Friday, 16 September 2016

Nautical Vibes

Summer is coming to an end, but here I am - still bringing you Summer outfit look books! and there are still a few I need to bring you, even after this one! This outfit was unlike any other I wore on holiday really, and now I think about it I am kind of wondering if what actually mixed the outfit up was my hair? I never wear my hair straight so to wear it straight and actually out of my face actually made this whole look entirely different to usual! 

Now onto the clothes. I absolutely loved both of the pieces teamed together to create this outfit that I simply needed to photograph it and mention them both to you all! So, for the top half I went for a bardot style striped body! I am absolutely in love with wearing bodies right now and find myself reaching for them continuously - I love the way they make everything look so neat and tidy and tucked in. I love the fit. Every one I have bought so far has looked completely different to each other, and this one was completely different all together. I had never seen a bardot style body before so when I spotted this one I knew it needed to be mine for my holidays this year! So this beauty was actually from Topshop and was incredibly well priced and something I definitely could not leave hanging there on the shelves! I am going to try and style this up and much as possible throughout the upcoming months because it is certainly a piece I am not ready to say goodbye to yet! 

I teamed the bardot body with some beautiful tassled MissGuided shorts which I had in my grips for a little while before hand. I actually bought these for a Summer event back at the beginning of July but I never got around to wearing them because of the typical British weather! I fell immediately in love with the powder blue colour of these shorts and also the material which is sort of crepe like and is super light and airy! The only down fall to these shorts for me was the fact that the fringing to the tassles of the shorts actually completely fell off so I was left with just standard tassles rather than the fringing on them which added that little bit of extra something! It would have been worse if they looked rubbish, but actually when the fringing did fall off they still looked really nice so I didn't mind TOO much! All that being said though, I would still rave so much about these shorts - I really really love them and think they are the perfect style, fit and material for those hot evenings abroad! I love them!


I really hope you are still all loving reading my lookbooks and fashion style posts, I really am loving creating them all for you and want this to be something I do so much more here on my blog! If there are any brands or companies out there who would like me to feature some of their pieces and products in my Autumn and Winter lookbooks then please feel free to send me an email to

Also I have been trying to do so many lookbooks for you all over on my channel as well so if you enjoy watching that kind of thing then feel free to head over and check my most recent ones over on my channel by clicking here, and don't forget to subscribe! 

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