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My Top 10 Blogposts You Need To Check Out

Happy Monday Guys! I thought I would try something a little bit different today and do a little bit of a 'my favourite blog posts round up'. I thought I would do something like this today because I was feeling a little bit reflective and like it was time to have a little bit of a look back on some of my older posts, or newer ones - but basically just some of my favourites. As I was doing this I thought why not share them with you all and provide you all with some of the direct links to the pages so you can head over and refresh your memories too and maybe you too can see how much my blog has developed over my blogging life so far! Some of my favourites are recent, but some are also a little bit older so I am excited to share them all with you, as well as the photos that went with each of the posts!! 

1. Going from Day to Night in Topshop Florals - Dresses Campaign 

This is my most recent exciting post here on my blog. I am pretty much 100% sure when you read the title of this post you could have guessed that some Topshop collaborations would be included. I definitely could not do a blog post like not include this one - after all, Spring/Summer fashion and Topshop are 2 of my favourite things to blog about right now. This collaboration got me super excited and motivated and got me thinking about how much more I would like to in-cooperate fashion into my blog some more. I really love scouting out the perfect location I want to photograph an outfit and really taking my time putting the post together so that it is something to be proud of. The photographs for his post were taken in my boyfriends parents beautiful garden, and I chose the setting to match the style of the dress. If you want to know some more details about this collaboration then you can go over by clicking here and links to all pieces I am wearing will be over there. 


2. Khaki on Khaki Ft Style Heist & Nike

I love this post! Yet again another fashion one, but honestly I really do enjoy putting them together! I chose to include this post because I really really have been enjoying experimenting with my style recently, and I fell in love with this outfit once I teamed it all together. This post just proved to me how much I want my bomber jacket and trainer collection to grow! You can check out the post and products by clicking here


3. Topshop Unique A/W 16 Collection LFW show - Live Stream

Again, another Topshop related post... But I simply cannot miss one out when I literally need to pinch myself every time I even think about these collaborations. This post was a pretty special one, which included the exclusive link to the Topshop A/W Unique collection show at LFW. This year has been the first time I have literally had anything at all to do with LFW, so to be given this opportunity was definitely a pinch me moment. I truly do hope that my relationship with the brand does not end here., as I really do value their acknowledgement of me and my blog! Click here to check out my post. 


4. Boutique Of Molly Khaki Trench

You may well notice a trend here.. but it is yet another fashion post. This time in collaboration with Boutique of Molly which is a brand that I have teamed up with on several occasions now. This was definitely my favourite piece I managed to grab and I was so pleased with how well the photographs turned out, I would love it if you would all go over and check it out (here). I love working with independent companies, the product range really can be amazing so they are definitely worth checking out. 


5. Topshop Blogger Event - WhatLaurenLovessXTopshop

Again, I have explained above why I have included all of my Topshop collaborations in my 10 posts I recommend you check out. This event to me was so surreal and was definitely a pinch me moment because never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would get invited to an event at Topshop HQ which not only that but consisted of myself and 12 other bloggers, some of whom are considered as 'big bloggers' who I actually follow myself! Why did little old me get picked to attend?! Even though I am definitely not complaining!! If you have not read about my experience at the event then click here to head over and check it out. 


6. Something Personal: Changes, Happiness and a Busy Life

This is a post I would love you all to check out, and it got published back in October. Towards the end of 2015 I was attempting to make some personal changes as I was going through a little bit of a difficult time. Luckily enough for me, I can now look back in reflection and see that the changes I made did me the world of good. I also chose to reiterate this post to you all because the photography is some of my favourite and portrays Autumn at its most beautiful stage. If you have been following my blog or you just know me and my personal struggles then this may be a good post to look back on too, and see if you can recognise the changes I have made. Click here to go straight there. 


7. Falling for Autumn

Surprise! More Fashion! This time it was transitional Autumnal fashion and an outfit which I still love so much now! Myself and Simon took a little trip to the botanical gardens in Sheffield and shot this look along with taking in the incredibly beautiful scenery and practically tame squirrels. I really just love the photographs on this post and also love each and every item which made up the look that I created that day. Click here to head over and check out this post. 


8. Pretty In Palazzo Trousers

And now we have made our way back to Summer 2015 and a post centred around these beautiful Miss Selfridge palazzo trousers seen above. I wanted to include this post in my round up because I remember this being one of the first outfit photos I was truly happy with over on my blog. I am also still so crazy in love with these trousers and wanted to remind you all of a post featuring them because I just cannot get over how incredible they look, and considering that essentially they are 'baggy trousers' I felt freakin' amazing! I guess this is also a little sneak peak of what is to come this summer because I am honestly going to be sporting many more outfits very similar to this one! Click here to check it out in more detail! 


9. Penarth Pier & Pebble Beaches

When I had this post in mind, this was the first shoot which popped into my head and I just had to remind you about it! The incredible scenery is definitely the main thing I miss about my life in Cardiff, it really was beautiful and I am so glad I was blogging throughout my whole time so that I made even more effort to photograph and document everything! The photos from this shoot (Granted that my camera quality at this point was definitely not the best) turned out so well!! I really would love it if you guys went over (here) and checked out this post and remind yourselves of it! I am so happy my blog can be like my little scrap book of beautiful memories like this day! 


10. Admiring the View

Yet another post documenting my time in Cardiff. Its kind of surreal that its all over now but I am so happy I have blog posts like this one which I can look back on, reminding me of how beautiful it was! Lets be honest, moving from Cardiff to Sheffield is a pretty huge move to make and a rather huge life change - therefore I think this a pretty good post to look back on and smile about it all! Also, I remember this photo being taken around the time my instagram hit 1000 followers, which to some people may seem like nothing but hitting that initial 1000 really was a huge deal!! So I guess its got another memory attached to it too! Head over to this post by clicking here, I seriously love the photographs so much & it portrays the beauty of Cardiff bay to a tee!! 


I hope you guys have all enjoyed reading this post, its unlike anything I have ever done here on the blog before and if its the kind of blog you would like to see more often then please let me know and we can do more like this!! Now you have got to this point, feel free to head over to the links I have provided above and check out the posts I have recommended you to re-read!! It makes me so happy that I have a blog so that I can look back on how things have changed, as a little reflection I guess. I love having the ability to do this!!
Much Love, 


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