Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Bobbi Brown Newbies - House of Fraser

In my blogging life it is a dream of mine to review incredible products from some of my favourite brands out there, and also to review products from big brands which I have not had the pleasure of trying before! Bobbi Brown is a brand I always drool over, but have never actually tried so naturally when House of Fraser asked me if I wanted to work with them I jumped at the opportunity! 

I was super excited to be sent these 2 beautiful products, naturally because I LOVE make up and jump at any opportunity to review and try out new products, but also because Bobbi Brown is a new brand for me and I really wanted to create my own opinion of their products! Not only that, but one of the products I was sent was also skincare, and this is completely new to me as I had never even heard of Bobbi Brown skincare before! 

So, the first products is the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base which is a beautiful moisturiser made from shea butter and includes vitamins C & E. The colour of the product is quite yellow/cream and I instantly thought that this would be more of a night time product to suit my skin, as this is usually the kind of product I would apply to my skin right before bed and let it work its magic overnight. HOWEVER, I actually used this product for the first time this morning and could not believe how light it was in formula! I was expecting it to be quite a thick product because it looks so creamy, but actually it went on in a beautiful thin layer and made a beautiful base for my make up for the day! I have really really enjoyed using this product for the first time today and know for a fact it will now be a staple in my make up and skincare routine! I love it and would highly recommend you get yourselves it too!!

Secondly, I was also kindly gifted a beautiful bronzer from the Bobbi Brown range. This was in the shade 'medium 2' and I would definitely say is a matte bronzing powder! I am yet to try this product but I would say that this is more of a daytime bronzer for myself as I usually tend to reach for matte bronzers throughout the day, just for adding some definition to the contours of my face, without it standing out too much - like a shimmery bronzer would. I really do love the look of the product and cannot wait to get using it! I also think the shade is not too orange, and much more of a brown so therefore would be perfect for a transitional bronze shade for the Autumn and Winter months! 

Do you have any Bobbi Brown product which you love and can't live without? If you do then feel free to let me know in the comments below! You can also expect to see these products lots and lots over on my youtube channel as I know I will be using them in future make up tutorials and reviews! Head over there and subscribe so you can see them in action!

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