Monday, 29 February 2016

3 Steps to Loving my Hair with Therapi

My blonde story is one which has been ongoing now for about 3-4 years, and suprisingly my hair is still in amazing condition! I definitely feel that this is because I wash my hair with blonde enhancing and treatment shampoos and conditioners which gives it life and keeps it healthy! I am very lucky to have the opportunity to try so many amazing products and put my voice out there so that you guys can read my opinions of the products and try them out yourselves. 

Therapi is a range of products I have been trying for a little while now, and I am just getting towards the end of the bottles. As you may well know, from reading previous reviews, favourites lists, and seeing my hauls on my channels - that I am a lover of anything 'oil' for my hair and definitely feel that it makes such a big difference to the look and feel of my hair every single time I use it. I usually stick with my trusty Argon Oil but whenever I have the opportunity I always like to try anything else 'oil' related to see what effects it could have on my hair too. The reason I mention oils, is because the Therapi products centre themselves around using baobab oil which has some incredible benefits such as:

- Giving extreme heat protection of up to 250 degrees
- Contains colour lock technology
- Protects against harmful UV rays 
- Paraben and sulphate free 

Also not forgetting that baobab oil also moisturises, strengthens, repairs and conditions hair I was obviously super excited to give it a try! I was sent some products from the range which the lovely Megan advised I try for my blonde hair, which I am going to talk you through now. 

So, the Therapi range comprises of 3 steps, cleansing, conditioning and styling. For the cleansing stage I received the brightening cleanser, which is for blonde/grey hair. This is designed to enhance and brighten brassy tones and highlight the lighter elements of your hair. Now, I do not feel that my hair fits into the brassy category because due to being blonde for so long now, the colour takes so well but I definitely do feel that I have seen the full effects of what this products claims to do! Sometimes I do find it quite difficult to judge a product on yourself, it does occasionally take others to comment on something for you to realise its working. I had used this product a grand total of twice, before someone asked me if I had gone blonder - my answer was obviously no, I said I had been using a different shampoo and they came back to me with 'it looks lovely, very bright and blonde'. One comment was great! However, then following using the products roughly around 4-5 times, the comments kept coming saying had I gone blonder, my hair looked lovely etc etc. Judgement from other people to me, is evidence that this product has worked!! I am a huge fan of my 'purple' shampoos, and this one clearly worked a treat on my locks!! I really love it! If you have hair like mine, which is blonde and you want to brighten up a little bit or you maybe do feel is a little bit brassy then I could not recommend this product more!! It truly is amazing and worked on me like no other I have tried! 

Next is the conditioning stage, a step which I cannot afford to miss - my hair screams at me when I don't put conditioner on it!! I was sent the volumising conditioner to try which essentially adds volume, lift, boost and thickness to the hair. Now like I said, conditioner is a necessity to me, my hair craves it so obviously the basic elements of a conditioner work a treat for me, but all of these extras are definitely an added bonus! I do feel as though my hair has been more volumising and easier to control whilst also feeling so much healthier and better since I have been using this product. If you are looking to add any of the above to your hair such as volume, lift etc then why not give this product a go?! 

Finally, as I said before I like to add oils and serums directly onto my hair following washing because I just feel like this is also a step in my haircare routine which cannot be missed!! Therefore the final step, the styling step was definitely not one I could surpass especially because the product I got sent, the smoothing cream targets frizzy hair - which is mine in a nutshell really. I don't have curly hair, or straight hair - its just uncontrollable at times and needs some help being tamed. The smoothing cream is used to smooth and hydrate frizzy hair and on the bottle is a guide for how much to use for your particular hair type. So for example 1 pump for fine frizzy hair, 2 pumps for medium frizzy hair and 3 pumps for thick coarse frizzy hair - Usually I settle for 2. This product has worked a treat as that step in my routine that oil usually takes its place at! I have really loved using it, and because of the amount you need I know its going to last me ages! It really does what it says, tames and calms down the crazy frizz of my natural hair whilst also hydrating it which is the element of oils I love. Definitely worth adding to your haircare routine!! 


So, to summarise really, I have just absolutely loved using these products! They have been a range which have just been perfect for my hair - maybe this is because each product was chosen because it matched an element of my hair type and therefore targeted it perfectly. I would highly recommend giving this range a go and choosing products which suit your own individual locks. Let me know in the comments below how you get on with it too or if you have tried any other ranges of products that you have loved!

Much Love


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