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How To Wear : French Connection Rebound Skinnies

Who doesn't love a good pair of jeans? They are the most versatile piece of clothing you could possibly ever own - dressing them up, or down, chilling in them, going out in them! You can literally wear them for any occasions! I only really venture to wearing 2 different styles of jeans, skinnies & mom jeans - which I guess are completely opposite to each other! Typically though, I usually go towards a pair of skinny jeans on a daily basis because they are super easy to style and look incredible! 

Therefore, naturally when I got a very exciting email from French Connection about their new 'rebound skinnies' collection - I jumped on board instantly!! I would definitely consider French Connection to be on the 'high end' spectrum as opposed to the high street section. I think this because they are a little bit more exclusive in terms of price range, and the quality of the products definitely reflects that! I have bought so many pairs of jeans in the last year, of which I have worn to death but at the same time I like the reassurance that a pair of jeans is good enough quality to last for some time. I understand that the nature of denim means it probably will not last forever, but I definitely appreciate a pair of jeans I know ensures quality - and the French connection rebound jeans definitely ensure that!! 

The French Connection Rebound Skinnies ensure high quality power stretch fabric which banishes the likelihood of baggy knees and saggy bums occurring and definitely define you in all the right places to show off all of your curves in a very flattering way. So now, lets talk about some other incredible factors which make these jeans the ones you need to have in your wardrobe!!

- True to size : I have had these jeans in my capable loving hands now for roughly 2 weeks and therefore have been wearing them quite regularly for several different reasons. I love them, I feel very comfortable in them and they are comfortable in themselves, they fit like a glove and suit so many different tops and outfits! I sometimes struggle with jeans because of my bum and thighs not really being in proportion with my waist and the rest of my body, so I was a little bit nervous telling the guys at French Connection my size in case they arrived and didn't fit like I would have wanted. Anyway, much to my happiness they arrived and fit absolutely perfectly, and I can 100% guarantee they are very true to size!! 

- Value for Money : I am going to be honest, I have about 6 pairs of jeans which I bought roughly a year ago and in their defence I have worn them completely to death - however, now a year down the line they are very baggy at the knees and just looking a little faded and worse for wear. This is a massive shame but I do have to admit that each and every pair has been extremely well loved and it would not stop me from buying them again. However, having a little bit more a pricey pair of jeans can guarantee that the quality will be far better and hopefully the fading and stretching will not occur as quickly, if not at all. So yes, these rebound skinnies do cost £69 but considering that you would pay £20 or more for a pair of jeans from another high street retailer and they would only last about a year, I definitely think you would be better off investing in a more expensive pair to ensure their value for more. The price of the jeans is definitely evident in the quality of them and you definitely do get what you pay for!! 

- Large Variety of Colours : Ok so as you can see, I got sent a typical denim coloured pair of jeans from French Connection which is the shade called 'Rinse' and is a beautiful blue coloured with mustard/yellow thread detailing. I absolutely love the colour, they are very bold and the most versatile colour ever to team with any outfit!! I absolutely love wearing them! Another amazing quality about the rebound skinnies is that they are literally available in every single shade of denim you would want. So, you can grab, Black, Grey, Vintage, Bleach, Charcoal and Summer white - so literally there is a colour for everyone's preference! 

There are literally no excuses to not grab yourselves a pair of these incredible skinny jeans!! They come in every single colour you could need, incredibly true to size, great value and extremely versatile! So now I am just going to quickly show you how I have worn mine so far! 

The above outfit is probably my first 'Spring' outfit of 2016 and I was so so excited to take both the jeans and the new top out for a spin! These 'rinse' rebound skinnies look so effortlessly amazing teamed with this off the shoulder bardot striped top from Topshop. I also rolled up the bottoms so that I could have that subtle ankle gap between the denim and my trainers. These jeans actually provided me with enough confidence so that I felt I could wear this slightly cropped bardot top, and I don't think a pair of jeans has ever made me feel like that unless they are high waisted! 

For the next above outfit, I teamed these jeans with a black bodysuit from MissGuided and I am crazy for this look! I think it is actually my favourite. These jeans must come with added confidence or something because they literally leave me feeling like I can wear anything with them and they are going to look amazing! I literally just teamed it with this black body suit above and I could not have been happier with my outfit. I personally think that these jeans compliment all of your curves because they come up high enough to accentuate your waist so that you can either wear body suits, crop tops or even just tuck your top in and look incredible! This outfit also added so much definition to my hips and bum which I actually enjoyed for a change!! The photos above also show off the detailing of the jeans too, and as you can see they just look the most incredible quality ever! How could your resist not grabbing some of these?!  

To finish off the above outfit, I added my trusty MissGuided Suede jacket which tied the whole outfit together perfectly. This outfit is definitely one of my favourites I have worn in a long time, and included so many of my favourite wardrobe pieces currently. However, I could not be happier with the jeans because usually denim is something I just throw on and don't make it a staple item in my outfit - however that has completely changed now I have these rebound skinnies in my collection because they just look so incredible!! 


Finally, to wrap up this post I just wanted to say a massive thankyou to French Connection for sending me these incredible skinny jeans! I am incredibly grateful and I truly love them so much, by a long stretch they are now my favourite jeans!! I highly recommend purchasing a pair of them to you all reading this post, they are amazing & there is definitely a shade for all of you (maybe even more than one).  I have linked the rebound skinnies directly below for you all to head over now and grab yourselves them!! 

I am truly loving doing more fashion related posts on here and on my channel so if you want to see anything in particular then please leave any suggestions in the comments below and I can get them sorted out!! 

Much Love 



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