Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Styling Up A House Of Fraser Tee & BLOG NEWS

Welcome back guys!! You may all be thinking, what am I doing uploading a post on a Tuesday right? But firstly I thought I would start this post off with talking about some changes which are happening here on the blog. Nothing big, so do not panic and I am not bringing you any less than I give you now but I am just making a few scheduling changes so that my youtube uploading days no longer clash with my blog post days. Therefore now here on my blog you can expect posts at 5pm UK time on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays so that means Wednesdays & Sundays will be purely Youtube focussed, and there will be something on one of my platforms uploaded every day of the week apart from a Saturday. So therefore from this change I am just hoping that as things will be a little bit more spread out, I will be able to still bring you exciting content but I won't have to power on editing and sorting out 2 posts in 1 day on my youtube uploading days, which is why on some occasions you have not been getting very many blog posts. 

Anyway, now onto the outfit. I have been meaning to photograph this top for some time now, but really needed a good think about what to team it with to really make it stand out some what more than it already does!! I really don't think you can go wrong with a tee, and especially when they have a little pop of colour which just makes them that little bit more special. I really like the simplistic design of this top and wanted to team it with all black, dressing it up so that it was an appropriate evening time outfit. I therefore paired it with some Topshop PU leather trousers and some lace up heels which I definitely believe made the outfit very night time appropriate. 

Another added bonus to this top, is that right now it is also in the House of Fraser sale at an amazing cost of £12.50!! So you definitely should not miss grabbing it! Click here now to go directly to the item. 

If you are the kind of girl who isn't really into wearing dresses, skirts, shorts for nights out, then I would definitely recommend grabbing this top and teaming it with something along the lines of leather trousers, black jeans, black trousers and your favourite statement heels and then you will a lovely evening outfit sorted. 

Let me know in the comment below if you have found any statement tops recently which you have been enjoying wearing! Feel free to link them below too!! I would love to see!! 

Much Love



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  1. I've been wearing a stripy top from River Island, its's gorgeous! You look lovely x

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