Thursday, 21 July 2016

10 Things Making Me Happy Right Now

I wanted to write this post because I absolutely love reflecting on the way things are going at a particular time, and its great to see if any situations have changed or improved. 

I know I have said it a hundred times but I really do love these lifestyle/advice/reflection kind of posts because to me, my blog is like my diary and my platform to express what I love and what is making me happy or not so happy. Not only are these some of my favourite posts to write but also to read. Its just quite reassuring sometimes that you are not the only person who is going through something or feeling in a particular way and sometimes its just nice to get some advice from someone who is also feeling the same as you. 

So, for this post I am going to talk to you about 10 things which are making me happy right now. Which I guess is a little bit different to the usual lifestyle posts I tend to bring to you. 

1. I have finally got a really good, solid bunch of friends. I cannot comprehend how happy it makes me when I look around me, and see I am surrounded by such a fantastic bunch of people. The amazing thing about my friends is that there is a such a mix of people that the atmosphere is always chilled and just so casual, to be honest I sometimes think that this is because there are boys included so therefore the atmosphere is never bitchy or anything. As I have said a lot recently, 2016 has been a year of shaping lots of things, including my friendships with people and I have gained so many new friends but also said goodbye to a lot of people dragging me down, instead of making me feel good. I just love that I can look around me now, and know that everyone is there because I want them there, and not because of routine or time. It also makes me so happy with how many incredible friends I have made through blogging in Sheffield, I have made some amazing new friends who I have grown super close too and it is all down to taking that little step out of my comfort zone and attending my first ever blogging events last year that made it all happen! 

2. I am going on my holidays so soon which I am super excited about. I feel like I have been waiting for this holiday my entire life and finally the countdown begins and its less than 1 week away! I am so desperate to just get on the plane with a drink and chill out for 10 days. It is more than what I need right now! I feel like holidays for me are the only way I can relax, especially now I have a blog too because when I am at home and off work I find myself on my laptop all day blogging, or filming and I never actually switch off. I have become so drained and tired from working so much recently and doing crazy shifts that this holiday is exactly what I need right now. What makes me even more excited for this one is that its actually with my entire family and everyones other halves. Its just going to be the best, and such a laugh - I can't wait!! Also, I will be vlogging the holiday and putting together so much content whilst I am out there which is also super exciting, which isn't really work - its more fun! 

3. I have just signed for a brand new house with my boyfriend. This is a big deal and something I am super duper excited about! Myself and Simon have lived together now for just over 2 years and have already lived in 2 flats. 1 in Cardiff and then 1 in Sheffield - both of which were 1 bedroomed and perfect at the start for our little amount of belongings and ourselves. Anyway, naturally over the last couple of years we have collected lots and lots of items and thus are desperate for somewhere a bit bigger. So that is exactly what we have done, signed for a 3 bedroomed, 3 storey house in Chesterfield which I am so so excited about. I have so many ideas about how I want the place to look and be decorated and just super excited to move in now and get settled and start making it look all pretty. Going from 1 to 3 bedrooms is going to be quite a leap but I am so excited because we actually are going to have so much space that it will not look cluttered, and also this means that when people come to stay its not going to be a case of camping in sleeping bags on the floor! We will actually have spare bedrooms!! The plan is actually to have one bedroom as our own, one as a specific spare bedroom with another double bed in and then the third bedroom will be an office. I have to say I am SO excited about the concept of having an office and a space to do my blogging and filming in! I have so many ideas for what I want it to look like and have been collecting some bits and pieces to decorate it with! I will definitely be vlogging, blogging and snapchatting the whole of my moving experience and I am pretty sure that there will be lots of home ware hauls coming up at the end of the Summer. I have absolutely loved living in the centre of Sheffield but its time to move somewhere outside of the hustle and bustle and to somewhere more practical for Simons commute to work, but also somewhere nearer to where we would like to live permanently in the future. I am so excited for what I consider to be the next chapter and hopefully a few years worth of memories in our new little home!! 

4. I am so pleased with my blog right now - and I think that this is because I have come to realise that I actually did make a pretty huge leap out of my comfort zone and have subsequently met some of the most amazing people through it! When I say making a leap out of my comfort zone I mean, attending my first blogging event back at the end of 2015 when I literally knew nobody and just threw myself out there to meet people alike to me, and now I cannot quite believe how close I am to so many people especially a specific little handful! It makes me so happy! I am truly obsessed with my blog, and content and ideas are 2 things which are continuously running through my mind no matter where I am or what I am doing. I find myself continuously checking my views, stats, instagram feed, twitter feed, snapchat and emails and that's because I am such a huge obsession with everything to do with my blog that at the moment it seems to be a huge priority of mine. The time and effort that goes into working on a blog is pretty huge! I spend every waking moment when I am not at work, doing things which are blog related and that is pretty exciting but can be quite demanding at times, because even when I head out for a walk or something it is usually with a hidden agenda of getting some photographs for the blog too! I am also working alongside some pretty incredible brands right now, which makes me super excited for what is still to come in the future for my blog.

5. I got a new puppy!! I never really keep these kind of things a secret to be honest, so if you have me on snapchat, twitter and instagram then you will have seen my beautiful new baby! So I recently just got a new puppy, Betty and shes a bedlington lurcher - shes the naughtiest, cutest, thing ever and I literally fell head over heels for her more or less straight away. The last weekly vlog I actually did was one of my puppy so you can click here now to head over and see that, but if you want to see what shes actually like now then you need to make sure you have me on instagram (whatlaurenlovess). Obviously it makes me super happy that I have got a new puppy, I am obsessed with my animals and they mean so much to me, they are also the most photographed things in the world (much to their unhappiness). 

6. I have been spending so much time with my family who live so near to me now! This makes me extremely happy because I have not been able to spend time with them for the last few years! Throughout my teenage years my grandparents actually lived in Spain so therefore I very rarely got to spend any time with them, but then they moved back to the UK when I was in my first year of University but obviously due to being in Newcastle and extremely busy all of the time, I still very rarely got to spend any time with them. Following University me and Simon moved to Cardiff so therefore we never got to see my Grandparents or my Aunty and cousins because we literally lived so far away and only ever really went back up to Durham to see our parents rather than travelling anywhere else. Now, however we obviously live in Sheffield and soon we will be moving to Chesterfield which is just a short 30 minute drive to see my Aunty and cousins! This makes me so happy as nothing makes me happier than spending time with my family and I just find it very reassuring knowing how near they actually live now! 

7. I am feeling very inspired to try out new things and follow different paths. By this I actually mean career wise I think. Recently I have been having some thoughts about my career and potential changes I could make in the future for what I could change and do. I have been so tired and stressed at the moment that sometimes I just have thoughts about whether nursing is even what I want to do anymore, and do I really want to spend the rest of my life feeling this tired? However deep down I know its worth it, I love my job and I know it can change and develop in so many different places. I also feel incredibly inspired to want to work harder to get onto the Critical care course which would enable me to be able to do more things in the job I am currently doing. I overall am generally happy with my job and career but sometimes I just get ideas of alternative things I could do. 

8. I have got so many plans in the pipeline which I am super excited about. Summer is always so exciting because there are always so many things to look forward to! Simons graduation has just been and gone, Lanzarote, Creamfields, Events for my blog, moving house, birthdays, nights out, new york - all sorts!! I am just generally super excited for all upcoming things and there is so so much planned I cannot comprehend! I will obviously be blogging and vlogging so much of these events too so its all great content for you guys too!! 

9. I am so happy that I never put myself in any situations to make myself feel like crap now! As I have gone on and on about for months now, 2016 has changed my life so much because basically I have got rid of so many people and negativity that I am such a happier person now. But not only that, day by day I find that I continue to care less and less about things which used to bother me so much this time last year! It just makes me so happy that things can change so much in the space of a year, and for the better too!! I know now that if negativity ever comes my way again, I can and will just delete something or someone because now I know that I am capable of it, and things WILL get better! 

10. I finally have half decent brows! I don't know why, but to me this is something which makes me extremely happy right now! I think its because having better brows has genuinely brought me so much more confidence, and I am just so pleased with them! Girl problems ey! 


As you can see, there are such a huge variety of things making me extremely happy right now! I feel like this is a really good post to do as a little reflection for everything going good in life right now and it is definitely something to look back on when I am feeling a little bit down and see that things are actually really good! As you can see from above too, there is going to be SO much coming up in the next few months which means that there is also going to be lots of new and exciting content for you all here on my blog as well as my youtube channel and social media! So I really hope you are all looking forward to that just as much as I am!! Be sure to follow and subscribe to me on everything you can so that you don't miss out!!

Much Love



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  1. Your photography in the pictures is amazing, you look beautiful! Great post Lauren :)


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