Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Ginger Raven - The Bumbag Queens!

Lets be honest now, bumbags are Summer essentials us girls always need in our lives! Ibiza, Girls holidays, Festivals etc - they are a must have accessory for the Summer! I recently got to choose 2 incredible bumbags from the collection at Ginger Raven and when they arrived in my post box I could not have been more in love with them both! In particular this year I was on the hunt for bumbags for festival season as in less than 2 weeks time I will be partying away in the fields of Creamfields electronic music festival! I have to admit, I am usually the kind of girl who does a last minute slap dash run to Primark and hunts down the cheapest basic bumbag, but this year I am so happy I have been able to get ahead of my game and got my hands on some incredible bumbags which are so different to what I usually sport! 

I chose 2 bumbags which again, are totally different to what I usually find last minute before heading off to festivals, but also completely different to each other! Firstly I went for the above fluorescent pink and silver bumbag because this is the ultimate accessory to tie every black outfit together and would look so incredible with some denim shorts and a cute black crop or a cute black playsuit or dress! It has festival written all over it and is completely guaranteed to have you standing out from the crowd with its incredible colour! Next, I chose my favourite of the pair which was the midnight blue glitter bumbag which I am truly besotted with! It ties every single outfit together because the colour is rather versatile and would easily tie any outfit together! Although it is subtle in its colour, its SO out there with the beautiful glitter! I am truly head over heels for this bumbag and it matches all of my outfit choices perfectly! Another PRO of these bags is that the straps are adjustable, not at all flimsy and therefore unlikely to break and also they are a very generous size so therefore ensuring that you can fit in all of the essential items you need to fit in when you're at a festival! I am majorly excited to wear this midnight blue one in particular because it is going to be such a stand out piece for all of my Creamfields outfits this year and I can't wait to use it!! 

This brings me to saying, I HIGHLY recommend you guys head over and check out the range of bumbags ginger raven have in stock! I am so impressed with mine and super excited to use them! Also, lets be honest - at this time of year everyone is on the hunt for bumbags, there is a mound of festivals coming up and holiday season is still in full swing, therefore bumbags are usually few and far between in the stores. Ginger raven seems like the perfect option for you all because they are not only amazing, but also IN STOCK. 

Let me know which one of the above two you love the most! I would be so keen to know! And don't forget to follow me over on my instagram 'whatlaurenlovess' to ensure that you see these beautiful bags in action in less than 2 weeks!!



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  1. I never thought a bum bag could be so cute haha! I instantly think of those wrinkly old leather ones that window cleaners wear. I'm loving the first one you styled especially, they're such a practical size! x

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat


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