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Little kitchen campaign - Wren kitchens collaboration

Recently I was approached regarding a blog collaboration with Wren Kitchens to create a post centred around healthy food for children. Let's be honest, children are quite fickle when it comes to food - if you put a dish down in front of them which doesn't look too appealing to the eye or was not fun to make they instantly dodge it. When asking children what they want for tea, the answer is usually something along the lines of 'fish fingers and chips' 'chicken nuggets and chips' etc, and when they are told they need to eat their vegetables the response is usually a huge sigh and point blank refusal. However, I don't think children actually know that healthy foods can occasionally contribute to the meals they choose to eat. 

Luckily enough for me I had the opportunity to do a little bit of research behind what kind of food children deem to be healthy through asking my little brother, Matthew who is 8 years old. Upon asking him what his favourite healthy foods are he answered saying 'sweetcorn' and 'peas' which I guess is a good answer, and obviously great that he likes vegetables too!! The next question was the one that baffled me a little bit, I asked him 'What is your favourite healthy meal?' he then answered saying 'I like chicken nuggets and chips with peas' - children deem a meal to be healthy if it has only one form of fruit or vegetable alongside it. Following the response to this question I then decided I was probably going to have to think a little bit outside the box. I discovered there is probably no point in me making a dish which is so healthy (although appealing to the eye) that children would just not eat, because at the end of the day - we want children to eat a balanced diet, not just immediately reject it because it looks healthy. I have therefore decided to create a dish, which is well known to children and they love (so therefore more likely to eat), however I am going to be using healthy and nutritious foods to do so, and miss out some of the more unhealthy elements of the usual recipe to make it a much healthier option for children. 

Therefore for this I have decided to make a really easy pizza from scratch, for a few reasons really. One being the recipe I am using is the healthy alternative to your standard large crusted, cheesy pizza. Also it is super easy and quick to make. Children (and adults actually) like making pizza, its quite a fun task which is quite enjoyable! And also, last but not least - it is a healthy option, which will actually make children not only want to eat it, but make it too!!

So, for this recipe you will need (1 person) 

- 1 x Tortilla wrap per person
- x2 tins of chopped tomato's
- Sprig of oregano or herbs 
- basil or mixed herbs (amount of your own preference)
- Healthy toppings of choice (I chose spinach, parma ham and mushrooms)
- 1 x egg per pizza 
- salt and pepper for seasoning 

You will also need

1 x baking tray (non stick)
1 x pan of boiling water (for spinach)
1 x jug 
1 x oven heated to 180 degrees. 
1 spoon
1 knife

Instructions for what to do next:

 Pre heat your oven to 180 degrees. Whilst the oven is heating up, this is when you are going to prepare all of your ingredients. So, first things first get one of your tortillas out and place on your non stick baking tray. 

Next, grab your jug and empty your tins of tomatoes into it, these 2 tins will combine to make several pizza toppings. Once you have done this, then add oregano, herbs or basil into the tomatoes and mix thoroughly. This can obviously then be set aside until your other ingredients are ready to be placed onto your pizza. 

For my pizza toppings I had mushrooms, spinach and parma ham. Therefore to prepare these I placed a colander full of spinach over the top of a boiling hot pan of water and let it wilt by itself from the steam of the hot water. Once this was wilted I then rinsed with cold water and set aside. I then cut the mushrooms into small segments, and left the ham in slices ready to place directly onto the pizza. 

Once all of the ingredients were prepared I then spooned the tomato mixture onto the tortilla to my own preference, ensuring that the base of the tortilla was covered thoroughly, ensuring that there was a small space in the centre for which to put the egg into. Following this you can then place your healthy toppings over the surface of the pizza base, ensuring to leave space for the egg in the middle. Once you have done this and you are happy with the arrangement, simply crack your egg directly into the centre of the pizza. And once you have done this simply place the tray into the oven for approximately 10 minutes or until the edges of the tortilla have browned and the egg has gone white. 

Next, dish this up onto a plate of your choice and voila you have a healthy pizza alternative!! Not only does this include several of your 5 a day, but also it is fun to make and tasty!! 


Let me know in the comments below if any of you have decided to go and make this with your children, or even just for yourselves. I would love to see the photos of how it turned out too!! 

Much love 


This blogpost was a collaboration with Wren kitchens for their little kitchen campaign, be sure to go over and check out the Wren Kitchens website below.. I was not paid to write this post.


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  1. This is such a good post, I love how detailed it is. It is also very easy to make, so no complaints! My boyfriend and I will have to try this out xx

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