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Lush Sheffield Ethics Event | Happy & Handmade

So, as you guys know - I have had a little break from my blog and youtube recently (even though it has not been intentional) and you can read all about that post by clicking here and heading over and seeing why. But, if you guys follow my snapchat (whatlaurenloves) then you will know that I recently attended another event at the Lush Sheffield branch which was centred around the ethics and values of the brand. Whilst primarily being centred around this, the lovely team also went into more detail about the Fathers day range, the make up and also the charity pot (which I will go into in more detail in a separate post). 

So, firstly lets just talk about the event as a whole and let me run you through what happened, and even tell you about the incredible food we had the opportunity to sample that evening! So, the evening started with a short introduction by the lovely Becki from Lush store in Sheffield and we were given a brief insight into what the night included, and what we can explain to learn/see. There were several stations dotted around the store which meant we could go to different places and have bespoke talks about each 'area' such as the charity pot, Fathers day range, make up & beauty, naked products and also have the opportunity to make a bath bomb! We then casually made our way around each of the stations, listened to the extremely informative talks and chatted with some fellow bloggers along the way, whilst enjoying some incredible food from Humpit hummus & pitta bar and the Very Friendly cupcake company! 

Fresh and Handmade Face Products: We all know that Fresh products are pretty much a necessity for Lush to include in their range of Face products. We were lucky enough to have a bespoke talk with Sye (one of the Lush Sheffield lovelies). Lush believe that feeding your skin with healthy and fresh food is just as good for you as it is when you consume it, therefore they create the wonderful (and rather tasty looking) range of fresh face masks which are always displayed in the ice bath as shown above in the photograph! Ingredients which are raw and not broken down have active properties which work wonders for different skin types by using the natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes in order to rejuvenate the skin. This is another reason why Lush recommend that once you have purchased one of the fresh face masks you use within 3 weeks because this is the prime amount of time that the ingredients will stay active for and have the most benefit to your skin. The masks include a variety of different fresh fruits, vegetables, butters, clays and essential oils and there is definitely bound to be one that suits your skin type or particular complaint that you have. Personally, I have used catastrophe cosmetic which is blueberries and almond oil and works to 'calm and cleanse' the skin, and also the cupcake mask which is cocoa butter and fresh mint which is described as being a 'chocolatey treat for the skin'. The also retail at around £6.75 which is a bargain so I would highly recommend checking them out! 

Naked and no packaging: 'the future looks naked' - as you guys all know, Lush has very environmentally friendly values and obviously want to save on waste, therefore are promoting purchasing all of their 'naked' products such as massage bars, shampoo bars, bath bombs, soaps etc. Here are just a couple of little facts about what creating these naked products has done for the environment already. By body butter beings converted into solid form in 2015, this has ensured that 1572kg of packaging has not gone into landfill. Choosing Shampoo bars instead of bottles has also meant that 15 million shampoo bottles were never created. Making these small changes and by simply purchasing a shampoo bar or another product instead of a bottle has meant that you have contributed to making a huge difference to the environment. Some of the familiar products you may have heard of which are naked are Jason and the Argon Oil shampoo bar, Pearl massage bar, Rub rub rub body scrub, Buffy Body butter etc. My personal favourites are pearl & Jason and the argon oil (because they smell like my favourite scent, rose jam!). 

Knot Wrap Gift Bags: We also received the most beautiful gift bags from this event! What made them extra special was the fact that it was not in a bag, it was given to us in a material knot wrap which was handmade by the lovely Samm for us, along with a selection of naked products which were individually chosen for each of our skin types - which was such a lovely touch and a great way to wrap up the evening. You can check out what I got my hands on in my goody bag, and also the products I grabbed by clicking here and heading over to my channel. Also, I thought now might be a good time to briefly mention the Charity pot which I purchased from the event (I will only be doing a brief mention of this on here because I will be doing a full post about it soon) but basically, the charity pot is a little pot of hand and body moisturiser which is made of the most beautiful ingredients and when you purchase it, 100% of the profits go to selected charities. Including international tibet wok, calais migrant solidarity, seal rescue Ireland, Palestinian Animal League, Frack off & The Landworkers Alliance. 

Fighting Animal Testing In the Form of Make Up: So, as an avid lover of make up and beauty (evident-ally as I am a beauty blogger) I love nothing more than a new range of beauty products! What more could you want from a range of products than a range which has been created protect against animal cruelty and adhere to all legal requirements. In order to be create these products Lush had to buy a range of ingredients whose suppliers did not commission tests on animals. This is a huge thing for lush! To ensure that their products are completely free of animal testing! And I can completely see why!! The make up range is beautiful as well and consists of products such as mascara, foundations, liquid lipsticks, eyeliners, eyeshadows etc - with such an incredible range of beautiful products why would you not buy into this?! There is literally something for everyone, and also products to create a whole face of make up!! 

Fathers Day Range: So now this brings me to briefly mentioning the Fathers day range as photographed above, including the incredible Lava Lamp bath bomb! So, Fathers day is fast approaching and its about time you all headed in to the shops and picked up something special for the man in your life. Usually people tend to reach for chocolates, aftershaves, alcohol for their Dad's, Grandads etc but I definitely do not see why you should not head into Lush and check out the Fathers Day Collection and grab your Dad's some bath and skincare products. I think my favourite part of the whole Fathers day range is the amazing Lava Lamp bath bomb as photographed above!! It is created exclusively for Fathers day and really is the most incredible Bath Bomb, leaving your bath smelling like citrus & looking as though some kind of volcanic eruption has occurred in your bath! You can check out the rest of the Fathers Day Collection by clicking here


I managed to pick up so many incredible products at the Lush event, some of which are newbies to me and some of which are old favourites! I also filmed the whole event which you can check out here on my weekly vlog, or you can check out what I picked up by clicking here and heading over to my HUGE Lush Haul. Also, don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for that Charity pot post being uploaded here on my blog! It will be done as soon as I have given the product a true whirl for you all!! 

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite Lush products are, I am always up for heading online or in store to check out new products and giving them a go! If you would also like to see more Lush Hauls over on my channel then let me know, and I would be super happy to do more for you all. 

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