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Pinkster Gin School At The Old House, Sheffield

What is better than an event centred around tasting gin all evening? Not much to be honest with you. I recently received an invitation from my favourite, Aimee Hughes and blogger bestie to attend an event with her all about Pinkster gin at The Old House, Sheffield. I was hardly going to turn down this opportunity to not only learn about a gin which I have never actually tried before, but also to spend time with my bestie - letting our hair down and enjoying some cocktails together! 

So lets start with the Old House, now this is somewhere I am ashamed to say I have actually never been to before (but please bare in mind, I am pretty new to life in Sheffield and it is taking some time to test out all of the incredible places in the city). The range of drinks is incredible, location is very accessible, and the atmosphere is so chilled and definitely somewhere you can guarantee to feel relaxed and just enjoy the music and company! Besides the pinkster gin school, me and Aimee actually sampled some of the cocktails from their new menu which you can see in the flesh over on my instagram 'whatlaurenlovess' - I got myself the 'hollaback girl' cocktail which is essentially, bananas bananas and more bananas but it was literally so beaut, and I would definitely recommend anybody to try it! Aimee got the pina colada which would have been the other option for me, I absolutely love pina coladas and from Aimees comments, it was pretty darn good!! The old house definitely has got the kind of vibe of a bar I like, and I will definitely be paying many more visits to them for incredible cocktails with friends, and date nights with Simon. 

My main focus for this post is obviously talking to you all about pinkster gin including all of the information we learned about it, as well as the cocktails which you can create at home using it!! I will be honest, usually if I drink gin I usually am not particularly fussy about what I choose, but its usually something along the lines of Gordons or bombay sapphire. I am rather partial to a gin and tonic every now and then, but usually I am a vodka drinker by choice - but I was super excited to learn some more about Pinkster and what goes into making it! 

So then, a little background information about Pinkster. Pinkster actually launched in 2013 and in 2015 was voted as the UKs 3rd favourite gin! Pinkster is essentially a 37.5% gin which is distilled in small batches and mixed with locally grown raspberries in order to create a slightly lighter and more fruit infused taste to the actual gin. The raspberries also give the colour of the gin a slightly pink shade which adds for a little bit of something unique, as there are not many coloured gins out there! Another element of this brand I absolutely love is that instead of throwing away the raspberries after use, they actually keep them, jar them up and sell them on as 'boozy berries' - I think this is such a cool element and the raspberries can then be used for something else such as making sorbet at home and dipping in chocolate for a little treat. 

The first step to Gin school, and learning all about the product was actually being given the opportunity to smell the gin, and actually taste it straight. Now, I have to admit - drinking straight spirits is usually bottom of my list when I am drinking alcohol and every single one tastes the same to me, and usually results in me gagging in some way! However, I wanted to see if I noticed a difference from tasting this straight and whether I could notice the botanicals within. The first sip was a bit of a shock to the system, because obviously yes it is a 37.5% alcohol and was never going to be kind on the palette - however I definitely did taste a little hint of something different which the added botanicals in this gin! 

The next thing was the gin and tonic - the drink I usually reach for when I choose gin in a bar! I was excited to see how this one tasted, but first we actually got to #spankthemint and add some juicy raspberries! So, #spankthemint is actually the hashtag for Pinkster because this is essentially what you are supposed to do to your mint leaves before you place them in your drink! I definitely felt as though this drink tasted MUCH lighter than other gins I have had and felt as though it was not as harsh on the palette. The lovely lady who informed us all about Pinkster actually explained how pinkster is actually a fantastic gin for those who usually don't drink it, and is a great starter gin because its much kinder on the palette if its not something you are used to! The fact you could barely taste the typical 'gin taste' definitely meant I agreed with this, although to be honest I would not have minded even if the typical gin taste was there - because I love it! 

Finally we had the opportunity to choose from 2 of the pinkster cocktails which were the pink paloma and pinktini. The Pink paloma was the one I chose and is photographed above, and consisted of 30ml pinkster, 3 raspberries, 15ml lemon juice, 15ml Creme de framboise, ice and pink grapefruit juice and soda water. It truly was the most beautiful gin cocktail and perfect for those of you (like myself) who love fruity cocktails! The other was on the opposite end of the spectrum and was in a much smaller glass, meaning that the alcohol can be much more noticeable. The pinktini contained 50ml pinkster, 10ml white vermouth, raspberry and mint. 

There are also lots of other cocktails which can be created in your own home using pinkster gin, such as: 

Cherry Delightful (A dessert Cocktail to round off any evening): 
- 25ml Pinkster
- 25ml Cherry Brandy 
- 25ml Orange Juice
- 25ml Fresh Cream 

Pinksters Loving Fizz :
- 50ml Pinkster
- 5 Fresh Raspberries
- 5 Mint Leaves 
- 25ml Lime Juice 
- 25ml Sugar Syrup
- Soda water to top it off

British Mojito : 
- 45ml Pinkster 
- Handful of mint (spanked)
- 2 Slices of Cucumber 
- 25ml Cloudy Apple Juice
- 15ml Lemon Juice
- 15ml Sugar Syrup


So now you say, where do I buy Pinkster? Well, I will tell you now that below I have linked some places for you to directly click and grab! I definitely feel like this gin is ideal for you all out there who like gin but would prefer a more botanical and fruity finish to it, and also this would be the perfect gift for a birthday, hen doo, party, wedding etc - I think that the nature of the bottle and being in pink definitely makes this gin a little bit of something special - and why not add some of the boozy berries to your gift too? I know for a fact I will definitely be grabbing myself some of the boozy berries! 

If you too have tried Pinkster and loved it, then please leave in the comments below how you usually choose to drink it - whether its straight, with tonic or lemonade or a cocktail? Let me know as I would love to try them out!

Much Love



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