Friday, 26 August 2016

Pink Adidas Hamburgs | Schuh

I said a little while back in some of my posts that trainers were becoming my thaaang, and I said I was going to grow my collection somewhat - and that is exactly what I have been trying to do. I am thinking of maybe doing something like, a post per season of my trainer pick for that season. So for example, the above are my Summer choice. I have been desperately trying for months to get my mitts on some form of Adidas trainers, and as I have decided to do this Seasonal trainer choice style of post I thought rather than buy some basic trainers, why not get something a little bit different. 

I went for the Adidas Hamburg Trainers in a beautiful pink suede with a gum rubber sole! I am not going to lye, I am truly obsessed with these trainers - the colour, the style, the fit and oh my days I do not think I could have picked a more comfortable shoe! The inner of the shoe is so smooth which means it actually doesn't rub at all, and actually it is so comfy and will definitely get worn huge amounts! 

These trainers were actually very generously gifted to me by the incredible guys at Schuh, and choosing which ones I wanted proved to be very difficult because honestly there were just so many pairs I wanted! Anyway, after much deliberation I went for the beautiful pink shade because they were so feminine and I knew that they would suit so many of the outfit choices I make throughout the Summer months! They are super versatile to wear also, and can be worn with dresses, jeans, shorts, leggings, skirts - anything pretty much! So when you pay a little bit for some trainers at least you know you will get your moneys worth with them! If you want to check out the incredible range of adidas trainers Schuh has to offer then just click here and head straight over there and check out the huge range! Some of the other colours of Hamburg trainers available include pink, white, red and blue (Currently in stock at the moment) although there are more colours when all are available!!

You will definitely be seeing these shoes more over the remainder of the Summer in my various lookbooks which will be coming up here on my blog and channel!

Much Love



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