Wednesday, 2 March 2016

My first experience of London Fashion Weekend

So as you may well have guessed, I attended London Fashion Weekend at the weekend with one of my good friends, Ruth. It is something which I had always enjoyed reading about and browsing instagrams filled with photos of the runway, upcoming trends and luxurious fashion therefore this year I took the plunge and decided I needed to head down and see what it was all about. I grabbed myself one of the silver tickets for the Spring/Summer 2016 weekend event which included access to the Saatchi Gallery for the exclusive shopping event, a trend catwalk opportunity & a tote bag filled with goodies. 

I really enjoyed my afternoon all in all, browsing the collections, trying on sunglasses, wandering each and every floor of the Saatchi gallery and getting a feel for what London Fashion Weekend is all about! But I have to say (and probably quite obviously) my favourite part of the whole afternoon was definitely the Trend fashion show. It is something I have never experienced before and I genuinely did not know what to expect, I had an idea obviously but in general I didn't know how it all worked and things. The fact that it was a trend show meant that we got a sneak peak of what kinds of trends to expect popping up over the Summer months this year, and I have to admit that there is not one trend that I do not love, and I know I will have pieces from each in my wardrobe this year! 

So, the trends for this Spring & Summer include Beautiful botanicals, Americana, Pop art brights and new romance - and literally all of these are right up my street!! I have always been quite willing to give anything a whirl when it comes to fashion, and tend to have my own sense of style - I don't really let anybody influence me, instead I just go with what works for me and try to occasionally think a little bit outside the box. All of the trends named above are definitely ones I would branch into trying out, being quite girly I am particularly loving the florals in beautiful botanicals and the pink tones of the pieces in new romance! 

Beautiful Botanicals is all about the florals - this means bright floral dresses, dainty floral prints, floral jewellery, floral motifs etc. 

Americana is all about the denim, fringing, suede, tailored blouses etc - I am truly loving everything like this right now anyway, so to hear its coming into the next Season too, makes me extremely happy that I can continue my ever growing collection of this style of clothing! To me, this is the more masculine trend for the Spring/Summer and is a chance to test out the double denim or triple denim in some brave souls cases (maybe not mine just yet). 

Pop Art Brights is quite self explanatory really, its pops of colour. So, the likes of your bright jackets, shoes, dresses, bags - anything which adds that pop of colour to your outfit!! I dressed completely in line with this trend for LFWeekend with my black skirt and high neck top with the pop of colour being my turquoise suede jacket (which you can see in the flesh here on this weeks weekly vlog). I love anything bright, so obviously I am very excited to experiment with this trend some more! 

New Romance is all about the feminine colours, patterns, embellishments & frills. This is a trend I am obsessed with. I love the different shades of pink and playing around with different styles of clothing. This will be so beautiful coming into the warmer weather and I have already started gathering bits which completely fit into this category!! This is music to my ears as I am a huge girly girl when it comes to fashion. 

So as you can imagine, I am super excited for my Spring/Summer wardrobe to start growing some more, and I have completely taken inspiration from so many of the beautiful pieces on the catwalk. If you guys want to see the pieces from the catwalk at this seasons London Fashion Weekend then go over to my youtube channel now and check out my weekly vlog - there is footage from the entire show on there!! 

As well as clothing to admire, there were also shoes, jewellery, accessories, bags, sunglasses, make up and more, including exclusive stands set up by Maybelline New York & Tony & Guy! This kind of thing is definitely ideal for the fashion bloggers and obsessee's out there!! 

I would definitely love the opportunity to attend London Fashion Week in the future and see what that entails!! Did any of you attend LFWeekend too? What was your favourite part? Did you buy any treats for yourself? I would love to hear all in the comments below!! 

Much Love 


Click here to check out my most recent weekly vlog which features everything from London fashion weekend and my entire weekend in London in general! 



  1. I am so jealous! I had the opportunity but I couldn't attend. I will pop over to your channel now to check out your vlogs- I love watching vlogs! xx

    Blog:: Hannah Rose

    1. Aw thats such a shame, you should definitely go next time then lovely!! Aw lovely thankyou so much, hope you enjoy!! :) xxxx

  2. We should go on the same day next time!! Would be lovely to meet you :) glad you enjoyed it!

    1. That would be so good! Would love to meet you too!! I did, I hope you did too lovely! xo


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