Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Spring Afternoons at Steamyard, Sheffield

As time goes on in Sheffield, I seem to be hearing about all sorts of incredible little independent places I really want to sample the menu's of. Simon and myself were recently just wandering through the city centre and then I suddenly had a huge urge for a hot drink, instead of your typical Starbucks and Costa, Simon suggested going to the Steam yard which I jumped at the chance of going to because I had heard such good things about it from some of the other bloggers from Sheffield I have met. 

I love anything a bit quirky and unique and I think Simon just instantly knew I would fall in love with this place - and he was correct. It is so worth trying out local independent coffee shops such as Steam yard because you can understand that there is so much effort and love passion that goes into what they do, and again no disrespect to the big chain companies but they work the same everywhere - as opposed to places like Steam yard which is just something that little bit different. 

The fact that I have heard so much about them after only living in Sheffield a few months, means that they must have amazing for so many individual people to recommend it and talk about it. I definitely found that out for myself. Now, I am no coffee drinker & I know that technically it is a coffee shop - so therefore I guess I cannot voice my opinion on that but I can tell you that they make probably the nicest hot chocolate I have ever drank. Which makes me wonder how good the coffee must be to have it as part of their name. If you follow my social media you will know I have been obsessed with hot chocolate in the recent months and have fallen head over heels for white chocolate - which has therefore resulted in me pretty much saying goodbye to milk hot chocolate or dark. But Steam Yard has definitely re-kindled my love of it because it was just SO beautiful. It was very rich in flavour, almost swaying more towards a darker chocolate but had a layer of cream/milk on the top which added a milk chocolate taste to it which to me was SO beautiful. The presentation was also fantastic. 

Simon got an Americano coffee (he is also a pretty plain jane when it comes to coffee) but the way it arrived was just so quirky and different that it made up for it. I loved that it came with a little scientific measuring cup which completely was a blast from the past back to my school days. I also loved the metallic mugs that the hot chocolate came in, they were very vintage and very unique indeed. The prices were also extremely reasonable too!! 

I would very much recommend popping in if you are in the Division street area of Sheffield or even just making the conscious effort to go! I promise there will be something on their menu that you will enjoy yourselves!! I will definitely be popping down more now I have tasted how beautiful the hot chocolate is!

Let me know if in the comments below if you have been yourselves and recommend anything I should try off their menu! I may even an exception and try the coffee (even though I am usually not a coffee fan). 

You can also check it out in my weekly vlog which you can find by clicking here. Also be sure to go over and check out their social medias which are ... 

Instagram - @steamyard
Twitter - @steamyard

Much Love




  1. I've heard so much about this and was going to go the other day but it's so popular and always busy. I hear they do a great coffee and a donut deal for like £3.
    Pretty Mad Things .. x o

  2. Super dress for work or formal wear and I can definitely see it working outside the office too <3


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