Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The Ultimate Charlotte Tilbury Haul

Lets not kid ourselves, Charlotte Tilbury products are the most instagrammable, beautifully packaged products ever - I mean who does not love rose gold metallic packaging?! If you follow my channel then you will know that I have recently just done a huge video over there featuring a try on of all of these products and my first impressions. I just wanted to include these photographs and create a blog post to show you all what I have been getting my hands on, in a little bit more detail - because lets be honest you do not want to hear me sitting talking to you for 20 minutes on a video about each product, you want to see them in action. So this is the place I wanted to go into more detail about each chosen piece. 

Firstly, I think I should just say a huge thankyou to the lovely ladies at John Lewis for giving me the opportunity to work with this incredible brand. So, John Lewis allowed me to choose a handful of products I really wanted to try out and these are the ones I chose. So, I chose the magic foundation, Film star bronze and glow, Full fat lashes mascara, K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick, Lip cheat pencil & Brow lift brow product. I wanted to choose products I could create a whole look with, which is exactly what I did do over on my channel. 


So, firstly I decided to grab the magic foundation because this is a product I have been eyeing up for quite some time now. Although I have never actually sampled the foundation before, I have heard so many amazing comments about the product and lots of bloggers I trust giving incredible reviews of it. The John Lewis website is actually super helpful and gives you a little guide for which colours to choose for the particular undertone of your skin, so even if you have not tried the product before and done an accurate colour match - then you can use this guide which is really helpful. I used this to match up my colour and from using it I have definitely found that it is definitely the right colour for me and I absolutely love it. I chose the colour 3.5 which is a warm golden beige with golden yellow undertones. This perfume is also extremely good value considering the brand, and retails at £29.50. You can buy it by clicking here

In terms of complexion, I also went for the filmstar bronze and glow palette in light. This is one Charlotte Tilbury product which I ALWAYS see people chatting about and using in various different tutorials. Its very glowy and shimmery as a product and really does add a beautiful glow to your skin. I decided to pick this one up, especially coming in to Summer because who does not want a glowy complexion in the Summer months! I am super excited to take this product on holiday with me in just 3 weeks, I know it will get so much use!! It is quite pricey at £49 but to be honest, you do get 2 products in the palette, it is high end and an incredible duo!! Worth the money in my opinion. AND THAT PACKAGING. You can buy it by clicking here

Full fat lashes mascara is the next product I decided to pick up because I would try any products to try and transform my pathetic little lashes. To be honest this mascara is not really something I had ever really heard about, but I was still super excited to give it a little whirl and see what it was like! Anyway, I was totally right to pick this product up, I absolutely love it and it is an amazing mascara at transforming miniature lashes like mine!! I would highly recommend this mascara if you want a guaranteed product to length, volumise, thicken and curl your lashes all in one! Its fab! It retails at £22 which I think is pretty good and you can buy it by clicking here

The next product I grabbed was a brow product because I simply could not do a haul without adding in something for the old brows. Anyway, I went for the brow lift pencil in Grace K because this is the lightest of the bunch and to be honest I was playing it quite safe with this shade as I had never swatched it before. One end is a spoolie for combing through the brows, and the other end is an angled crayon/pencil. I am going to be honest about my personal opinions of this products, yes its a good product I definitely played it wayyy too safe with the shade and in general. When I popped this one into my basket I was going through a little bit of a safe phase and did not want to make my brows look drastically different, however since then I have found a new love for doing my brows and have bought darker products which I have felt more comfortable with using. Although this brow lift product is really good, its not really for me anymore and I think its maybe a little bit too light and doesn't add the definition to my brows that I am now used to. If you like subtle brows then this is definitely up your street and is amazing for that!! This product costs £22.50 and you can buy it by clicking here

Next we move on to the lip products, my favourites - obviously. Firstly I grabbed the lip cheat pencil in 'iconic nude' which is the most beautiful nude lipstick. The consistency of this lip liner is super beautiful and very smooth and literally just glides onto the lips so perfect! I love it!! The charlotte tilbury lip liners are so beautiful and I rate every single one of them! They retail at £16 which is very very reasonable for such an incredible product!! You can purchase it by clicking here. The next lip product I decided to pick up is the K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick in shade 'bitch perfect' which is the most perfect nude pink ever!! If you have watched any of my most recent videos on my channel then you may know I have been searching for THAT pinky nude lipstick - well, this is the one!! Definitely! I am obsessed with it. To be honest, I think I am a little bit late to the party with bitch perfect as everyone has been raving about it for so long!! These lipsticks retail at £23 and you can purchase one by clicking here (I recommend it!!). 


So, in summary - I absolutely LOVE the Charlotte Tilbury make up products and cannot wait to use these products so much more! Charlotte Tilbury literally creates the most incredible products which are beautifully packaged as well as answering everybodies demands with the kind of shades, consistencies and products that she actually creates! By demands I mean, the most incredible contour palettes, eye shadow palettes, foundations, nude lipsticks, matte lipsticks - something for everyone!! It is definitely worth checking out the collection over on the John Lewis website also, they are super informative with their descriptions and this makes it so so much easier for you to choose the perfect shade for you! 

Let me know in the comments below which Charlotte Tilbury products you are loving!! Also, don't forget to head over to my channel and check out my video all about this Charlotte Tilbury haul and first impressions!! Don't forget to subscribe too!!

Much Love



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