Thursday, 25 August 2016

Palazzo Perfection

I have been so desperate to finally get my holiday look books up for you, and this is the very first of many here on my blog for you all!! I have been wanting to explore the fashion side of my blog so much more and really, I have just been waiting for my holiday to show you some of the Summer pieces I have been getting my hands on. Also, this is just a little mention of the fact that my blog hit over 100,000 views over the weekend! I am so so happy I have reached this landmark, and for me this was my end of year goal! It makes me so unbelievably happy to know that you guys have clicked to read my posts 100,000 times! That is so so many!! I really hope that you all continue to love my posts and I would love to know any suggestions for content you would like to see in the future, so if you have anything then feel free to send me an email on or simply comment below! 

Anyway, back to the post. I really am excited because I definitely feel as though I have got the fashion bug right now, and as much as I am absolutely loving doing every other style of post for you all! I am super excited to bring you more fashion here on whatlaurenlovess. So lets start with the above outfit. 

I am crazy obsessed with wearing palazzo trousers and I feel as though even though in the grand scheme of things they are essentially some baggy trousers, they really are super flattering and also incredibly beautiful! These beauties are actually from Primark and cost me an incredible £8, which is a figure you simply cannot complain about! I absolutely love them and they not only have a beautiful ditsy floral pattern, but they are also made up of extremely light and airy cotton and are a beautiful fit! I teamed these ones with a simple River Island black crop top, but you could team it with whatever top you desire as long as it matches in some way! I just wanted to take no attention away from the beautiful trousers, and the top I wore definitely did not distract. Now, obviously I cannot link you to Primark trousers here online, so I definitely think you all need to head into store and check these beauties out! Or failing that, I am going to link you to some other palazzo trousers I have found online, and fallen in love with! 

If you too have got any palazzo trousers you are head over heels for then feel free to link them for everyone reading!! I really do love mine, and am beginning to grow quite the collection!

I really hope you are all looking forward to the future fashion posts here on whatlaurenlovess, I have so many incredible outfits to show you all & the photographs on my memory card are seriously backed up right now!!

Much Love




  1. Congratulations on reaching this milestone!! :)
    I was a bit scared of palazzo pants at first, but I keep seeing pairs online that I love! Love how you've styled them! xx

    Erin | Little Bateaux

    1. your palazzo pants looks real nice on you and is very pretty


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