Monday, 28 March 2016

BLFW Bloggers Hangout Event

First things first, I thought I would start this post with saying I am terribly sorry for being so distant over the last week, I have been ridiculously busy and barely even had time to sleep between my shifts at work never mind a second to write a blog post. Anyway, I am back now and have been so excited to get this post up for you all, as well as some more that are coming up in the next week or so. 

If you follow my social media channels then you may have seen that last week I attended the BLFW event hosted by The Bloggers Hangout in Shoreditch, London. It was hosted in a gallery underneath the overground railway line, and the venue was just idyllic - very edgy & just fabulous. 

Essentially the event was for bloggers to network both with each other and also with brands. I could not believe the amount of bloggers who attended, and also the generosity of the companies there who were willing to work with you and hear all of your ideas for your blog. I really enjoyed networking, and it gave me lots of fresh content ideas for you all which I have the full intention of getting uploaded as soon as possible. I was giving so many incredible goodie bags from a huge range of brands, and even in the last week since the event I have been giving so so many a go! I really am enjoying so many of the products and cannot wait to share them all with you in some more detail. For now though, I will just introduce some of the brands at the event, and some of the products I am currently reviewing and trying out. Obviously as you can probably imagine, there is such a huge variety of products below that I can guarantee there will be some I love, and some which do not suit me for whatever reason - so if you do not see a review of some of these products in the future then it is just because I feel like they personally did not work for me as they may have done for somebody else!

Ok so some of the brands at the event included Kenneth Turner, Stvdio 5, Timeless Truth, Sensational, Weleda, Jones + Jones, Berrywhite, Paul Mitchell, Magnitone, The curl company and many more... 

So now I have some codes for you, which you can use at your own leisure whilst I continue to review some of the products I received and get them all written up here on the blog for you.

Magnitone - £20 off using code - BUZZOFF
Kenneth Turner - BLOG20

I also had the opportunity to get my hair styled into this incredible elsa braid by a Paul Mitchell hair stylist named Amy Russell (Twitter @AmyRusssell). You will be able to see the full thing in this Wednesdays Vlog over on my youtube channel - . 

So, to summarise this post! Thank you so much to the Blogger hangout for arranging this incredible event - it really is such a great opportunity for bloggers like myself to get involved with so many companies. I had a wonderful evening and the atmosphere was very motivating and just amazing! Also thank you so much to the brands who gave out samples of their products for us to try, I am working my way through them and cannot wait for you all to read the reviews on the ones I have been loving!! 

Again, don't forget to head over to my youtube channel to check out all of the footage from the event in last weeks weekly vlog which will be live at 5pm UK time on Wednesday (30th March). Click here to go straight there, and don't forget to subscribe so that you do not miss out!! 

Much Love 




  1. I would love to go to a Blogger event! Even just a local meet would be lovely. Looks like you had a blast :)


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