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Valley Centertainment Sheffield | Bloggers Event

I appear to be starting every blog post like this lately, but if you guys follow my snapchat (whatlaurenloves) then you will have seen that I recently attended an amazing and extremely generous event at Centertainment in Sheffield. If you don't live in Sheffield then you will not know what Centertainment is, but essentially it is a cinema/food/amusement complex on the outskirts of Sheffield - and I am pretty sure all places you guys live in will have one of these kind of places in your area or nearby. We were extremely lucky to be invited to this incredible event, and I could not be more grateful to the lovely ladies from Carousel PR for inviting us along to try out all of the different places! So, some of the places we visited around the complex included Hollywood Bowl, Laser Quest, Chiquito, Paradise Island Adventure Golf, Frankie & Bennys and Cineworld! We really did get about a weeks worth of entertainment piled into a short few hours but it was so amazing and we really did get a fantastic opportunity to sample each and every activity and menu that there was going! I also go to attend with one of my favourite blogger babes, Aimee Hughes who has become such a good friend of mine and fellow Sheffield Blogger. Hanging out with Aimee and all of the other blogger babes that were there made it so much more fun and we had the best laugh ever, especially at Lazer quest!! 

So, for this post I just want to chat to you about each of the places we went to around Centertainment and what we got up to or had the opportunity to sample. If you do not live near Sheffield or Centertainment, that's fine - be talking about in this post are dotted all over the place and you will be able to go to your local one and try out things in exactly the same way!

Hollywood Bowl - Over the years I have come to learn that Hollywood Bowl is not the only place dotted around the UK where you can actually go bowling (weird I know), however what I have also learnt it that no bowling place I have ever been to has got the atmosphere that Hollywood Bowl has got. It has got a fun and modern atmosphere which to me is very american-esque and all of the staff, food, amusements, d├ęcor is always very up to scratch. Another thing I have to mention is that on the evening, the staff were extremely attentive to us bloggers and extremely accommodating offering us drinks, photograph opportunities etc and I recognised this and it was just fab!! We had the opportunity to have a game of bowling, and free drinks and honestly - considering we were only there for half an hour it was so much fun! You really cannot go wrong with a game of bowling - its an activity for all ages! Great for parties, get together's with friends, date night etc - it is for all to enjoy!! If you are looking for something fun to which gets everybody involved I would always recommend bowling - and definitely hollywood bowl

Laser Quest Sheffield - Following our trip to bowling, we headed for Laser Quest, and I definitely think out of the whole evening, this is what I was most looking forward to! I actually did not get any photos from this part of the evening, because everyone was so engrossed in winning and having fun that photographs just did not happen. Basically, we got 20 minutes of shooting each other with fake lasers, running around a dark course and listening to Star Wars tunes. It really was the most fun I have had in a long time, I laughed the whole time, became extremely out of breath (because I am very unfit) and it was the best ice breaker! It was so so good. I am actually booking up to take about 8 of my friends really soon when they come to visit me in Sheffield (I must do that actually). The value is also really good, you get 20 minute sessions and the price is roughly £6 which I think it SO good! I also think that this is a place for all ages, great for kids birthday parties, great for adults, great for families & couples! I know I will be visiting lots, especially now I know how amazing value for money it is! Highly recommend. 

Chiquito - So, naturally after all of that hard work of running around at Laser Quest, we had worked up a hunger. We then headed over to Chiquito's, where we were welcomed by an incredible team who showed us to our table which had the sombrero hats draped all over it - my inner child LOVED this and naturally we all put them straight on and started taking lots of selfies! We were then given the opportunity to sample any cocktail of our choice and also any main dish from the menu! I chose the chicken quesedilla as shown above, and wow guys it was so amazing! I could not recommend enough! The lovely waiter also offered us any sides we liked, recommending the halloumi in particular - I obviously jumped to try this because I LOVE halloumi and it really did not disappoint, it was so lovely! As well as sampling the main dishes on the menu, we were also able to any cocktail and I chose the pina colada because this is one of my all time favourite cocktails and I know a good one when I taste one - this one was pretty good, and very refreshing!! This was a first time visit to Chiquito's for me, and I have to say I was super impressed! I would highly recommend giving it a whirl if you love Mexican food & a meal with a good atmosphere and team!! 

Paradise Island Adventure Golf - Following our main meals, we then dashed back over the site to Paradise Island adventure golf for some indoor golfing! I do love a good game of crazy golf so I was really excited for this! The venue included 2 really big and spread out courses which were situated over 2 floors. We split into teams and I actually had a go on the upstairs course which was really good! It included lots of challenging but fun holes which people of all ages can enjoy! I would highly recommend this for children's birthday parties, days out with friends, date nights or family nights! It was so much fun and amazing value! You can check out the prices by clicking here - student discount available and group discount available also. 

Frankie & Bennys - Obviously reviewing dessert was included in the evening, which is always one of my favourite parts of a meal anyway so I was superrrr excited about this! We had the opportunity to sample cocktails and the brand new dessert menu fro Frankie and Bennys which certainly did not disappoint! We were given so so many different desserts to try and we really did indulge, but they were beautiful so its fine. We had the opportunity to try the uptown waffle, profiteroles, banoffee basket and the cant-decider which was a selection of miniature puddings such as oreo cheesecake, chocolate fudge cake, lemon meringue pie and pecan pie. With the new menu there is definitely something for everyone, and to please every bodies taste buds! Personally my favourites were the profiteroles and the oreo cheesecake from the cant-decider! The staff at the Valley Centertainment Frankie & Bennys also made the experience fantastic too, they were super lovely and attentive - thank you so much to them! Also, I sample one of their mocktails (because at this point I just fancied something non-alcoholic and fruity) and it was truly lovely!! 

Cineworld - Following this we were also given the opportunity to watch a new release at the Cinema which was Captain America. I absolutely love going to this Cineworld, this is one which me and Simon go out of our way to attend and I love it there! It has recently undergone a huge refurbishment and looks incredible and so modern! There is also a VIP area which I definitely need to pay a little visit to at some point!! I would always recommend Cineworld, they are my favourite. 


Overall I just want to say a huge thankyou to the lovely guys at Carousel PR for this incredible opportunity and to the lovely Rebecca for taking us around each and every place. Also, thankyou to all of the places we visited around Valley Centertainment, you were all so wonderful and we had so much fun!! I would definitely recommend to all of my lovely readers to check out the places I visited above, the evening really was so much fun!! Let me know in the comments below if you have particularly enjoyed any of the above places! I also Vlogged the whole evening so you can head over and check that out now by clicking here and don't forget to subscribe whilst you are there. I LOVE to vlog the events I attend so if you like to see what we get up to at these kind of events then please subscribe so you don't miss out!! 

Much Love



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