Monday, 11 April 2016

Marc Jacobs Beauty - Contour Palette | First impressions & review

Marc Jacobs beauty is a new-ish product range I have discovered and if you have been keeping up to date with all of my weekly vlogs and over on my snapchat (whatlaurenloves) then you will have seen little sneak peaks of this palette!! I was actually introduced to the brand about 6 weeks ago now, back when myself and my friend Ruth went to London for London fashion weekend. We took a little trip into Harrods and spent a long time wandering around the cosmetics counter, when we stumbled across the beautiful Marc Jacobs Beauty counter!! The girls were so helpful and very enthusiastic about how great the brand was, and were very quick to help us with what we were looking for. 

Ruth actually got her hands on one of the foundations, which truly was amazing & she has sworn by it since! The girls could not have recommended I grab the beautiful contour palette above more!! This contour palette is the #Instamarc light filtering contour powder in the shade 'mirage'. The palette includes a beautiful bronzer which is matte and a beautiful lighter toned bronze shade, as well as the highlight which is the most beautiful banana shade! I have been wanting to get my hands on a high end contour palette for some time now, and have been eyeing up the Anastasia Beverley Hills one, but when I spotted this one it just seemed to suit my requirements to a tee! There was only 2 products to choose from, whereas with some palettes you have shades which go unused because they may not suit you, or you may not be particularly fond of them - this one you just have the 2 so therefore you can pretty much guarantee their usage! The ladies at the Marc Jacobs Beauty counter stated how quickly this palette sells out, how its the most popular one and they believed it was because of the beautiful banana shade for the highlight - hearing this made me want it all the more! So therefore I handed over my £33 and the palette was mine! £33 for this palette does not actually seem too steep, I thought it would hurt my bank a lot more to be honest!! So obviously I have been super excited to try it out, and give you my first impressions and review - so here goes... 

First Impressions & Review

So, in terms of my first impressions - WOW I AM IMPRESSED!! From even just looking at the colours before even putting it on my face, I knew I was going to love it! The bronzer is a matte shade which I love in a bronzer, it makes contouring look so much more natural and also build-able so that the suitability can be changed from daytime to night-time. Since the first time of using this palette I have worn it for both daytime and night time and I love it for both!! The banana shade makes my skin look so much more matte and perfected which is exactly what I like in face mask up because my skin is naturally quite oily therefore anything which gives me matte skin is a winner for me. I'm not really into dewy looks because my skin is already greasy enough as it is without adding extra. The highlight is very brightening and I love applying it. Using this palette feels like such a treat and I truly do love using it! I am so glad I made the purchase because to me it is everything I need and want in a contour palette. 1 bronzer which can be used for all occasions and a highlight which is just the most perfect shade and works wonders for my difficult skin! 

Obviously the price tag of this palette is not cheap, but you really do pay for what you get. It is a fantastic palette which does not disappoint at all! I absolutely love it and if you too are looking for a contour palette in which every shade will get used then I would highly recommend purchasing one as I can guarantee you will love both shades!! 

Let me know in the comments below if you decide to go purchase this or have got your hands on any of the other Marc Jacobs products which you think I should try!! I would definitely be up for giving any of them a whirl!! 

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