Thursday, 28 April 2016

Minty Coco Oil Pulling Review

Hi Guys! Today I bring you a teeth whitening review, and it features the Minty Coco range! So, if you guys did not know then Minty Coco is a natural teeth whitening product and is effectively a mouthwash which is coconut and mint flavoured. Some of the benefits for oil pulling include trapping bacteria and cleansing the mouth, whitening teeth and detoxing your body. So, what makes Minty Coco different to other oil pulling techniques??

- 100% raw
- Alkaline
- Cold pressed
- Extra Virgin
- Handpicked organic coconuts from fairtrade farms
- Delicious taste and easy for travel and home
- Green energy

Minty coco is the most easy product to use also, you literally just warm it in your hand, softening the product, rip the top of the tube and then squeeze the product into your mouth. Swill the product around for any time between 5 and 15 minutes and then spit out (preferably into a bin because of the product being oil) and this could cause drain blockage. 

The package I received from the lovely guys at Minty Coco contained 14 days worth of products, so therefore 1 per day and I have been using it throughout the last 2 weeks and absolutely LOVING it. So now, scroll below to see my before and afters & my review of the product itself. 


So, the above photos show my teeth before. My teeth are something which I am very proud of and I have been through a lot to get them to look the way they do already. At the age of 13 I got braces as my teeth were shocking to say the least. Basically, my canines were situated in my gum and had not moved downwards to line up with the rest of my teeth, and my front teeth were extremely gapped and although they were straight, they just definitely were far from perfect. Originally my orthodontist thought I would probably need some surgery on my teeth to remove some from the back so that there would be enough room for them all to fit once my braces had started to do their work. However, my orthodontist had a brain wave and thought that she could manage to make them all fit without needing anything invasive. I am so pleased my teeth have managed to look the way they do now without needing to have any removed, and are now all in line and no longer gapped. It was a long 2 years filled with lots of pain, appointments, ulcers - but it was 1 million percent worth it!! 

So, naturally now I take the up-most care of my teeth possible and I am extremely paranoid about any damage happening to them. I wear my retainer every single night without fail, and have done for the last 8 years since having my braces removed. I am always up for giving teeth whitening products a go.. as I am quite concious that my canine are slightly more yellow than the rest of my teeth and they have been since having my braces removed all them years ago. I think that this is because of the nature of where my teeth were situated prior to my braces and before hand caring for them was more difficult than my other teeth. Although I would never rule out trying other methods for whitening my teeth, oil pulling is definitely something which I enjoy doing to maintain whiteness in my teeth, and leave them feeling fresh. 


I have really enjoyed my time using minty coco and definitely feel that they leave my teeth feeling extra glossy, shiny and my mouth feeling to fresh! I truly have loved using the products and the taste to me is absolutely beautiful! I remember the first time I ever used oil pulling, I was shocked by how the texture changed in my mouth and was just a little bit unsure about the whole thing - however, it is definitely something you get used to - so obviously the taste helps massively! I really enjoy the taste and genuinely look forward to using it every day!! I am slightly gutted that my time using minty coco has come to an end but it is definitely something I would love to use again in the future, and I recommend you guys try it too!! 

The product consists of 14 days worth of tubes and retails at £23.99 but if you want to subscribe monthly you actually save on the price, and it costs £19.91. I also have a link which I will leave below so that you can grab yourselves free delivery on the product, which is an added bonus right?! 

If you too have tried Minty Coco, and have any opinions of it then please leave them in the comments below for me to check out and for people reading this review to also check out!! Also thank you again to the guys at Minty Coco for letting my trial this product, I have really enjoyed using it and it is definitely something I would love to try again!! 

Much Love


I have also featured Minty Coco several times over my channel - head over and check it out in my Spring GRWM. 



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