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T+ Wellness Tea Review

As you guys may or may not know, I really do love a good hot drink and even on a hot Summers day you would be shocked if you saw me without a hot drink nearby. I just love them! I think that there is something super relaxing about sitting with a hot drink, and nowadays we are super lucky in that you can get one for all reasons/occasions etc, and some which are designed to help you look and feel a whole lot better. 

I was recently approached by the lovelies at T plus who wanted to send me some samples of their brand new super green teas which I was super excited to give a little whirl. I received several different samples from the ranges such as some from the boost range, multea range, immunitea & detox ranges. Sometimes, I don't want to sit with your average cup of English tea and instead I fancy something a little bit different with a purpose of making me feel better or just something which tastes a little bit different. 

T Plus' aim was to create products which are healthy, tasty as well as being incredibly functional - lets be honest, it is so easy to boil the kettle, chuck a teabag in a mug and off you go. Therefore there is no better excuse to attempt to be healthier than trying out some teas which are designed for your ease, but also to provide you with all the good nutrients you need. Healthiness made easy. Lots and lots of hard work and research has gone into the guys at T plus creating these super teas, so considering how easy it is to get your hands on them and put them to good use it really is pretty impressive how one teabag represents a well thought out set of products designed to make you feel well and healthy. 

I was sent teabags to try out from each of the above ranges, so therefore I have had a little feel for each of the flavours and tastes used in each and figured out which ones are definitely my favourite. 

So, the boost range is raspberry and pomegranate flavoured and I have to say, out of all of the flavours this one is definitely my favourite!! This range is effectively a green tea blended with vitamin B, which releases energy making you feel refreshed and full of life again!! I have to say, I was also super excited to try this one and it is probably the most fitting towards my lifestyle as I always feel like I need that extra energy boost with the nature of my sleeping pattern etc. As you guys know, I am a registered nurse which means I have to chop and change between nights and days at work, and recently I have been doing pretty much only night shifts and quite frankly this drains every inch of energy I have. I gave this tea a little whirl when I had finished 3 night shifts last week and The flavour tasted instantly energy boosting and like it was revitalising my extremely tired body! If you too do silly shifts and find that your body needs a little helping hand every so often with some extra energy, I would recommend giving this one a whirl! At only £3.69 per box of 15 teabags it is also completely worth trying out!! - buy it by clicking here

Next, we have the immunitea range which is orange and blueberry flavoured. The flavours of this were really beautiful and surprisingly complimentary of each other which I was quite surprised about. Whenever I see that blueberry is included in a product I know that its been created to do some good to your body, as blueberries are now a well known super food. The immunitea bags are packed with vitamin C to help back up your defences and knock any rubbish poorly feelings on the head. I really do enjoy these ones and there is something which just feels really good about drinking something like this when you are brewing a cold or illness! You can buy it by clicking here

Next is multea, and I have to say the moment I popped the hot water into the mug with this tea, I was wowwed! Peach is one of my favourite flavours of all time, and it is literally all I can smell, I love it! This tea is packed full of 9 different vitamins with the pure aim of revitalising you and providing you with all necessary vitamins and more! If you just want that little boost, then I would definitely recommend getting your hands on this box of tea! You can buy it by clicking here

Finally, the detox tea. Which to be honest I was a little bit dubious about because the idea of detox teas scare the life out of me. I think that this is because in the past I have associated detox teas with needing the toilet immediately and to me that really frightens me!! I absolutely love the smell and taste of this tea, it really is beautiful and tastes very much like fresh juice rather than you average cordial! So unlike some other detox teas I have tried this really is much more appealing. Obviously this is a cleansing tea, so if you are into doing detox cleanses then this one would be right up your street! Lets be honest as well, some brands make a fortune off promoting detox teas and ask for about £20 for 2 weeks supply, well this box costs an amazing £3.69 for 15 tea bags which is pretty incredible!! Definitely worth giving a go if this is the kind of thing you like to use!! You can buy it by clicking here

If you think it sounds like all of these teas are up your street and you would love to try them all then you should head over to the T Plus website as they have lots of different packs you can choose from which include a variety of the ranges of teas. Such as, the full house bundle, gym bunny bundle, office survival bundle, big day bundle and winter defence bundle. So, if any of these bundles fit something to do with your life then you should pick one up! If I chose a bundle to fit my needs and lifestyle I would personally choose the full house bundle and the winter defence bundle because I feel like all the teas benefit me in different ways, and the winter bundle would be fantastic to keep as a little reserve for the colder months to get me over feeling groggy throughout that time!! 

If you too enjoy drinking teas or many different flavours for many different purposes, then you need to give T Plus a little whirl, honestly! They are such incredible value, taste beautiful and incredibly flavoursome, and also they are genuinely good for you and not entirely packed with caffeine like some hot drinks we choose to enjoy most of the time. Let me know in the comments below if you have tried them and what your favourite flavour is! Also, If you are tempted by any particular flavours then let me know in the comments below too and tell us all which ones you fancy giving a go!! 

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