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The British Rose Collection Launch Event - The Body Shop Meadowhall

On the weekend just gone I was lucky enough to attend the Body Shop’s latest launch event in their Meadowhall store for the new limited edition British Rose Collection launch! I absolutely love attending the Body Shop event’s, they are always super interactive & great fun. For this blog post I thought I would mainly focus on the British Rose collection of products so that you can get a close up idea of what it includes and also how you should be using each of the products.

As its Mothers day on Sunday, I thought I would take the opportunity to get this post up and live on to my blog to show you this incredible collection of products which would be perfect as a gift for Mothers day!! There is something for everyone in this collection, and it smells so incredibly beautiful and feminine that it really is just the most idyllic gift to give. So now, I will just give you a little brief of all of the products you can get your hands on for whomever you are buying for this Mothers Day!!

There is something for everyone, but we will start with the good old skincare products in the collection. There is actually such a huge range of products in this collection which are for the skin, such as the shower gel, bath soak, exfoliating scrub and the soap – all of which are very similar to other ranges but all have the incredible Rose scent to them instead of some of the recurrent ranges of scents you may see on the shelves in the body shop. Luckily enough for me, at the event I volunteered myself to sample some of the products through a hand massage provided by the lovely staff in store. This was a fantastic way for all of the bloggers present to actually see how the products should be used, but I do feel as though I was slightly at an advantage after feeling the products on my skin and knowing the effects of what they did. If you go over to my channel which is then you can check out the full massage over on my most recent weekly vlog and I have also included product names so you can see what is used when. However, if you do not want to go over to that then I will quickly inform you of when and how to use them!

So, firstly you need to use the shower gel to wash your skin and give it a good cleanse prior to using any of the other products. This is just your average shower gel but with the most incredible scent ever, and is a very light gel which is very fresh and obviously exactly what you want in a shower gel. Following rinsing this off your skin, the next step is the exfoliating scrub which is made with walnut shells and real rose petals which have been handpicked. This product is obviously very abrasive and when applied to the skin should be rubbed in circular motions to remove any excess dead skin. Obviously, as I had the opportunity to trial this I know firsthand how incredible it leaves your skin feeling! The exfoliator can then be rinsed off with either just water, or once again using the shower gel which is what the girls used in store and it left my skin feeling extra soft!! Once my skin had dried, Chanelle (the lovely lady who did my hand massage) then applied the Body Butter, in small amounts in different places across the hand and arm and then thoroughly massaged this into my skin. It also has a little bit of a light reflecting effect and left my skin looking beautiful glowy and revitalised!! It is no secret that the body butters from the Body Shop leave your skin feeling super soft, and this one was just the perfect finale to this hand massage, leaving my hands feeling absolutely dreamy soft which is exactly what you need in this colder weather when your hands are chapped and dry!! To finish off the whole thing Chanelle sprayed the eau de toilette from the range over my skin which left is smelly beautiful for hours after!!

There is obviously more products than just that in the range too, so these include the bath foam, glow body essence, soap & hand cream which could obviously always be added into your routine at any point.
Personally, if I was choosing from the above products for my Mum I would choose the hand cream because all Mum’s love a hand cream just to sit in the bottom of their bag and what is better than a beautiful feminine smelling hand cream?! I would choose the shower gel, because you cannot go wrong with a shower gel can you? And, I also absolutely loved the scrub, this would be the perfect addition to your Mums skincare routine as a little treat for those times when she needs a little relax and pamper! It leaves your skin feeling so beautiful! Obviously though, all products in the range are perfect and everybody’s Mum’s out there would be suited to different products for different reasons!! Also, just to make your life easier if you are struggling to choose just one of the products, why not grab yourselves one of the sets which have been ready made?! I will link the whole British Rose Collection website page at the bottom of this post so you can go straight over and check it out!!

If your Mum has more skincare products than she knows what to do with then I have another option for you.. The new British Rose beauty products!! Body Shop beauty is one you have probablies all heard of, and they are forever bringing out new products as well as having their trusty bestsellers on their shelves! Obviously when designing the British Rose range, they needed to add some beauty products into the mix – because, well why not?! So, this includes the British Rose Collection eye shadow and blusher palette, and also in alignment with the launch of this range they have also brought out the lip and cheek stains which could not have arrived at a more perfect time?! I actually go weak at the knees for a good palette, so treat myself to this one as well as one of the stains so will definitely be creating a look for you guys in the near future with them!

At the event we were lucky enough to be shown a makeup tutorial using the palette and stains to see how versatile they are as products and how easy it is to create a day and night look using both! The palette contains beautiful shades of pink, blue, grey and silver and is so incredibly pigmented and perfect for the start of spring!! The stains also come in a huge variety of colours, which again are also incredibly versatile and wearable for both night and day time. They are also incredibly buildable in terms of pigmentation so if you wanted a subtle look that day, then that is completely doable, but also if you wanted a really bold and bright lip then the product can be layered to achieve this! I picked up the beautiful ‘dark cherry’ shade because I am forever on the hunt for a red lipstick which is buildable but also does not bleed into the surrounding skin on the lips. This product is incredible because it also dried matte which as you may well know, is my favourite consistency of lipstick!! They demonstrated some of the beautiful peach shades in the look, which really were so beautiful on the lips and would be incredible as a transitional spring to summer shade!!

As you will have now read, this collection is completely versatile and there is something for everyone!! There is something for the makeup lovers, something for skincare obsessive’s – treats for everyone! Definitely don’t miss grabbing something for a Mother’s Day gift before the weekend, or even just as a treat for yourself. Just remember it’s a limited edition collection and won’t be around forever!!

Don’t forget to stay up to date over on my channel where you can see the lovely body shop ladies demonstrating the products in a form of hand massage – Just click here to go check it out! Also I willbe doing a look really soon with the palette and stains, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that!! Let me know in the comments if you are going to grab some pieces from the collection! Honestly, they really are too beautiful to miss out on!

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