Friday, 23 September 2016

Colour Clashing Is Ok.

Another belated Summer lookbook for you all, but I am simply just not ready to say goodbye to the sun yet! As I am writing this I am sitting in my new office and looking out the window and its a beautiful 'Summers' day, I have a dress on and my legs out and I just simply not ready to embrace the cold yet! I guess these posts can be inspiration for any of you who still have holidays left to go on, or are even weeks away from a holiday in the sun! 

This outfit was actually one of my favourite from my Summer holidays this year and I think its because the colours of the pieces are so vibrant and also demonstrate exactly why colour clashing is ok! I am obsessed with the colour of the beautiful crop top, and actually think that this could be a piece which could also see you through the Autumn if you wore it with something right on the bottom! I love anything with a lace up neck, and with this colour - it just worked! It also makes your tan stand out so much more which is obviously an added bonus! The skirt is also a piece I have worn to death throughout the Summer months and a piece which, again could be seen through the Autumn as long as you team it with some tights and a cute jumper or long sleeved top! I think that denim skirts are so easy to style and now I own this, I have faith that all of my tops have an appropriate skirt they can be paired with! The material of this one is also super stretchy and so you therefore do not feel restricted whatsoever when you wear it! 

This outfit is therefore an example of when colour clashing really is ok! The vibrant rust colour and the royal blue denim work SO well together and I have had so many compliments about this outfit it is quite unreal! You can also see some footage from this shoot over on my channel by clicking here. If I can find the specific pieces online then I shall link them both below for you, if not then I can link you to some pieces very similar! Keep tuning in for more fashion posts here on WLL, I am coming towards the end of my holiday look book posts now, but you can expect to see so much more fashion over here over the Autumn and Winter! So be prepared for that! 

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  1. I love it! You could deffo wear the crop top through autumn with some high-waisted bottoms and but snugly cardi! xx
    Erin | Little Bateaux


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