Tuesday, 2 August 2016

The Importance Of Figuring Out Your Blog's Theme

What is a blog theme? I personally think that the answer to this question is a topic of conversation which quite frequently appears on your blog. I do think its nice to have a theme, something which you are passionate about and something which you never seem to get bored of talking about. For WhatLaurenLovess, mine is definitely "beauty" as it is easily my favourite topic to write about and nothing excites me more than buying new products, hearing about new releases and receiving incredibly generous products through the post. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love fashion, advice, travel and nursing style posts too - but there is just something about beauty which excites me! 

I think that having a theme or a 'niche' for your blog is a good thing because its what people remember your blog for, and they can rely on your blog to be a place where they can come to and read about something specific. For beauty it may be that they can read about a new release of products or get some inspiration for a make up look. For fashion they will know to look on your blog for outfit inspiration for particular events such as weddings, festivals, occasions, holidays etc. For lifestyle and advice they could come along and read about all sorts of useful pieces of information. Having a blog theme makes you build up a reliable audience who want to keep returning because they can guarantee to find what they want to read in that space. 

Not only that, but I think that a theme or a niche makes you seem passionate about a topic. I really do believe that you can tell when someone has passion when you read their posts rather than writing about something because its part of a trend. I don't really think that a blog is somewhere where you should jump on a band wagon and that's because I think if you take the time and effort to create a blog, it should be about so much more than just writing about something because its a trend. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with writing about a product that other people are writing about at that time, because there is nothing wrong with that at all - in fact its nice to read posts about similar products because it allows for comparison and a variety of opinions of something, which may in turn change your mind about whether you want to purchase something or not. 

I just personally believe that there is a sense of reliability when you have a blog theme which over 70% of your posts are about. Your readers know what to expect when they come over to your blog and can rely on you to write about stuff that they expect to see rather than stuff which may be completely irrelevant to everything else you have ever posted about. Lets just think of an example here... It is like me writing about fitness, I am not really very fitness orientated at all, and to be honest with you I don't know anything about fitness or exercising for that matter. I would never choose to write about a topic because its what everyone else is writing about, I think its better to stick with what you know and your passion will shine through. I am pretty sure that out there somewhere there are people who choose to write about different topics which are completely un-relatable to their interests because of seeing other peoples success in that area. And on the other hand I am pretty sure there will be people out there who have the capability to write about millions of topics because they genuinely do have some interest in each one, rather than dipping into everything just to get the perks of everything. All I am saying is, having a theme or a topic you usually write about, makes you seem much more genuine and like you are posting because you feel passionate about it, rather than writing about something because 70 other bloggers have done. 

Having a blog theme also makes your life easier when trying to get your name out there on social media also, as when it comes to things like hashtags you can hashtag things which will show up when brands or viewers are looking for something particular to read. Its pretty self explanatory but when you are a beauty blogger the appropriate hashtags are 'bbloggers' or 'beautybloggers', fashion bloggers 'fbloggers' or 'fashionbloggers' - on the flipside of this, it would be pretty ridiculous to have hashtags such as 'fitnessblogger' or 'foodblogger' when generally you tend to post about lipsticks? Do you get what I am saying? Where is the reliability in posting about lipsticks when you are hashtagging and trying to target people who want to read a post about something completely different? 

A blog theme allows for a more consistent feed, which is what your viewers want which in turn makes your engagement better because they can rely on your blog to consistently provide information about a particular topic. Yes, dip in and out of different topics - that is fine but all I am saying is don't sway away from what you are passionate about and GOOD at, just purely because you can see that other areas of conversation are working well for other people. 

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  1. Great post! I completely agree, it's important readers know what to expect from a blog they follow :) xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie


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