Friday, 26 February 2016

Topsy Turvy Braids - Collab with Aimee Hughes

Today I bring you something a little bit out of my comfort zone, a hair blogpost. Now yes, I review hair products regularly and tell you all about the things I have been loving for my hair, in that sense - but I have always been absolutely terrible at styling hair, even drying it ends up being a disaster, ha! Anyway after finally deciding how we wanted to collaborate with each other, myself and Aimee finally decided to stick with the hair theme due to her being an expert in hair herself, and I figured maybe it would benefit me to actually make some effort to learnt to style my hair! 

Anyway, what we have done is Aimee has created a tutorial on her blog for this topsy turvy braids hairstyle and the idea of the collaboration was that I attempt to follow her 'how to' instructions - which is exactly what I have done. Aimee finished her look with a tucked in style, but I went for something a little different and created these 'french plait' looking braids which I thought were quite cute and surprisingly easy to create! I decided to do this with mine because I have so much hair, its not only really thick but its quite long too, so obviously me tucking it up would probably end up with it looking like a beehive on the back of my head - and with my hair track record it would probably look like someone had trodden on that beehive too! 

If you guys want to create this cute and easy hairstyle then you need to go over and check out Aimee's Blogpost which you can go directly to by clicking here. Also she very often does tutorials on her channel for a variety of different styles and you can tell she is very talented, so therefore you NEED to check out her channel too - by clicking here

If you guys want to create the 2 braids then all you need to do is basically continue the routine provided by Aimee but do this until the end of your hair and secure with a clear elastic. The list of the things you need is also over on Aimee's blogpost, if you would like to create this yourself!!

I have also featured this in next weeks weekly vlog which is when you will be able to see it in action so be sure to go over and subscribe to my channel here so you don't miss out on that being uploaded on Wednesday (2nd March).

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