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Nourish Spring Menu Launch Event

You may have recently seen on my social media that I attended another event with my fellow Sheffield Blogger's at a little Healthy Fast Food Restaurant called 'Nourish'. I had walked past Nourish hundreds of times when on route to the train station and was always interested in what kind of food they offered but unfortunately the nature of my trips past it meant that I was always in far too much of a rush to actually pop in. I was super excited when I received an invite from the lovely team at Nourish to attend a Spring Menu tasting event, I have not been to any food tasting events and this one sounded right up my street - therefore I could hardly resist. 

So essentially the event involved a bunch of us Sheffield Blogger's getting together at the little Nourish Restaurant in Sheffield city centre and sampling lots of different dishes from various different parts of the new menu, such as smoothies, salads and hot dishes. So now I am going to tell you about what we sampled, each and every meal was truly yummy as well as being extremely nutritious by using locally sourced foods as well as some of the up and current super-foods. 

So here we have the 2 smoothies we sampled. Top is Strawberry Rhubarb Pie and bottom is Berry Kombucha. These were both so yummy and refreshing and obviously filled with incredible fresh fruit! The Strawberry Rhubarb pie smoothie, to me was quite juice-like as it was thinner than your average smoothie - but it really was so refreshing and I absolutely loved the rhubarb element to it! To me, rhubarb is only ever really something I have in pie's or crumble's so to try it in a completely different food was amazing! I really enjoyed it. 

Next was the Berry Kombucha which was my favourite of the 2. It was so refreshing and more smoothie-like than the other one we sampled. If you are the kind of person who likes smoothies for breakfast and want to have something light but refreshing and energising then I would say definitely head into Nourish (Sheffield or Leeds) and grab one of these - they are guaranteed to give you that morning boost you need! 

First of the salads is Salmon Spring Superfood which included tumeric roasted salmon, nourish grains, green beans, roast cauliflower, sauerkraut and rhubarb. It included lots of foods which I personally have never tried together as part of one salad, but I really enjoyed it. It felt very light and refreshing - and when I say refreshing I feel as though the element of the salad which did this was the Rhubarb. It really added almost a 'sour' kick to the salad which was different but really nice!! If you love fish, then I would recommend giving this one a go for your lunch or tea - and at only 437 calories you can hardly resist. 

For a jacket potato alternative we tried the Baked Sweet Potato with Italian Meatballs - and wow it was so yummy! Sweet Potatoes are obviously very much raved about in the world of healthy eating and are filled with fibre, potassium and vitamins to help protect your immune system - therefore in order to gain all of these extra elements into your diet why not swap up your average potato for a sweet potato? This dish included Italian meatballs which also had lemon and ricotta which was really evident when you tasted them, they really did have a citrus element which was nice and refreshing! Again, at only 465 calories can you really resist this dish?? 

Next we have a dish from the Hot food section of the menu - The Beef rendang which was really nice. This included Yorkshire beef, malay spices, coconut and black beans. It was so flavoursome and very tasty! For those of you who like trying dishes which taste a little bit different and oriental I would say give this one a go! At only 564 calories this is such a lovely lunchtime dish to get your hands on - I am such a lover of hot food and this is definitely right up my street!! 

I would now just like to mention this dish which was the Duck Bang Bang Salad - and I have to be honest when I was handed it I wasn't completely excited about it, but this is only because I have never really liked duck - in fact I never eat it because I have never enjoyed it! Anyway, because I am willing to try literally any food that's going - I gave it a whirl and I am so glad I did, I ended up loving it and actually would say that this was probably my favourite salad of them all!! The ingredients included Duck with rice noodles, almond ginger dressing, green beans and bok choy. I have to admit, the only part of the ingredients I liked (beforehand) were green beans but I absolutely loved everything about this dish!! I was dubious about the almond ginger dressing because I don't particularly like nuts or ginger - but it was beautiful and really made the duck even more tasty!! When I pop into Nourish next this is definitely going to be what I grab myself! It has totally changed my mentality of duck dishes, and only 267 calories too!! Wow!! 

Next we sampled yet another of the new hot dishes which was the beautiful Chicken and red pepper tagine and I really enjoyed this! I was excited to try this one as Tagine is a dish me and Simon enjoy cooking at home! The ingredients included lentils, harissa and apricots. I really liked this one - It definitely had a kick to it with the red pepper! I would 100% recommend giving this one a go if you are a tagine fan, or even if you have never tried it before - this may just make you love the dish altogether!! 485 calories too!

Finally we tried another beautiful salad which included some of my all time favourite ingredients - the Lift yourself box. This included beetroot spirals, buckwheat, feta and sesame. Feta is one of my favourite cheeses so obviously I was super excited to try this one! It had so many strong tasting ingredients in it that it just worked - it tasted so beautiful! Very fresh and revitalising!! Definitely worth giving it a whirl, especially if you love feta cheese too. 448 calories!


I definitely left this event extremely full up, but not *I feel as though I have eaten a brick* full, nice full for a change, ha! We had a lovely chat with some of the members of the team at the end, and it was great to get that little bit more of an insight into the passion behind Nourish! There was also an opportunity to ask questions to the founder at the very end and one of the questions I particularly liked the answer to was "where do you get the inspiration for your dishes" and the answer was essentially that all of the ingredients included in the dishes were evidence based as being 'good foods' and proven in Science to be effectively good for you! I liked the honesty in all of the answers and the passion really did shine threw for Nourish which is just amazing to see!! 

Therefore this round me up to saying - you guys need to check out Nourish!! If you are in Leeds or Sheffield city centres then why not check it out, instead of grabbing a McDonalds or another fast food - grab a dish from Nourish - there is something for everyone! Also, if you have any allergies or intolerances then they cater for everyone, there will definitely be a dish for you and the staff are very well educated about the food they are providing to you, so just ask them about any questions you have about what ingredients are in your dish!!

If you are a Nourish Lover, let me know in the comments below of any of the dishes you think I should try!! I definitely will! Also, let me know if you decided to pop in after reading this post (I know you can't resist after the photos of the yummy food!)

Thankyou again to the guys at Nourish for a really lovely evening!!

Much Love


I have also featured Nourish in this weeks vlog which will be going live on Wedneday 24th Feb at 5pm UK time - so check that out to see what the foods looked like in the flesh! Just click here to see my channel and subscribe so you don't miss it!!  


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  1. I always go past this but I've never been in! Now I work near the city centre I really should, especially when everything is so healthy and full of good stuff.
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