enjoyed using it and also really love the shade of this product! I have to say that the blending brush on the opposite end still goes unused for me as I would much prefer to use my own as opposed to this but I am quite fussy so I'm sure this would work wonders for travelling or if you are in a hurry. You can head over and buy this now by clicking here

The next product I picked up was the 'enigma' smoky eyeshadow palette! Which is a really handy little travel sized palette with some beautiful brown mattes and shimmer eye shadow shades!! I loved using each and every single one of these shades and decided to pick this one up because I knew that it would get used so so much and would also be super easy just to chuck in my bag and take anywhere! Also its incredibly good value, you can grab it yourselves by clicking here. 

Next I picked up my favourite product from the whole bunch and this is the Topshop highlighter in the shade 'horizon'. It is basically the most incredibly pigmented golden bronze toned highlighter which has changed my make up looks over the last few weeks and I have literally used it constantly, swapping it up from some of my favourite high end products! If you head on over to my instagram 'whatlaurenlovess' then you will see that I have used this in so many looks recently and honestly I am head over heels for it - it is so so good! You can grab it yourselves by clicking here

Finally, I picked myself up 2 new lip products both of which are lipsticks. One is a pinky/lilac shade called 'dreamy' and the other is a nude shade called 'muse'. The shade dreamy is unlike any other shade I own and I really do love it, its a beautiful shade perfect for the back end of the Summer and looks amazing to complete a day time make up look. The next shade was 'muse' which is an incredible dupe and somewhere between the shades stone and whirl by Mac - and if you guys know me, I can never have too many nude lipsticks therefore this one simply NEEDED to be added to my make up collection, I love it! You can grab dreamy and muse by clicking here. 


Having the opportunity to grab such a variety of products from the whole Topshop range has now meant that I have fallen head over heels for so many amazing products and it has definitely made me think about purchasing some more! Topshop has also recently released a brand new line of gel nail varnishes which I will be reviewing here on my blog really soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that too! 

Much Love



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