Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Bonnie XO - Lipstick Review

Is it just me who thinks that the concept of creating your own shades of lipstick is something which is pretty incredible?! I would assume not, which is why I have brought you this post today! If you have watched my most recent video on my channel ( check it out here ) then you will have seen me blabbering on about how incredible these lipsticks are for a little while, and you will also have been able to see some close ups and swatches of the actual products themselves. I thought I would also bring you this post so you can see some detailed images of the lipsticks themselves and I thought I would provide you with some more links so you can go check them out yourselves!! 

Bonnie Cosmetics is a website which enables you to create your own lipsticks, in a silk consistency, in some incredible scents - because what more do you want from a lipstick than for it to smell amazing too?! We all know that sometimes when you go onto the big branded websites you struggle to gets your mitts on particular shades, such as the nudes and reds - therefore the whole idea of this website has just changed my life because you can literally pick up the exact shade you want then and there, and it isn't going to be sold out. The price is the same as Mac roughly, so they retail at around £15 but are really good for offering out codes on their social media. 

So, yet another beauty of this website is that I decided to be a little bit more daring with the choices of colours for my lipsticks. I have always wanted to venture out and try the greys, blues etc - so I thought I might just start with a grey because it is the more subtle of the colours I would have liked to have chosen deep down, ha. OK, so the grey shade I went for was 'burro' which really is a beautiful silk monochrome shade. It is very similar in colour to 'stone' by Mac so if you are looking for an alternative to that then I would suggest giving this a go. Its very wearable on the lips and is quite long lasting, and if you are wanting a grey lipstick which definitely is not matte, then I would say to give this one a go! If you don't want this exact shade then go onto the Bonnie website and have a play around with different shades on the grey scale and see what you can come up with!! 

As you all know, I am nude lipstick crazy - they suit me, I just love how wearable they are and versatile with pretty much every outfit, I just LOVE them. Therefore, I couldn't really pass up the opportunity of grabbing myself a new one - which is why I did not. I grabbed myself the silk, vanilla scented lipstick in shade 'Mocha Bisque' which is a dark nude lipstick! I really really love this one and again its very similar to some of the other ones I already own, but because I usually buy matte - this one is very unique in my collection & is just the perfect addition. Finally, I grabbed something a little bit brighter in preparation for the warmer months arriving. I grabbed the shade 'holly berry' which is a very bright salmon pink and again just makes the perfect addition to my lipstick collection. I cannot wait to style this one up in the Summer months with some minimalist eye make up and just let the lipstick get all the attention! 

I really do think its worth you all going over and checking out what Bonnie Cosmetics have to offer. There is literally something for everyone, since you can literally create a product which is completely to your own taste. Also, considering that they actually make the product, they arrived SO quickly - I really was so pleased with the whole process!! Now, as you have read a little bit about the lipsticks I chose, why not go over to my channel by clicking here and checking out my huge beauty haul which includes these lipsticks, and also go over to the Bonnie website, have a play around with the shades and try them out for yourselves! Leave me a comment below if you decide to go and grab one, or have already got one which you love and would recommend that I get my hands on!! 

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  1. How are these on the lips in terms of pigmentation? I love the packaging, infact you could sell me anything we nice packaging haha! But I would love to know if you have any pics of you wearing them on your lips so I can decide if I like the finish before I purchase one? :)

  2. I recently purchased Ribbon red and OMG it is so light and smooth with a beautiful stand out red colour that lasts hours. I posted a pic wearing the lipstick and bxo re-posted my pic on their Instagram, how cool is that 😊. Overall I'd have to say this is a must by as I have tried the popular Mac range and I find it very dry and ordinary. Let me tell you bxo is far from ordinary it is so unique and i just love the case and packaging. I have already placed my second order.


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