Thursday, 11 August 2016

Master of Aerospace Engineering - Simons Graduation

I could not have attended such an occasion and not written a little bit about the whole day here on my blog! I don't think I have ever met someone as hard working and dedicated as my boyfriend, Simon is. Throughout the whole 8 years of being with Simon he has worked up to this point, and every conversation we have ever had about his career has literally been with this in mind - its crazy that it has actually happened and he has graduated in something we have spoken about since the very beginning of our relationship. 

So, lets rewind back to 2009 when myself and Simon were 16 years old and doing our GCSES, I remember sitting in his bedroom on the computer looking at Universities online and requesting prospectuses to be sent to us, and us sitting on his bed going through them and deciding what we wanted to do, where we wanted to go and just really trying to decide a plan for the next few years. When it came to it, we went our separate ways and Simon went to Sheffield to study Aerospace Engineering and I went in the opposite direction and headed Northbound to Newcastle to study Adult Nursing. When we started University it seemed like so far away until this moment, and it has been really - 5 years is a pretty long time! 

Anyway, to cut to the chase I could not be more proud of Simon for all he has achieved and it does not go unrecognised how hard he works!! I think when you live with someone and see the dedication day in day out to something it makes you so much prouder to see them do so well! I have been there after the late nights at the library, listening to his presentations (which I knew nothing about what on earth he was talking about) over and over again, and giving him his space in our little flat to revise. I just wanted to put together the above photos as I feel as though he deserves a spot on my blog and I wanted to show you all (and him) how proud I am of him. Aerospace engineering is definitely not something we could all do - the maths and physics involved (HOLY MOLY) it is literally like another language to me and something I will never ever understand! Very excited for the next chapter after this and so excited for him starting his new job in September! 

I really hope you guys have enjoyed reading something a little bit different today, these photos definitely deserved a little spot on my blog!! 

Much Love



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