Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Struggle Sleeping? Here is some tips to change that!

I will be honest, sleep is never a HUGE problem to me but when I go through phases of badly sleeping, my nights are just horrendous! As some of you guys know, I am actually a Nurse as well and work in a very busy and challenging Intensive Care environment which obviously not only involves shift work and chopping and changing between sleeping patterns, but also trying to shut off from what has most likely been an extremely challenging and mentally draining shift. Throughout this post I just wanted to talk to you about the kind of things I do which help me sleep, how I manage to flip my body clock around so regularly and run through some sleep advice cards which the lovelies at Casper kindly sent to me! 

So, lets talk about sleep and the health benefits it has for you! Firstly it improves your memory, during sleep you actually strengthen your memories & essentially practice skills which you learnt while you were awake! This basically means that if you are trying to learn something, whether its a new skill or revising for an exam - you will actually perform better following sleep, so therefore it is super important for you to ensure to get enough sleep before school, or a class of some description. 

Sleep actually makes you live longer. Too much or not enough sleep is shown to shorten your life, and this is because it affects your quality of life and studies in 2010 featuring women between the ages of 50-79 showed that more deaths occurred in women who got less than 5 hours sleep. Therefore showing if you sleep better, you can live better & longer. 

It curbs inflammation. Inflammation is linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, and ageing and inflammation is actually measured by a protein in the blood called CRP. Studies have shown that people who get 6 hours or less sleep, have higher levels of CRP in their blood and therefore are at higher risk of associated problem such as the above. 

It allows you to be more creative. Sleep allows your brain to reorganise and restructure memories which allows you to be more creative the following day. Ever having a little bit of a memory block or a creative haze? Maybe just relax and have a good nights sleep and your head could be filled with some amazing new ideas by the morning! 

It improves your performance - so therefore if you have a marathon or a big race or something else which means you actually have to perform well, then get some rest and you could see better results! 

It improves your grades! Getting a good night sleep obviously results in improvement in performance and allowing you to be more creative so therefore in turn this also means that your grades will be better! Sleep also improves your attention span and learning, so therefore before your exams be sure to get a good amount of sleep to help you on the way to improving those marks!! 

It sharpens your attention span. Studies have shown that children who have a lack of sleep present with hyperactive, inattentiveness and impulsive behaviours, and in adults it results in a lack of attention just to pure tiredness and exhaustion. 

As well as all of the above, sleep also helps with maintaining a healthy weight, lowering stress levels, avoiding road accidents and reducing the likelihood of depression occurring


So, now I have explained to you the importance of sleep and the kind of things a lack of sleep can affect, lets just talk about what you can do to IMPROVE your nights sleep. Casper, a leading mattress specialist brand have carried out some research into ways to improve sleep and so therefore have created some sleep advice cards which can be used in order to enhance your sleep!! 

So therefore if you have been struggling to get a sleeping pattern which allows you to get a solid sleep for a decent amount of time, try out some of the tips provided on the advice cards above and see how they improve your sleep!! As Casper are also extremely focused on ensuring that you get a good amount of sleep, they also recommend a particular mattress which is also designed to help you sleep right through, and comfortably too! You can buy this mattress by following the link here

Also let me know in the comments below if you too struggle with sleep, and if there are any tips and tricks you have found in order to help you sleep through the night!

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